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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 2 Recap

Xia Yan has been in the Star Company since graduation. She was really reluctant in her heart. Han Shuang also persuaded Xia Yan to leave after learning about the situation. He thought that no matter how hard Xia Yan worked, Mr. Sun would not reuse him and always do some chores for Xia Yan. , It will not be better in the future. After Xia Yan thought about it, he found Mr. Sun and offered to resign. Mr. Sun quickly promised to give Xia Yan a salary increase, but Xia Yan still insisted on leaving.

Mr. Sun was embarrassed. At this time, Qiao Sisi went in, and Mr. Sun had to let Xia Yan go. Go back first. Qiao Sisi persuaded Mr. Sun to let Xia Yan leave. But Mr. Sun was worried that after Xia Yan left, no one would be responsible for the work of Bizhong Technology, and he was even more worried that Xia Yan would go to Bizhong Technology and would stumble them when the time comes. Qiao Sisi believed that Xia Yan wanted to focus on technology not enough.

Qiao Sisi went to meet with Xu Chengyi on behalf of Xia Yan, intending to talk about Xia Yan’s work before, but Xu Chengyi believed that Xingchen was an irresponsible performance, but he also asked Qiao Sisi to connect with related people, and then left with something to do without Qiao Sidu. Talk, this makes Qiao Sisi feel very shameless.

Xia Yan’s boyfriend agreed with Xia Yan’s resignation, and Xingchen also approved Xia Yan’s resignation as quickly as possible, but at the same time Xia Yan also received a recruitment invitation from SG. Xia Yan went for an interview, but the interviewer turned out to be Director Xue. . Although the recruiter thought Xia Yan was good, Director Xue requested that Xia Yan was the representative of the partner before discussing it. When Xia Yan went back, she actually received a call, informing her that her interview had failed. Xia Yan guessed that Director Xue was making trouble.

Since Han Shuang is the daughter of President Han, he found a sales job while shopping. Zhao Xiaolei’s younger brother also called his sister to inform his sister that he was going soon, and Zhao Xiaolei panicked for fear of being exposed to a lie. Han Shuang came to do a live broadcast of the sales. The boss promised to give it three months to try it out.

Xia Yan was not convinced, and went directly to Director Xue. She opened the door unfairly and asked why she should be eliminated. Director Xue claimed that Xia Yan had been dismissed by Xingchen before. There are regulations in the company that are not admitted and dismissed. Employee, Xu Chengyi was also very surprised that Xia Yan was not admitted, but in view of the company’s regulations, Director Xue did nothing wrong. Xia Yan said that she had resigned on her own initiative. Director Xue proposed to have a resignation certificate. Only in this way can she be admitted. Moreover, the interview is about to end in two hours. If you can’t get it, you won’t be able to join the job.

But when Xia Yan went to get the resignation report, Qiao Sisi on the surface blamed the people below for doing things badly, but he shrugged off that he was unable to stamp something. Knowing that Xia Yan was going to find Mr. Sun, Qiao Sisi deliberately called Mr. Sun so that he would not go to work. . Unexpectedly, Xia Yan saw Mr. Sun who was leaving in the corridor of the company. Xia Yan hurried to chase after him. She was so scared that Sun always hurried away.

Xia Yan called her best friend, asked him to pretend to be Xu Chengyi’s assistant, and called Mr. Sun to talk to the company. Mr. Sun had to show up. Mr. Sun wanted not to go through the resignation procedures, and blamed Xia Yan for the loss caused to the company by leaving. Unexpectedly, Xia Yan took out the threatening recording of Mr. Sun and Qiao Sisi’s affection in the office, so that Mr. Sun hurriedly asked Qiao Sisi to go through the procedures.

When Xia Yan came to Xu Chengyi and Director Xue with a resignation report, Director Xue once again posed a difficult problem, accusing Xia Yan of going to a wedding for her girlfriends. Such behavior was not suitable for their company’s standards. And Xia Yan mentioned Liu Yiming’s scumbag behavior, and satirized the SG company as being so black and white, and expressed disdain to work in such a company. When Xia Yan was about to leave, he was called by Xu Chengyi. Xu Chengyi offered him a salary of 20,000 yuan a month and asked for a probation period of three months, so Xia Yan went through the entry formalities immediately.

Mark carefully prepared a marriage proposal to propose to Ma Xiangnan, but he was rejected by Ma Xiangnan. Ma Xiangnan has always disliked boys younger than her, especially not walking with him. More importantly, she has no feelings for Mark, so Ma Xiangnan has nothing to do. You’re welcome to reject Mark.

Xia Yan and her best friends Han Shuang, Ma Xiangnan, Zhao Xiaolei and others celebrated their work. Her boyfriend called and Xia Yan excitedly told her boyfriend to tell him good news after they met.

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