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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 22 Recap

Xiao Wanzi promised Qiaoyun that as long as the princess came back, he would leave silently. On the other hand, the medicine of the sixth child has not yet reached the antidote strength. The sixth child said that Nanxiang must have an antidote. Now Nan Batian had to do it. For Xiao Bao’s safety, Lu Yingyao had to find Nan Batian himself. Nan Batian found Nan Xiang, but the harder Nan Batian said, the greater Nan Xiang’s anger. Nanba Tian can only come hard if it is soft. Nan Xiang refused, and Nan Batian had no choice but to leave.

Later, Nan Xiang found Nan Batian privately. It turned out that both of them had a good face in front of Lu Yingyao. Nan Batian took the antidote, and it was considered that he had seen his biological daughter Daozizui Doufu, which made Nan Batian involuntarily think of losing himself. My wife…

Xiao Bao, who had been drinking the medicine, gradually began to recover. Lu Yingyao held Xiaobao’s hand excitedly and called Xiaobao’s name again, hoping that Xiaobao would recover.

Xiao Wanzi watched Mei Shiqing practice the sword, worried that Mei Shiqing would hurt her hand. When Mei Shiqing stopped, Xiao Wanzi took the initiative to bring tea to Mei Shiqing and took care of it carefully. Even when Mei Shiqing was asleep, Xiao Maruko fanned aside. Looking at Mei Shiqing’s sleeping face, Xiao Wanzi gently grabbed Mei Shiqing’s hands and placed them on his face. Mei Shiqing quietly opened her eyes and smiled when she felt the warmth on her hand.

Xiao Wanzi accompanied Mei Shiqing to practice calligraphy. Xiao Wanzi found that the person delivering the tea was not Qiaoyun. When someone said that Qiaoyun was unwell, both Xiaowanzi and Si Heng frowned. Now that Mei Shiqing and Xiaowanzi are in love, Qiaoyun’s princess in Qinglongzhai feels worthless. Si Heng brought tea and Qiuhua took the opportunity to leave and leave them alone. But at this time Qiaoyun was in a bad mood, and Si Heng tried his best to coax Qiaoyun to no avail. Xiao Wanzi finds Qiaoyun. She just hopes to take the last time to get along with her beloved. She will definitely abide by the agreement with Qiaoyun. Although Qiaoyun is very moved, she is still unavoidable to worry that Xiaowanzi will get deeper and deeper.

Xiaowanzi was obviously absent-minded. Mei Shiqing took Xiaowanzi to the city gate to watch the night scene. Thinking that the two had drank on it, Xiaowanzi smiled nostalgic. During the chat, the two men mentioned the affair between Mei Shiqing and his father. The father, who was good at fighting the bandits, was busy in the war and neglected Mei Shiqing’s mother and son. The bandits accidentally found the residence of the two and their mother died under the knife of the bandits. In the future, whenever she closes her eyes, Mei Shiqing will always see her mother’s painful expression. In order to avoid this pain, Mei Shiqing changed into costume and became a Night Ranger. Xiao Wanzi was a little silent after hearing this, but still lay in Mei Shiqing’s arms obediently, hoping to calm Mei Shiqing’s mood.

As soon as Xiaobao opened her eyes, she found Lu Yingyao lying on the side. Seeing Xiaobao wake up, Lu Yingyao hurriedly called for the sixth child. Knowing that it was Lu Yingyao who rescued herself, Xiao Bao was very happy. After a few days, Xiaobao could finally get out of bed and walk. The two went out to visit the brothers in the cottage, but as soon as they turned around, they saw Nanxiang. Lu Yingyao silently let go of her hand. Xiaobao stopped Nanxiang, anyway. Thank you Nanxiang for the antidote, but Nanxiang didn’t appreciate it at all. Seeing Xiaobao and Lu Yingyao close together, he left straight away.

Lu Yingyao brought food to find He Yizhi. He said frankly that he really liked Xiaobao. He Yizhi had already guessed it, so he persuaded Lu Yingyao to cherish the fate. In the future, he could persuade Xiaobao to go down the mountain with the two of them. This made Lu Yingyao. I feel hopeful.

When Lu Yingyao thought of seeing Xiaobao, she couldn’t help but start to dress up seriously. Looking at the hairpin given by Xiaobao, Lu Yingyao grabbed it and wanted to wear it. Xiaobao just came over and saw that Lu Yingyao wanted to put on the hairpin she sent. , I was very happy, so I was going to help Lu Yingyao put it on. The distance between the two kept getting closer, and Lu Yingyao silently closed her eyes…

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