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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 12 Recap

Here, the two on the bed also gradually woke up. Hearing Xiao Rui’s shout outside, Lu Sicheng urged nursery rhymes not to make a sound, and pushed the door out by himself.

As soon as the door opened, a group of people looked at Lu Sicheng slyly, and then you ridiculed each other, Lu Sicheng was not annoyed, and after arguing about a reason, he began to send everyone away. In the room, a faceless nursery rhyme squatted on the ground under the quilt. Upon seeing this, Lu Sicheng opened the quilt and started to play the nursery rhyme. Of course, this may be because Lu Sicheng deliberately took the truth as a joke. speak.

Seeing the nursery rhyme being asked, the boring Lu Sicheng went back to bed and began to check the quilt. He was afraid that the embarrassing nursery rhyme would be hurriedly stopped after being discovered. The two lost their focus between the two. The nursery rhyme also fell on Lu Sicheng because of inertia. People look at me and I look at each other. At this moment, Little Fatty opened the door and walked in. The stunned Little Fatty pretended not to see anything, and hurriedly backed out. After Xiaopang left, the nursery rhyme also left awkwardly.

After the two separated, they each remembered today’s events in the room, and laughed in nursery rhymes as they thought about it. Without a word for a night, the nursery rhymes that woke up went downstairs and found that all the teammates were broadcasting. After calculating the nursery rhymes with hindsight, they began to join the live broadcast.

At CK base, Jian Yang, who was watching the video of the game, became interested and watched the live broadcast with a smile on his face when he noticed that the nursery rhyme was live. But at this moment, Lu Sicheng who was on the side began to make trouble, and he even exposed himself to imaginative poems. Outside the screen, Jian Yang, who watched the live broadcast, became more and more angry, and then turned off his mobile phone in annoyance.

But that thought, the other four CK, who was curious about the baby’s possession, were all watching Jian Yang. The frustrated Jian Yang coldly shouted to everyone for training, but everyone continued to say something to you, and I said coldly. Seeing that everyone hadn’t set off yet, Jian Yang continued to call. A group of people looked at Jian Yang who was smiling and did not doubt, and their hearts grew furry and ran to train as if they were running away.

Here, Lu Sicheng explained what happened yesterday to the fans on the live broadcast, but it became more and more tarnished, and the news of the two being in bed was suddenly overwhelming on the Internet. In the evening, Jian Yang, who received the news, hurried to the ZGDX base to find nursery rhymes. The nursery rhymes who received the call hurriedly went out. Ai Jia yelled the walking nursery rhymes. It turned out to be a video sent by a good sister admonishing nursery rhymes to be cautious. Jian Yang, who saw the nursery rhymes, embraced the nursery rhymes excitedly, and broke free of them excitedly.

Upon seeing this, Jian Yang hurriedly explained the previous events to the nursery rhymes, but the nursery rhymes didn’t like this. On the other side, Lu Sicheng was absent-minded after receiving Chen Jinyang’s report, and then hurriedly got up to look for nursery rhymes. Lu Sicheng, who came to the two of them, interrupted their chat with the help of borrowing money, and at the same time arrogantly put aside the cruel words. Subsequently, under Jian Yang’s every possible persuasion, the nursery rhyme finally decided that the two should start with friends, and the nursery rhyme also pulled Jian Yang from the blacklist, and after the two embraced, they separated.

After getting in the car, Jian Yang looked at the nursery rhymes waving goodbye, remembered a lot, and finally turned his head reluctantly. The nursery rhyme returning to the base ran into Lu Sicheng, who was waiting for Xingshi’s questioning. Lu Sicheng, who was obviously jealous, began to question the nursery rhyme. A series of follow-up questions made the nursery rhyme suspect that Lu Sicheng did not buy candy at all, but Lu Sicheng refused to admit it, and the two had to go back together. base.

After arriving at the base, Lu Yue saw the two who came back together and asked curiously. Lu Sicheng saw that the reason could not be convinced, so his face changed and he began to talk. After speaking, he hurriedly left.

The nursery rhyme after finishing the training went back to the room and watched the netizens bring waves of rhythm. Here, the good sisters also called to ask about tonight’s affairs. After a brief chat, the two hung up the phone. Afterwards, the nursery rhyme fell into thinking watching netizens’ comments.

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