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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 20 Recap

After listening to the love letter, Shen Boqing turned to look at Yu Shengsheng and said that she had liked him a long time ago, Yu Shengsheng said that she was young and sensible, and Jiang Yi also said that writing a love letter in high school is like writing homework. However, Shen Boqing felt that it was because of his young age that he was sincere. He seriously told Yu Shengsheng that if he had known that they would not have missed it for so many years, Jiang Yi actually sometimes missed it and it was not necessarily a bad thing. Yu Shengsheng’s mother also thinks that it is indeed a good thing. She can’t fall in love early, and she feels how good it is now that they have stable jobs at the right age so that the relationship can develop for a long time.

Yu Shengsheng said that if some time was missed, it was missed, and would never come back. Yu Shengsheng told her mother that they had broken up. At the dinner table, the atmosphere was not as cheerful as before. Yu Shengsheng’s father asked them to think about it clearly, and mother was angry because they had both kept secrets from the breakup. Dad Yu also wanted to make Shengsheng think clearly. This is their young man’s own business, so it’s good to think carefully and make a decision.

Yu Shengsheng sent Shen Boqing downstairs, and Shen Boqing gave her the compiled and exchanged information, and also said some inexplicable things to her. When Jiang Yi drove Yu Shengsheng back, Yu Shengsheng told Jiang Yi about the incident. She felt that Shen Boqing might have discovered some of their interactions or physical exchanges.

Some time ago, she also asked Tong Tong Yu Shengsheng what happened after the elevator accident. There is nothing wrong. Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng why she didn’t send out the love letter back then. Yu Shengsheng told him that she was hiding and was planning to give the love letter to Shen Boqing, but she saw Shen Boqing farting and it was very smelly. From then on, her disillusionment was disillusioned when she saw Shen Boqing. Thinking of what happened at that time, I can’t like it anymore. Yu Shengsheng acted like a baby and asked Jiang Yi to help her to interview Jia Shu, but Jiang Yi did not agree.

When Yu Shengsheng got off the car to buy snacks and was about to go back to the car, he ran into a drunk man. The man pulled Yu Sheng to stop, and Jiang Yi came over and drove him away. Just when Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi were about to go to the car, they were recognized by fans and wanted to take a photo. Yu Shengsheng pretended to be his fans and took the photo together. Jiang Yi left first, and Yu Shengsheng did not let him. When she came back to pick herself up, Jiang Yi was worried that she walked away in the car and followed her to drive her home.

After returning, Jiang Yi called Yu Shengsheng to explain that Tian Jiashu was at home and asked her if she wanted to go there. Of course Yu Shengsheng immediately agreed. Yu Shengsheng went to Tongyu and asked her to interview Jiashu together tomorrow, but Tongyu didn’t want to see Pei Jiashu and refused to go for the interview together. Looking at Yu Shengsheng’s embarrassed expression, Tong Xu knew that things were not what she thought. It turned out that Pei Jiashu agreed to their interview, but he hoped that Tong Xu would also go. After learning the truth, Tong Xu agreed to meet Pei Jiashu instead.

The next day Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei came to Jiang Yi’s villa and waited for more than half an hour before Jia Shu came down. Yu Shengsheng gave him an outline of the interview. After reading the interview outline, Pei Jiashu said that it was not so good because the problem was not so good, but Yu Shengsheng’s interview was not so good. Yu Shengsheng thought he still didn’t believe that she was his fan and brought out his collection certificate, but Jiashu said It is precisely because he is a fan that he can’t express himself objectively.

Tongwei suggested to interview by herself. Jia Shu asked her if she could be truly fair. She was very happy when she came to him the other day. It was obvious that her best friend knew Jiang Yi, but she thought that her best friend met a scumbag. The one who thought of it was him, and he felt that Tong Wei had a prejudice against him. Jia Shu offered to let Tongwei write him a character feature. Since she was biased against him, he would give her several opportunities to get close to his work and life and get a more comprehensive understanding of him. Will be more real, Tong Wei chose to think about it, so the two added WeChat.

Brother Curly and Zhang Zhizhi saw Yu Shengsheng and Tongyu through the Liangpin shop. Brother Curly recognized that the person who had been photographed with Jiang Yi before was Yu Shengsheng, so he followed Yu Shengsheng for several days. Jiang Yi made an appointment with the film director. The director admitted that there are many stars who want to participate in the film, but when it comes to pay and script, many stars are not happy.

Jiang Yi originally planned to transform from an idol to an actor, so Jiang Yi didn’t care about what the director was worried about. He respected the creation of the film, which made the director happy to discuss cooperation with him in detail. Tongwei has always been embarrassed to interview Pei Jiashu, asking Shengsheng whether she would be angry if she gave up, and Shengsheng supported Tongwei’s choice, and also understood Tongwei’s embarrassment. Seeing the support of her friends, Tongwei chose to visit Pei Jiashu instead. She firmly believed that she would win the interview if she forbeared it.

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