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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 1 Recap

At the wedding of Liu Yiming and Yang Yun, everyone was carefully arranging. The host introduced the perfect wedding enthusiastically on the stage. However, three women appeared on the stage and made their wedding mess up. In the video broadcast of “Wonderful”, the chaotic scene of Liu Yiming and many women together was shown. Liu Yiming hurriedly asked the security to remove the three troublemakers from the stage, and explained that they were all made by PS, not true. Call everyone Do not believe.

The matter returned not long ago. Xiao Lei was Liu Yiming’s girlfriend at that time, and she was going to marry Liu Yiming soon. After receiving a call from home, she learned that her brother was going to work. Xiao Lei hoped that her brother would go to her and take care of each other. In Xiao Lei’s view, Liu Yiming was also blessed to be able to see her.

But what Xiao Lei could not imagine was that the good man in her mind was with another woman, and all this was accidentally filmed by her good girlfriend Han Shuang. It was in a western restaurant that a man brought flowers to propose to his girlfriend Han Shuang, but Han Shuang, who had always been only holding celibacy, rejected her boyfriend and said that the two had previously negotiated only to fall in love and not get married. If Just bye bye after getting married, and then Han Shuang humbly left, but at the door, he saw Liu Yiming and a woman walk into the hotel hugging and hugging. Han Shuang quickly took a video and showed it to Xiao Lei.

Faced with the video sent by Han Shuang, Xiao Lei didn’t believe it at all, because Liu Yiming had gone to discuss business with her. Zhao Xiaolei wanted to try her wedding dress. Han Shuang scolded Xiao Lei fiercely. Liu Yiming went to open a room with other women and Xiao Lei pretended not to know anything. So everyone persuaded that they had to take a look before they knew it was true. Zhao Xiaolei went to the hotel with her girlfriends to find Liu Yiming. Han Shuang, who had been prepared for a long time, opened the door of the hotel and sprayed chili water at Liu Yiming, making Liu Yiming very embarrassed. After that, Han Shuang shot a video of them as evidence.

The girlfriends scolded Liu Yiming for getting married and cheating. It was a brute. Liu Yiming saw that Xiaolei came and wanted to apologize and explain. Other girlfriends rushed in and grabbed the woman to settle the account. The woman was scared and yelled Liu Yiming’s husband for help. When Liu Yiming saw this, he had to go in and make a rescue. Xiao Lei, who had already seen everything clearly, slapped Liu Yiming in the face.

Zhao Xiaolei was very depressed to hide in the room alone. Everyone felt that Zhao Xiaolei should be given some time to release. Everyone discussed that it was impossible for Zhao Xiaolei and Liu Yiming to get married, but it was necessary to figure out when he and that woman met and to make things clear. Xia Yan simply went to Liu Yiming and asked how long he had known the woman, but Liu Yiming told Xia Yan and that woman only once, and in his opinion, Xiao Lei and others lived in ancient times, and now these things are just for a normal man. Normal demand.

Zhao Xiaolei was heartbroken when she saw the video evidence that Xia Yan took back. She didn’t know what to do for a while, and met such a scumbag, Liu Yiming. At this time, Han Shuang received an invitation from Liu Yiming on his mobile phone. He actually wanted to get married on the original day. The time and place were the same as Zhao Xiaolei’s pre-determined. This was a naked challenge. The angry Xia Yan would wait until that day to embarrass Liu Yiming. , Vent for Xiao Lei.

At the wedding scene of Liu Yiming, Han Shuang found the videographer she had selected for Zhao Xiaolei in advance, and asked him to do a favor at the wedding to expose Liu Yiming and the woman, and also asked Zhao Xiaolei to stand there in the bride’s wedding dress, introducing him Zhao Xiaolei is the real bride today.

After avenging Zhao Xiaolei, the girlfriends paid some losses to the wedding ceremony. Today, Zhao Xiaolei’s appearance in a wedding dress really compares Yang Yun, and it really beats Liu Yiming and Yang Yun in the face. Everyone persuaded Zhao Xiaolei to want to start, and believe that she will have a better man to cherish the outstanding one. It is luck to miss the scumbag.

Xia Yan met the general manager Xu Chengyi during the live broadcast at the elevator entrance, but Xia Yan didn’t know him. Xu Chengyi offered to know him but was rejected by Xia Yan. After Xu Chengyi entered the elevator, Xia Yan realized that she was looking for him. Mr. Xu is exactly Xu Chengyi in front of him. When the assistant asked Xia Yan to go to the office to see Xu Chengyi, she suddenly felt embarrassed and quickly explained and apologized for the previous incident. Later, Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi about the advantages of the products, but Xu Chengyi believed that these things have no advantages, and they are similar to many products they are cooperating with, and there is no need to change their company.

But thanks to Xia Yan’s excellent explanation of the benefits of a win-win situation, Xu Chengyi finally agreed, and let Director Xue and Xia Yan of the Operations Department cooperate and be responsible.

The family had already known about Zhao Xiaolei’s marriage, and her mother called to ask when her date was changed, and asked her brother’s work arrangements. Zhao Xiaolei could not explain to her family, so she had to ask her brother to answer the phone, and lied that the wedding date had changed. Did not say anything about the breakup.

When Xia Yan went to meet with Director Xue, she was always rejected. The boss of Xia Yan told Xia Yan not to worry about Director Xue, because Xu Chengyi had the final say, and Mr. Sun made a request at the company meeting. The candidate for promotion to a director, I thought it would be Xia Yan, but I didn’t expect that a trusted name named Qiao Sisi came to be the director. My colleagues privately talked about the ambiguous relationship between Qiao Sisi and Sun Zong and were promoted.

When Xia Yan went to see Director Xue, she met Xu Chengyi again. She didn’t expect that Xu Chengyi knew about Xia Yan’s situation in the company. She could ask if Xia Yan was interested in coming to work in his company, but Xia Yan rebuked Xu Chengyi for digging the wall like this Great fit.

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