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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 14 Recap

In Dakun’s cold chain warehouse, the police were still searching for clues to Zhao Nan. Li Yimeng observed that there were three security guards, but there were four meals on the table, which was very abnormal. However, the warehouse security guard spoke outrageously and refused to obey the discipline. He falsely accused the police of violent law enforcement, and picked up the mobile phone to record the video, but was stopped by Glory.

Suddenly, the police found Serena who was escaping by the fence. As soon as Xiaowei jumped off the wall, he ran into Mu Qing who was driving there. He got into Mu Qing’s car and ran away. Upon seeing this, Glory hurried to chase after him. Both parties kept chasing after me. The scene was very tense. Finally, Glory finally drove to catch up. He realized that it was Mu Qing who had rescued Serena. Serena wanted to take the opportunity to shoot at Glory, but Mu Qing deliberately stepped on a violent brake, so that Serena could not take advantage of it, so that he could not shoot at Glory. And Glory also stopped pursuing.

Mu Qing successfully rescued Serena, and Serena promised that he would recognize Mu Qing as his eldest brother in the future. After that, Mu Qing found a wound on Xiaowei’s hand, which Xiaowei said was to break a few bottles of nutrient solution. Mu Qing immediately guessed that someone was living on the nutrient solution, and now that person without the nutrient solution is a dead end. Serena himself didn’t want to kill anyone, but he didn’t want to violate Da Kun’s explanation.

For a while, he was in a dilemma. In the evening, Xiaowei and Mu Qing went to save people with the nutrient solution. Suddenly, a cold chain car drove up. It turned out that Zhao Nan had been hidden by Da Kun in the cold chain car, and he was already tortured. Da Kun also tied a bomb on Zhao Nan. Serena expressed that he was afraid that the bomb would explode at any time, so he let the car leave early and return late every day.

Mu Qing reported the information he had to Liu Ju. He asked Liu Ju to wait for his information first. If he couldn’t, he could only attack by force. Liu Ju thinks that strong attack is the worst way, because it will expose Mu Qing’s identity.

Glory called Skylark for help. It turned out that Skylark was Ou Kexin. After that, Glory and Li Yimeng were forcing the code of the Dakun bomb. But Da Kun refused to eat hard, just refused to tell the password, and Li Yimeng was outraged.

Ou Kexin called Mu Qing and she said that as long as Mu Qing goes home and sleeps, everything will be better. But Mu Qing was worrying about rescuing Zhao Nan. He dealt with Ou Kexin impatiently and hung up her phone.

Onion head found Uncle Glasses. He pretended that Uncle Glasses didn’t get Dakun’s site and was embarrassed. In fact, he wanted to provoke the relationship between Glasses and Mr. Ou. But the Uncle Glasses Mansion is extremely deep, he was not fooled at all, but made Onion Too very wary of Mu Qing. Onion said that he did not believe that Mu Qing would always be willing to be Li Ruosheng’s military commander.

In the evening, as soon as Mu Qing went home, he found the book, paper and pen on the coffee table. After deciphering the note, he knew that it was left by Skylark. Hibari asked him to meet in the Starlight Auditorium an hour later. Mu Qing vaguely suspected that Ou Kexin might be Skylark.

Mu Qing saw Ou Kexin in the Starlight Auditorium, and he just wanted to step forward to confirm. But Ou Kexin found that someone was following Mu Qing, so she immediately put on the score of the eldest lady and sent away the two who were monitoring Mu Qing. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to drive herself to dinner. But Mu Qing felt that this time Ou Kexin was a little different from the past, but Ou Kexin ridiculed that Mu Qing was just hypoxic in his head.

Ou Kexin took Mu Qing to dinner. She knew that someone was watching Mu Qing, so she deliberately took pictures with Mu Qing, pretending that they were dating. The two monitoring Mu Qing also found no abnormalities. Ou Kexin deliberately mentioned that she liked the collection of poems, and read the poems she had left to Mu Qing in English. Mu Qing was shocked, he almost confessed Ou Kexin’s identity as Skylark, but fortunately, Ou Kexin turned the subject off.

Liu Ju received an order from his superior to transfer Da Kun. Glory was very anxious when he heard the news. At this time, Li Yimeng also angrily asked Glory what was going on, but Glory said that all of this was the decision of the superior. . Mu Qing told Xiaowei that he would bring new medicines to save the lives of the people in the warehouse.

On the other side, Uncle Glasses sent someone to attack the vehicle that escorted Da Kun, and Da Kun died in the car on the spot. At this time, Honor, which was deploying outside the cold chain warehouse, also received the news that Da Kun had died.

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