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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 22 Recap

Qingmu and Houchi returned to the inn to rest. Houchi thought about the scene in the Xuanjing Palace just now. They were still a little scared. Fortunately, Qingmu was safe. Qingmu was happy in Houchi. The first time the Red Luan star moved in Houchi, his expression was a little uncomfortable. Qingmu knew that Houchi is now looking for Bai Xuan, he will not delay the latter, but he has already said what he has said. It will be like a dog skin plaster that has been leaning on the back pool, never let go.

Feng Ran and his party came to see Houchi, who was a little surprised that Fengran would be with Jingjian. Jing Jian is an upright gentleman. Knowing that the three of them still had something to talk about, he proclaimed himself a divine sense and didn’t disturb the three of them. Hou Chi thanked Yu Changqin for his help in Xuanjing Palace. Chang Qin was very envious of Qingmu who did not hesitate to protect Hou Chi in Xuanjing Palace. However, Feng Ran knew about Chang Qin Yin Sen Yu who was not a good person when she met. It hurts the spirit, only to tell the story of Xiao Li being severely punished by Sen Yu.

She thinks that Chang Qin should not be caught in Xuanjing Palace by her children’s personal affection. She asks Chang Qin to come to Qingchi Palace to ask for a drink after dealing with the affairs of the Three Heavens. Drinking strong alcohol, the three of them are not drunk or return, and Chang Qin readily agrees. After Chang Qin left, Feng Ran told Hou Chi about Tai Cang Jian’s life. Hou Chi believed that the matter must have something to do with Bai Xuan. She was going to Lookout Mountain without Qing Mu. This was heard by Fang Zhong Qingmu. Qingmu walked out anxiously and wanted to join Houchi. Seeing that Houchi refused to take him, he had to take Jingjian as a backer and let Jingjian speak fairly.

Jing Jian knew that Feng Ran and Houchi were not easy to provoke, so he quickly pulled Qingmu away. After the two left, Feng Ran turned her head and looked serious. She mentioned that Huo Qilin had a tyrannical temperament and had injured the Xianshan Shangjun under Donghuamen. She was worried that Houchi would go alone, so she wanted Qingmu to accompany her. . Hou Chi knew Qing Mu’s injustice and kindness, and she was afraid that Qing Mu was in danger, so she refused to let Qing Mu go with her. When the two were talking, there was a movement from the door.

Feng Ran couldn’t help but feel a little helpless about Jing Jian and Qing Mu listening to the corner. Jing Jian took Qing Mu to leave. This time Qing Mu owed him a favor. He The second highness of the dignified Tiangong actually acted like this. Qing Mu disagrees with this, only mentioning the fate between him and Houchi, he has already pleased Houchi. After listening to this, Jing Jian decided to help Qing Mu, and Feng Ran persuaded him from the side, and then Hou Chi was willing to take Qing Mu with him.

Sen Jian came to see Apocalypse, but Bai Ju didn’t kill Apocalypse completely back then. He left a ray of spirits of Apocalypse and Zihan, which made Apocalypse survive. Tianqiji hated Bai Ju’s distrust of the past, but could not tolerate others around him to slander Bai Ju. Over the years, Wuhuan has done so many despicable things to annex Yaozu. Twilight has also been treacherously with Wuhuan. Tianqi always remembers Wuhuan’s hatred of murdering Yuemi. He learned that Tianjie wanted to gather four great artifacts. Open the God Realm, so first let Sen Jian agree to the Heaven Realm’s request for peace, and then they will send a member of the Demon Race to win the Taizhang spear.

Feng Ran and Jing Jian returned to the Tiangong to see the Emperor. The Emperor helped the two to unlock the gods. He admired Jing Jian’s achievements in the demon world this time, and he also cared about the current situation of Houchi. Qingchi Palace and Tiangong have always been at odds, and Feng Ran did not talk much about the Houchi with the Emperor.

Looking at the bottom of the mountain, Jing Zhao used a feathered umbrella to stun the demons who were about to take too much guns. She was arrogant and only felt that too much guns belonged to her. At the same time, Qing Mu and the child-like Ho Chi also came to Lookout Mountain. Qing Mu originally came forward to meet Jing Zhao alone, but Jing Zhao was obviously interested in Qing Mu, and Ho Chi only came out quite jealously to call Qing. With Mu’s “daddy”, Jing Zhao was irritated by her sharp teeth. Jing Zhao wanted Houchi to salute her, and the corner of Houchi’s mouth was hooked, only respecting Xiang Jingzhao for a few moments. Houchi is a god, and Jing Zhao is just a fairy, so she dared to make her salute. When Houchi saluted, the sky changed drastically.

She led the sky thunder to Jing Zhao. Jing Zhao remembered the last time he looked at the sky thunder on the mountain. Only then did I know that the person in front of him was the back pond. The back pool was restored, and Qing Mu saw that Jing Zhao wanted to attack the back pool, and only firmly protected the back pool body. When Jing Zhao was about to use the feathering umbrella, the Emperor of Heaven appeared. When the Emperor saw Houchi, he was in a daze. The appearance of Houchi was similar to that of the ancients, but before the Emperor could think about it, Houchi and Qingmu left first.

Houchi and Qingmu came to the bamboo house. Houchi mentioned Jing Zhao’s importance to Qingmu. Qingmu didn’t care about fame and fortune. He only wanted to protect the back pool, so he wanted to know why Jing Zhao was so hostile to the back pool. Hou Chi mentioned her first meeting with Jing Zhao. Jing Zhao deceived her with low spiritual power and threw her into the water to speak insults. Fortunately, Bai Xuan arrived in time, otherwise she would become the first God to be drowned. .

Tai Cang Qiang was born, Hou Chi mistakenly thought that Bai Xuanhui was the fire unicorn guarding the gun, and she told Qingmu to protect the fire unicorn. This time, there was no distinction between the fairy and the demon, so the two clan of the fairy and the demon were eager to try. Jing Zhao was the first to try, but she was stunned by the fire Qilin. Tianqi and Zihan also looked at everything in Watch Mountain from a distance, and he recognized that the guardian Fire Qilin was not a red sun, but a ray of remnant soul of the red sun. Looking at the mountain over there, Houchi recognized that Huo Qilin was not Bai Xuan, but Huo Qilin looked at Qing Mu and brought Qing Mu into the barrier.

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