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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 22 Recap

Yu Shengsheng was annoyed that she had long known that she would not be so close to Jiang Yi, and Jiang Yi comforted her and didn’t know that she would switch. Tong Wei went to drink water by herself. Hearing what they said, she guessed, she walked over with a cup. Yu Shengsheng is now using Jiang Yi’s body. She walked over to drink from the cup in Tongyu’s hand. Tongwei quickly backed up to stop her. Although she knew it was Yu Shengsheng, she couldn’t completely treat Jiang Yi’s body as Yu. Shengsheng, let her pour by herself. The property came to knock on the door to check the meter box, and Tong Wei opened the door and went out.

Yu Shengsheng stretched out his hands to get the mineral water on the table. Suddenly the room was dark, and the mineral water was knocked on the ground. The water also spilled out. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi both reached out and tried to pick it up. The two of them touched their hands. At the same time, the light came on again, and they found it was replaced. Both Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi were temporarily afraid to make physical contact, and Jiang Yi went back.

Yu Shengsheng didn’t sleep well last night, and went to the company to chat with Tong Wei. Yu Shengsheng didn’t dare to meet Jiang Yi now. She didn’t know which of the accident and tomorrow would come first, and Tong Wei asked her not to think so much. Tongwei asked Yu Shengsheng to scan Weibo to relax. Xu Shuyi went on a hot search. Yu Shengsheng was not interested, but when she heard that she was with Pei Jiashu, she immediately became energetic.

Yu Shengsheng hurriedly took out her mobile phone. She asked what kind of melon Tongyu was. Tongwei said it was not a melon. Xu Shuyi took a picture of bird’s nest and posted it on Weibo. Fans of Pei Jiashu recognized that the bowl had appeared on Pei Jiashu’s Weibo. The pattern of the bird’s nest is the same as the coffee table in the villa, and the bird’s nest is what Pei Jiashu likes, so I guessed that the bird’s nest was cooked by Pei Jiashu, and the fans are like microscopes.

Because of this incident, fans picked up the Weibo that Pei Jiashu helped Xu Shuyi to promote the new drama before, and the two people recorded the interactive details of variety shows together, as well as the interactive screenshots of Xu Shuyi and other stars. Scolded on the hot search. Jiang Dachuan and Pei Jiashu are trying to control public opinion, and they have also asked Pei Jiashu and Jiang Yi not to speak on Weibo for the time being.

Brother Curly finds Momo and learns that Momo knows Yu Shengsheng and is very familiar. Curly brother wanted to go to Yu Shengsheng’s company and saw their car coming out before the car got in. So he followed up, but when he got out of the car, he saw Tong Wei alone.

Yu Shengsheng went to find Jiang Yi, and she subconsciously kept her distance from Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi asked her if she remembered what she said when they first dated, then she could think of a way to change it back. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi what he thought. Jiang Yi said that instead of being so trembling that he didn’t dare to touch or even was afraid to meet, he should face it directly and find their current pattern of exchange.

Yu Shengsheng nodded in agreement. They tried many methods and found that they are interchangeable. According to today’s verification, the main reason is that their emotions can change at the same time, and the probability of exchange is still very high. Today, the whole line of things that didn’t work is just like evolution.

Xu Shuyi called Jiang Yi. Xu Shuyi was drunk and said a lot of drunken things. She cried and said that it is too difficult to live in this world. Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng realized that she was not in a good mood and suddenly hung up the phone and turned off the phone, worrying that something would happen to her. So the two went to find her. Xu Shuyi was drunk, Jiang Yi sobered her up, Yu Shengsheng was responsible for comforting her. Xu Shuyi said a lot to Yu Shengsheng very aggrievedly. She apologized to Yu Sheng for the previous incident and cried with Yu Sheng. Yu Shengsheng also apologized for his previous words, and the two made peace with each other.

Jiang Yi sent Yu Sheng back, and Brother Curly hadn’t left yet, and took a video of them. The character manuscript written by Tong Wei for Jia Shu was almost conceived, but didn’t think about how to finish it. Jia Shu asked her to watch him practice dance to inspire. Tongwei came to the dance studio and saw Pei Jiashu who was working hard to practice dance, and found that this was the true side of Pei Jiashu that she could discover.

Tongwei said that the original manuscript could be sent to Pei Jiashu yesterday, but it was postponed in order to follow Xu Shuyi’s manuscript. Tongwei and Yu Shengsheng are both worried about Xu Shuyi’s future career, and Pei Jiashu feels that they are both very kind. However, Tongwei thought that Pei Jiashu was too indifferent to Xu Shuyi’s friend. Although she understood the rules of life of entertainment stars, she still didn’t agree with it and left after speaking.

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