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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 5 Recap

Chen Yun and Lin Biao reported on the work. The Northeast Bureau drafted the “Resolution on Northeast Forms and Tasks.” Chairman Mao made amendments to this. The most important thing is how to fully mobilize the masses. Lin Biao put Chen Yun in charge of the land reform work, while he himself focused his work on the military. As for the logistics work, Comrade Kecheng was in charge. In July 1946, the Northeast Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held an enlarged meeting in Harbin, and submitted a proposal to the Party Central Committee on the situation in the Northeast and the next step. After receiving the report, Mao Zedong personally wrote and revised the report and formed the final “July 7th Resolution.”

The “July 7 Resolution” clarified the chaotic thinking on the issue of peace and war, established the mobilization of the masses, the establishment of a specific work policy for workers, and the operational policy for the implementation of mobile warfare. It became a programmatic document for the victory of the Northeast War of Liberation. Since then, many cadres formed a rural regiment and launched a vigorous land reform movement. In Changchun, Zheng Dongguo and Du Yuming got out of the car and asked a team to wipe off the signs belonging to the Communist Party on the wall. Then the two talked about the current situation. Fighting Siping cost too much military and financial resources, but now they can no longer cross the river to seize Harbin.

Wang Cuiyun took the comrades into the village, thanks to the Kuomintang. They wantonly promoted that the Communist Party is a bandit among the peasants, so the villagers were full of hostility towards them. Knowing that the poorest person in this village is Lao Liang’s family, we went to Lao Liang’s family together, but the other side thought they were bandits, so they drove Wang Cuiyun and others out of the house. On the other hand, Chang Sheng wanted to persuade the chief officer not to slander the family as a Communist Party, and to forgive others. He hoped that the chief officer would let the family go. However, the officer was extremely corrupt, and directly caused Changsheng to be beaten. Changsheng was afraid of death, so he dared not mention it again. Only by following his words can he save a small life.

This village is a famous stubborn village. Wang Cuiyun yelled and broke his throat, and no one came to get food. The Liang family ran over to eat, and even overturned the food after taking it. Later, he felt that Wang Cuiyun and the group were not bad guys, so he told them where the village adults gathered. Wang Cuiyun went in alone to persuade the oppressed peasants, but the landlord Qiu Dana said that the Communist Party would leave sooner or later, so the peasants were scattered. Only Lao Liang stayed, and he confirmed with Wang Cuiyun again, and after hearing her say that the land could really return to his hands, he left without saying a word.

Ren Bishi and Mao Zedong talked about the problems in land reform. Mao Zedong said that he would launch more grassroots cadres to carry out rural land reform. They understand the hearts of peasants and mobilize peasants’ enthusiasm in protecting the land through in-depth and meticulous education. The next day, Wang Cuiyun helped Liang Mancang get the land back, and Liang Mancang cried with his name on the wooden stake. That night, Liang Shiying, the eldest son of the Liang family, slept directly on the ground. Wang Cuiyun and others looked for him all over the world, and finally found Liang Shiying in the ground. It turned out that Liang Shiying was worried that the land would be taken away by the landlord again, so he planned to guard the land here. This reason made Wang Cuiyun dumbfounded.

After that, all the farmers in the village came, and they eagerly hope that the Communist Party can help them get their land back. Guo Rugui, deputy director of the Fifth Department of the National Defense Department of the National Government, reported the situation of the Communist Party to Chiang Kai-shek. He believed that the estimate of eliminating the Communist Party within six months might become a reality. One thing worth noting is that the Communist Party has made great achievements in promoting land reform. Chiang Kai-shek also understands that if the Communist Party is allowed to return to the peasants, they will regain their vigor and vitality. Therefore, the Kuomintang must take coercive measures to take back the peasants’ land and undermine their self-confidence.

Changsheng sang a small song in the army to tease officials. When Du Yuming heard it, Du Yuming was very angry, and Changsheng knelt down and begged for mercy. Du Yuming punished him with twenty army sticks, and after three days of confinement, the incident was forgotten.

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