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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 42 Recap

Ji Zhongyuan used himself as a bait to create opportunities for Lin Nansheng and General Rong to meet, so he lied to Wang Shian that today was the time for him and the fisherman to meet, and the location was set at the entrance of the Xianlusi Ballroom. Because Wang Shian was too cautious, Ji Zhongyuan took the initiative to ask for 100,000 U.S. dollars and dozens of gold bars, and offered to let the other party escort him to Argentina, thus pretending to be a greedy villain who feared death.

Wang Shian believed that it was true, so he immediately called his superiors to meet part of Ji Zhongyuan’s needs as soon as possible, and promised that the remaining money would be made up within two days. At the same time, Lan Xinjie has contacted all the newspapers in Shanghai, claiming that there will be peachy news at four in the afternoon, and reporters have rushed to the ballroom when they learned of this.

After all arrangements were in place, Lan Xinjie was ambushing on the roof opposite the ballroom, and according to the plan, he tied a grenade to the side door in advance for escape. After that, he installed guns and made full preparations until he saw Ji Zhongyuan appear in his sight and set up nearby. Armed heavily. The hour hand slowly pointed to four o’clock, Lan Xinjie tried to calm herself, raised his gun and aimed it at the street lamp next to Ji Zhongyuan, creating the illusion that the Communist Party was “hoeing up traitors”.

With the sound of a gunshot, the lamp cover fell to the ground, and the people on the street fled in a panic. The scene was chaotic. When Lan Xinjie was dismantling the ammunition clip, she accidentally touched the stone on the wall, causing the position to be exposed. Just because of the sudden incident, there was no time for Lin Nansheng to make any response. Ji Zhongyuan seized the opportunity to get Lan Xinjie to escape and seized the gun. As a result, he was shot to death by spies and died in the street.

Lan Xinjie went downstairs in a hurry, but was surrounded by crowds. She was forced to turn back. She was afraid of fleeing all the way. She always remembered Lin Nansheng’s advice that they must never let them see her face. Seeing that there was no way to go ahead, Lan Xinjie didn’t want to harass Lin Nansheng, so she slammed a grenade and committed suicide.

Originally, Lin Nansheng had rushed forward with the team to prepare for rescue. After all, he was still a step late. After losing two close friends one after another, he could only force his composure, swallow the pain alone, and left without incident. Wang Shian once again lost the opportunity to claim credit, and even caught up with Ji Zhongyuan. He was particularly angry about this, so he called an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures, suspecting that there was a communist party whispering inside.

After the meeting, Lin Nansheng returned home exhausted and looked at the empty room. It seemed that the gentle woman was no longer in the figure. He didn’t run over to hang up his coat for him as usual, showing great care. Looking at the braised pork on the table, Lin Nansheng couldn’t help crying. It seemed that Lan Xinjie had already anticipated the ending, so he cooked his favorite dishes personally, and explained that Sister Wang would serve it at dinner.

After Mao Renfeng learned of this, he was very annoyed and asked Wang Shian to give an account. However, Wang Shian, as the only insider, naturally cannot avoid suspicion. When he learned of the possibility of Lin Nansheng and Ji Zhongyuan being alone, he immediately sent someone to investigate him and be sure to find useful clues.

When Zhu Yizhen saw the news of Ji Zhongyuan’s death in the newspaper, she was shocked and sad, and sent a telegram to the organization in time to explain the situation, urging the organization to assist in investigating the cause. On the other side, Lin Nansheng disguised as the Minister of Defense, and smoothly entered the theater reserved by the Garrison Headquarters, and approached General Rong as a buddy, telling the truth about the process of Ji Zhongyuan’s sacrifice.

At first General Rong had doubts about Lin Nansheng, but when he heard that Lin Nansheng could tell the secret between him and Ji Zhongyuan accurately, he suddenly realized that he handed the information to Lin Nansheng with grief, hoping that he would pass it on as soon as possible, because This is the only hope to reverse the current situation.

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