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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 21 Recap

Yu Shengsheng sent a message to ask Jiang Yi what kind of tea he likes to drink. Jiang Yi said that if he likes too much, the key is to look at the quality of tea. Yu Shengsheng went to interview Wu Di actor, and Brother Curly also followed. He thought he could take a picture of her and Jiang Yi. After Yu Shengsheng came out, he realized that the person was not Jiang Yi.

Tong Wei agreed to write a character manuscript for Jia Shu, and Tong Wei followed Jia Shu to watch him work. Jia Shu saw that Tong Wei slapped her waist and asked the assistant to give her a pillow. Jia Shu finished taking the photo but found that Tongyu was missing and thought she was gone. He ran into her in the bathroom and opened a bottle of water to her. Jia Shu saw that she hadn’t returned for several days and he asked her why she suddenly agreed to write this special.

The draft is finished, Tong Wei said because he has many fans. Jia Shu asked Tong Yu if they only told the truth from now on, Tong Yu naturally had no problem. She asked him if he was worried that his truth would appear in her manuscript. Jia Shu believed she would not harm him. Tongwei’s interview with Pei Jiashu was held during his break, and the dialogue between the two went smoothly, which also gave Tongwei a new understanding of this old classmate.

Jiang Dachuan came to give Jiang Yi food and found that he was still reading the script. Jiang Yi asked what Jiang Dachuan felt. Jiang Dachuan said that although it is a literary film, the structure is novel and feels good, but he reminds Jiang Yi that there is a very intense sex scene in it. Jiang Yi asked him suspiciously. Jiang Dachuan certainly didn’t mind that he was worried about Yu Shengsheng. Jiang Yi said that Yu Shengsheng would not mind.

Jiang Dachuan asked him again, but he was a little uncertain. In the evening, Jiang Yi sent a message to ask Yu Shengsheng if he would mind his sex scenes, but Yu Shengsheng was very interested in asking who he was with. The two chatted about the date of the next day, Jiang Yi said to live in the mountains, and the two agreed to see you in the mountains tomorrow.

Curly brother followed Yu Shengsheng for several days and found nothing. He suspected that he had made a mistake, but when he saw the photo, he thought of what Zhang Zhizhi said before. He called Zhang Zhizhi to sort out Yu Shengsheng’s personal information. , And people checked the school where Jiang Yi’s sister went to.

Yu Shengsheng came to the room reserved by Shanli Jiang Yi in advance. The two ate hot pot together. Yu Shengsheng planned to find a suitable time to tell her parents about their being together. Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng watched the night scene at night. Jiang Yi also brought a device pointing star light to show Yu Shengsheng the story of the constellation according to the stars in the sky. Then they spent another sweet night together. Sober the next day, Yu Shengsheng remembered what Tong Wei had said, thinking that the two of them did not exchange their bodies during the night together, and may not exchange them later.

Tongyu came to find Pei Jiashu. Jiashu had nothing to do during the day. He put on the mask and opened the door for Tongyu. Tongyu thought he would paint fine makeup. Before Jiashu said that he wanted to tell the truth, so in life. Of course it must be real. Pei Jiashu also boiled the milk bird’s nest and beckoned Tongwei to come over and eat some. Tongyu coughed when he was about to eat, and Jiashu gave her Sanjiu granules.

Tongwei asked Jia Shu if he ever thought that aging is irresistible after all. Jia Shu’s mentality is very easy to say that it is irresistible but it can be delayed. Jia Shu asked Tong Wei and Yu Shengsheng about their daily lives as their fans, and Tong Wei said that they would exchanges with each other. Jia Shu said that it seemed that Tongwei’s Amway was successful, but he was not promoted. Tongwei said that she probably still remained in the impression of Jia Shu’s past, and he always asked the assistant to send her group text messages.

After Jiang Yi’s time is set, they will ask for leave. The two choose an island that foreigners like to go to. Before Jiang Yi has gone abroad, they can still play easily. Jiang Yi’s mother called Jiang Yi. She wanted to go home to have a meal with Jiang Yi before leaving. Jiang Yi agreed and let Yu Shengsheng go with him. Jia Shu called Xu Shuyi to play at home, and Tongyu asked Xu Shuyi about Pei Jiashu by the way. At this time, Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi came back, and Yu Shengsheng had to pretend to be with Tong Wei to interview Pei Jiashu, but they were a little uncomfortable sitting together.

Then Jiang Yi sent Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei home. Yu Shengsheng in the car was worried that Xu Shuyi would discover that she was in love with Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi guessed from Xu Shuyi’s attitude that she already knew that she was in love with Yu Shengsheng, but Jiang Yi believed that Xu Shuyi would not tell anyone, the two were chatting, a dog suddenly passed by in the parking lot, Jiang Yi braked and the two bodies exchanged again.

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