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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 19 Recap

Tongyu came to Pei Jiashu to stop him from making any more noises, but Jiashu didn’t understand at all, he wanted to explain that Tongyu didn’t give him a chance. Tong Wei was about to continue speaking but heard the lingering sound coming from the door. She was stunned. After the lingering sound entered the door, she knew that the person who was with Yu Shengsheng was Jiang Yi. When Yu Shengsheng saw Tong Yu quickly let go of the hand holding Jiang Yi and wanted to explain to Tong Yu, Yu Shengsheng also learned that Pei Jiashu and Tong Yu were at the same table in the third year of high school. Tongwei explained that the friend she had mentioned before was herself. Yu Shengsheng asked her why she didn’t tell her.

Tong Yu said that because she didn’t want to have any contact with Pei Jiashu, Yu Shengsheng was so fanatical at that time. If she knew that she would definitely know him. Haunted her introduction, and she knew what kind of person Pei Jiashu was. If Yu Shengsheng liked him, she was afraid that Yu Shengsheng would be hurt. After learning about Tongwei’s original intention, Yu Shengsheng was very moved. Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei explained clearly, but Tong Tong still didn’t want to care about her.

In the morning, Yu Shengsheng made a special breakfast to coax Tong Tong. Tong Tong reconciled with Yu Shengsheng in the morning. Tong Tong cleaned up everything about Jiang Yi in the room. Yu Shengsheng confessed to Tong Tong everything including the exchange with Jiang Yi, and Tong Wei was stunned. Yu Shengsheng asked Zhang Zhizhi about Jiang Yi’s relationship, and Zhang Zhizhi promised to tell her if she had any news.

Zhang knew that her friend had indeed photographed Jiang Yi and a woman outside the villa complex where Xiao Universe lived. Tong Wei and Yu Shengsheng guessed that it was the time to take care of Jiang Mo. His father had a dispute with Jiang Yi when he came to pick Jiang Mo back. Wasn’t it taken that time? Yu Shengsheng was also there. It was probably that time when Yu Shengsheng was there. Shenghe Jiang Yi’s photo.

Yu Shengsheng made a video call to tell Jiang Yi about the filming and said that she must be more careful in the future. Jiang Yi asked her to take annual leave for the two to travel abroad next month. Yu Shengsheng proposed to go to the island with few people. The editor-in-chief asked Yu Shengsheng and his team to win the interview with Pei Jiashu. In order not to be underestimated by others, Tongwei promised to win.

Yu Shengsheng said that she planned to go home on the weekend and tell her parents about the breakup of her and Shen Boqing. Jiang Yi also wanted to eat the dishes made by his uncle and proposed to go back together. Yu Shengsheng agreed. Yu Shengsheng was sitting in Jiang Yi’s car. Xu Shuyi came to record the show and saw Jiang Yi’s car passing by.

Yu Shengsheng hurriedly hid. Xu Shuyi didn’t see the Yu Shengsheng but saw Yu Shengsheng’s bag, Jiang Yi Hurry to send Xu Shuyi away. Yu Shengsheng curiously asked how Jiang Yi and Xu Shuyi met. Jiang Yi said that when they met, he was just a little popular in the second year of his debut. He went to record the show and heard someone in the dressing room said that they were not very good. ,

Xu Shuyi spoke for him and said that he had heard his songs and his business ability was quite good. Jiang Yi’s father came to Jiang Yi to ask for money. His aunt gave birth to a premature and had to put the baby in the incubator. His father’s shop closed again, but Jiang Yi had just paid his father compensation and he had no money. His father asked him to borrow from a friend. Xu Shuyi saw this scene. Xu Shuyi gave Jiang Yi an idea to ask Jiang Yi’s father not to go out to work or to do business. He paid for living expenses.

Shen Boqing also went to Yu Shengsheng’s house, and the three of them sat on the sofa in embarrassment. Yu Shengsheng’s mother came over to chat with them, and also gave Shen Poqing the love letter written by Yu Shengsheng High School, and Yu Shengsheng rushed over to stop Shen Poqing from reading it. Jiang Yi asked for a love letter with Yu Shengsheng, and also read a love letter to Shen Boqing and his aunt.

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