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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 13 Recap

On this day, the nursery rhyme dreamed that he and Lu Sicheng were married, and the nursery rhyme that woke up in a daze shook his head and washed his face again, but there was still a lingering picture in his mind. After returning to the bed, the nursery rhymes tossed and couldn’t sleep, so he got up again and started to study the opponent and took notes.

The next day, Myoshin and Xiaorui discovered the notes made by the nursery rhyme. The two began to praise the nursery rhyme. Then the three of them chatted briefly and separated. The nursery rhyme continued to return to the position and began to take notes. When Lu Sicheng saw it, he ridiculed the nursery rhyme in a panic. Although he was not polite, Lu Sicheng thoughtfully gave the nursery rhyme breakfast and at the same time took slippers for the nursery rhyme. ,

A group of ZGDX team members got on the bus going to the game site. On the way, Lu Sicheng read the notes written by the nursery rhyme, and called the old K to analyze it by the way. Soon a group of people came to the scene of the game.

After the players from both sides took their seats, the game began. The ZGDX team chose the top laner Ibaraki, the jungler’s sword girl, the mid laner big tengu, the shooter Hundred Eyes, and the auxiliary Yimuleen, KING this On the side is the top order wine-tuning boy, the wild Wannianzhu, the middle road aura, the white wolf and the black boy down the road. The game is about to begin, Myojin once again emphasized the tactics this time.

At the start of the game, Lu Yue and others in the lounge watched the game nervously. Back to the game, old k and nursery rhyme gave up the monsters and the little soldiers and squatted in the grass. Just when everyone was puzzled, the light of the KING team came to the wild area to prepare for the opposition, that is, at this time, old k Suddenly attacked with nursery rhymes, killing Kuang by surprise. Annoyed, A Guang began to accuse his teammates of not reporting points, and everyone at ZGDX also began to admire the nursery rhyme manual.

As the game progressed, the people of ZGDX completely mastered the opposite jungler rhythm, the bigger the more fierce, as if they had opened the perspective plug-in, the people of King were suppressed and temperless, and soon the ZGDX team was pushed down. The crystal of King team. In the second game, the king team who did not come up with a countermeasure had no hope of reversing, and the ZGDX team easily closed the game.

After the victory, the ZGDX team members stepped forward to shake hands with the King team members. The defeated Aguang expressed his surprise to Lu Sicheng and admired the ZGDX team’s pre-match analysis and investment strategy, but Lu Sicheng informed that all this was an effort of nursery rhymes. A Guang immediately read a lot of nursery rhymes.

In the post-match interview, the host nursery rhyme asked about the question that A Guang asked today. Lu Sicheng still attributed the credit to the nursery rhyme, but the slightly ridiculous wording made the nursery rhyme very unpleasant. He packed his things and returned to the lounge. In the lounge, a group of ZGDX people read the book and discussed the comments on the Internet. The nursery rhyme watched A Guang being scolded. They felt a lot of feelings. They asked their teammates why this happened. The teammates also told the cruelty and truth of nursery rhyme e-sports. . After that, the nursery rhyme spoke for A Guang on the Internet and sent some comments to change the views of netizens. Then the nursery rhyme left the lounge.

The nursery rhyme leaving the lounge heard the movement in the stairwell, and went to check it curiously. It turned out that A Guang, who had lost the game, cried alone. Upon seeing this, the nursery rhyme stepped forward to comfort him. A Guang also spit out bitterness at the nursery rhyme and faced it. A Guang is arrogant and humble, and the nursery rhyme also patiently recounts how he was beaten up by A Tai. The more they talked, the more speculative they became, and the nursery rhyme also recalled how they had been questioned. After comforting A Guang, the two walked out of the tunnel.

The nursery rhyme who had just left the house met Lu Sicheng, watching the nursery rhyme not answering his phone, hiding here and other captains did not know what to do, Lu Sicheng was heartbroken, machine gun-like slurs and accusations, the nursery rhymes can not be spoken. A few words, you can only express resistance with your eyes.

Back in the car, the nursery rhyme and the others briefly chatted, and suddenly, he chose to face the difficult nursery rhyme and asked Atai to compete. A group of people were astonished, but Lu Sicheng agreed for the first time. The group began to cheer up on nursery rhymes, and no one noticed that at this moment, the corners of Lu Sicheng’s mouth raised up and smiled.

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