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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 23 Recap

Pei Jiashu stopped Tongwei who was about to leave, and showed him the video recorded in advance, and he planned to send it out to help Xu Shuyi speak. Tong Wei asked Jia Shu’s favorite fans. Jia Shu said that pampering fans is not equal to indulging. He pampers them because he wants to treat them well. Unconditional indulgence will only harm them. Some fans are not mature and lack correct guidance. Said that at this time, a small sun as warm as him is needed to show up in front of them to guide the direction.

Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng exchanged their bodies and went to see Jiang Yi’s mother. Jiang Yi was right that Yu Shengsheng was not going to see her parents, she was going to see her mother. Jiang Yi said that in fact what he wanted was a variable. In recent years, whether he called his mother or met him, every time he couldn’t say a few words, he would have nothing to say. He thought that if the rest is his this time Meeting may be different. Yu Shengsheng confidently said that she would please the elders in particular, and she would surely ease Jiang Yi’s fucking relationship.

Yu Shengsheng introduced Jiang Yi in his body as his girlfriend using Jiang Yi’s identity. Auntie asked her enthusiastically what she likes to eat. Yu Shengsheng looked around and admired the photos of Jiang Yi when he was a child. Yu Shengsheng took a photo of Jiang Yi crying on his birthday and asked him why he was crying on his birthday. His mother was very busy. He waited a long time that day and cried very sad. . Yu Shengsheng went out to buy soy sauce and left Jiang Yi to chat with his mother. Jiang Yi’s mother apologized for the quarrel with Jiang Yi’s father in front of Yu Shengsheng and hoped not to affect her relationship with Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi asked them why they were getting married. His mother said that when she was young, she didn’t know much about things except for studying well. At that time, his dad was a good man and was able to speak well, but after marriage, many problems became prominent, and quarrels were justified. Become commonplace. It turned out that Jiang Yi in that photo was not crying because of them. After watching the video on his mother’s phone, Jiang Yi realized that he knocked over the wine bottle.

His mother hurt her hand when she packed the broken wine bottle. He felt sorry for his mother. Jiang Yi asked her if she loved him so much at that time, she still chose to leave him, have she regretted all these years. Mom said no regrets. Everyone has many different identities and different missions in life, but one’s energy is limited, and it is not easy to do a good part of it. Her current job has always been her ideal. But her mother also frankly failed to grow up with Jiang Yi is always her regret, so no matter how Jiang Yi complains about her, she can accept it.

Jiang Yi heard what his mother said and learned that some things were different from the original memory. It turned out that he had been loved before, but everything was covered up by his sad memory before. Jiang Yi is not so sad now, at least he knows that he was not a superfluous person, but suddenly found that his mother is also an ordinary person who will be sad and make mistakes. Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng switched back to their bodies, and there were some things he wanted to solve by himself.

The three of them had a very warm dinner. Jiang Yi’s mother admitted that Jiang Yi had suffered a lot of grievances since childhood, and hoped that Jiang Yi could forgive her mother’s shortcomings. Jiang Yi also relieved a lot. Although their mother and son have missed many years, their relationship can be better in the future. Jiang Yi understood his mother’s choice and asked her to move on in the future. His life is very good now, and he hopes that his mother will be happy too.

Jiang Yi received a call from his father before. It turned out that Jiang Mo had told Dad Jiang about encountering a stranger to inquire about Yu Shengsheng, and Dad Jiang notified Jiang Yi of the problem. Jiang Yi guessed that Yu Sheng was being watched, so he didn’t send Yu Sheng back to the community. Yu Shengsheng talked about it over Tongwei. They thought it was the paparazzi who had sold photos to Zhang Known before. She was there when Jiang Mo was photographed, so he would go to Jiang Mo to talk about it, but she used to bring Wearing a mask. Jiang Yi went to discuss with Jiang Dachuan, and Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi also decided to meet rarely recently.

The next day, Yu Sheng asked Zhang Zhizhi to drink coffee, and Zhang Zhizhi knew that Yu Shengsheng had something to do with her. Yu Shengsheng said that Jiang Dachuan wanted to have a good relationship with these paparazzi, and wanted to get to know the paparazzi who had sold photos to Zhang before. If Jiang Dachuan wanted to repay the favor, they shared it. Zhang knew that he was a little moved, and Yu Shengsheng gave her time to ask him. Yu Shengsheng intends to go home and tell her parents about her relationship with Jiang Yi. You can’t let them know from the news. Tongwei persuaded her to find an opportunity to tell her parents about their relationship as soon as possible.

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