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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 4 Recap

When Xia Yan returned home, Zhao Xiaolei said that the senior had waited a long time for her and couldn’t wait to go back. There was still shrimp that Lin Hao had peeled for Xia Yan on the table. Xia Yan quickly called Lin Hao to express her condolences and gratitude. After that, Zhao Xiaolei and Xia Yan said that the senior told her that she would be with Xia Yan for the rest of her life, and that she would return to the family sooner or later as a woman. And Xia Yan also feels that she and Lin Hao have been together for a long time, and only a marriage certificate is missing. Now what she considers is to work hard before giving birth.

Xu Chengyi and Director Xue proposed to consider Xia Yan’s plan, which made Director Xue even more hostile towards Xia Yan. At the meeting, Director Xue learned that those Internet celebrities had not signed the contract, and now he had to take care of it temporarily. This made Director Xue very angry, so he asked Xia Yan to be responsible for finding those Internet celebrities and drag them all back. Xia Yan had to go to those people one by one to negotiate terms after receiving the task. Thanks to Xia Yan’s efforts, she finally signed several internet celebrities.

Zhao Xiaolei’s younger brother Xiaojun went to find where his sister was going to work, but Zhao Xiaolei was a little embarrassed. Xiaojun saw that her sister was a little embarrassed. At this time, Xia Ya and Lin Hao went back, and Lin Hao had to help Xiaojun find a job. But Xia Ya and Lin Hao said that Xiaojun had gone on the basis of rich Liu Yiming, and now they can’t keep it secret. After seeing Lin Hao, Xiaojun didn’t have a very good impression. He told his sister that it was like asking brother-in-law to find a job, and it was not the turn of the person named Lin Hao to mix up.

Xia Ya found that NetEase Cloud Music was willing to cooperate with their company’s talent show. Director Xue felt that Xia Ya was very capable, and he agreed to it if he couldn’t find anything wrong for the time being. After Xia Ya went home, she told her girlfriends that it was difficult to do in the company. There was a rival boss and a boss who often harassed her. Everyone should help Xia Ya find the old man to get revenge.

Xu Chengyi and Mark mentioned Ma Xiangnan when they were eating, and Mark told Xu Chengyi that he had been rejected and that they rejected his young age. And Mark asked Xu Chengyi if he knew a girl now, Xu Chengyi thought he was saving a girl now. Mark wanted to know that Xu Chengyi knew the girl, but Xu Chengyi didn’t say anything.

Zhao Xiaolei told everyone that Ma Shang would be arranged by her parents for a blind date. Han Shuang told Zhao Xiaolei not to consider getting married for her parents, but Zhao Xiaolei felt that that was an inevitable stage of life.

Zhao Xiaolei saw the blind date, and that person was similar to Zhao Xiaolei’s requirements, and the conditions were still good, but he had a daughter, which made it difficult for Zhao Xiaolei to say goodbye to the person and left.

Han Shuang went to Xia Yan’s company and met Xu Chengyi. He didn’t expect that pervert was so young and handsome. When Xia Yan and Han Shuang were eating, he received a call from Director Xue, saying that another internet celebrity gastritis could not be there and called Xia Yan. Go back and solve the problem quickly. After Xia Yan left, Han Shuang called his agent and asked if the activity mentioned earlier was from SG Company? So I asked that person to inform the SG company that she could go to the rescue.

Just after Xia Yan rushed back to the company, Yoyo told her that the matter had been resolved, and the internet celebrity agreed to participate in the event. At the event, Xia Yan came to the stage to give a speech. Those were planned by her. After that, the Internet celebrities came to the stage to show. Xia Yan was surprised when she saw Han Shuang. It turned out that Han Shuang came forward when she knew Xia Yan needed help. Saved. After that, Han Shuang asked Xia Yan to help introduce Xu Chengyi to Xu Chengyi, and she wanted to take Xu Chengyi down.

After Xu Chengyi entered the elevator, Han Shuang also went in and took the initiative to strike up a conversation. This surprised Xu Chengyi. Han Shuang wanted to have a good chat with Xu Chengyi. Xu Chengyi knew that Xia Yan introduced Han Shuang to go, so he said that he was not interested in Han Shuang and turned around. left.

Zhao Xiaolei went to meet another blind date, but he did not expect that the person was very old. After the meeting, the person gave Zhao Xiaolei a book. Zhao Xiaolei picked it up and read it. The content inside was fascinated by Zhao Xiaolei. Zhao Xiaolei was fascinated by it I put that person aside and forgot. After that, the person introduced himself. His name was Fei Tianming. When Zhao Xiaolei liked to read books, let him introduce him to the opposite book. There were many types of books that Zhao Xiaolei liked to read.

Lin Hao introduced Xiaojun to his job, but a friend said Xiaojun was a lack of heart. At this time, Mr. Hao passed, which made Lin Hao’s face a little embarrassed. Lin Hao had worked under Mr. Hao before. Now I go to cooperate with their company and call Lin Hao to be responsible. And Mr. Hao knew that Lin Hao was looking for a job for Xiaojun, so he helped and told them to keep Xiaojun. After that, Xiaojun went to Lin Hao’s office without any rules, and said that he would do a good job with Lin Hao in the future.

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