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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 3 Recap

Han Shuang couldn’t bear seeing Xia Yan and her boyfriend Lin Hao in such a long-distance relationship, not to mention that they had been together for seven years, but everyone still envied Xia Yan and Lin Hao’s relationship. After Lin Hao returned, he said that he would contract all the housework, and Xia Yan would be a little princess in the future.

Xia Yan introduced herself to everyone on the first day at work. At this time, Director Xue said that their company is the last elimination system. The previous Xiaoqi was at the end of three months, and now he has to go to the Personnel Department to apply for dismissal. Director Xue’s words made everyone very angry. Some colleagues called Director Xue not very satisfied with their work. Later, Xia Yan was asked to take over from Xiao Qi and continue with the unfinished work. Later, Xia Yan couldn’t bear to see Xiao Qi very disappointed and left. After catching up with Xiao Qi, she introduced him to a company and asked him where to try.

Han Shuang was scolded by his boss, saying that he had watched the monitoring Han Shuang but hadn’t won an order for a month, and he often took some random people to the shop to play, so he took back Han Shuang’s key. Open and close the door yourself. But the boss’s words did not affect Han Shuang’s mood at all. After the boss left, Han Shuang started a live broadcast and soon sold three sets of furniture, which made the boss very happy, and then returned the keys to Han Shuang. He also asked Han Shuang to mention it at any time if needed, and he would try his best to support it.

Xia Yan’s colleagues You You and Xia Yan said that Director Xue was embarrassing her, and that Xia Yan’s replacement of Xiao Qi was an impossible task. The previous Xiao Qi was stuck with a professor named Yuan Dahai, but Xia Yan told You You that there were no more than three words in her dictionary. So Xia Yan went to the university to listen to Professor Yuan Dahai’s class, and later found Yuan Dahai and told him his ideas. Yuan Dahai was still very interested in what Xia Yan said at the time, but when he learned that Xia Yan was from the SG company, he asked the security guard to drive her out.

After Xia Yan went home, she told Han Shuang that Yuan Dahai was really difficult to deal with, and Han Shuang told Xia Yan that stubborn people have a purpose to stick to. If there is armor, there must be weakness, so Xia Yan called Xiao Qi to ask. In the situation of Yuan Dahai before, Xiao Qi told Xia Yan that Yuan Dahai was very good to a student before and gave him a lot of help. Xia Yan thought that Yuan Dahai had a very good attitude when he thought he was a student. Could it be that Yuan Dahai’s weakness is that his students failed. So I proposed to the company that if he could become a student of Yuan Dahai, he would gain his trust, but the proposal was submitted to Director Xue and was rejected.

Xia Yan should do her own thing first. Youyou and Xia Yan said that the company has an individual talent incentive policy that can provide cross-departmental advice. If it is adopted, you can get a bonus. After hearing some words, Xia Yan is very excited and her reversal is saved this time. After that, Xu Chengyi met Xia Yan and said that he had seen Xia Yan’s plan and his idea was good. But watching Xia Yan have dark circles under her eyes, lock her eyes and take a good rest. Don’t make it ugly and break up with her boyfriend.

Xia Yan went to the school gate to wait for Yuan Dahai to get off work. He didn’t expect Yuan Dahai after seeing Xia Yan and said that she was really desperate for the capital, so she waited for several days. Xia Yan said that her plan was from Yuan Dahai’s student, so Yuan Dahai took a look and said that the plan was good, but I don’t know if the company will implement the plan after returning. Xia Yan promised to go back and discuss it with the company. They agreed, and Yuan Dahai would agree to go to the company’s forum.

During the meeting, Xia Yan reported to Director Xue that Yuan Dahai had agreed to participate in the forum. This surprised her very much. After seeing that Xia Yan had agreed that Yuan Dahai would enroll an intern at school, she was very unhappy. Yan is calling the shots privately. However, Xia Yan said that the personnel department had passed the record before, which left Director Xue speechless. Then I asked the operations department if they could complete the task this month, but they were still 15 people short of it. Director Xue was very angry and asked Amy to give Xia Yan the job to be done. They wanted those who were able to work harder, which made everyone. It was all surprising, but Director Xue did not expect that move.

Lin Hao went to find Xia Yan with some delicious food. Zhao Xiaolei went back early. The two of them started cooking and waited for Xia Yan to return, but they were very busy with work and were still working overtime when they were very late, so Lin Hao called Xia Yan. Phone, but Xia Yan told Lin Hao and Zhao Xiaolei to eat first, and she had to work overtime. When Xu Chengyi watched Xia Yan still working overtime, he bought her a night snack to take, and realized that Director Xue arranged her work in the operation department. After that, it needs to be said that Director Xue now has 15 more people, but he needs to feel that he does not need that many, so he told Xu Chengyi his ideas, and Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to do that, but he had to eat first.

Lin Hao and Zhao Xiaolei waited for Xia Yan to eat first before going back. Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao mentioned the work of their younger brother, and Lin Hao wanted to help Zhao Xiaolei to solve it, which moved Zhao Xiaolei very much.

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