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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 47 End Recap

Xia Yu asked Gao Kai to postpone his trip in France by two days. He wanted to have a two-day personal vacation. Gao Kai wanted to ask him if he had an appointment, but Xia Yu didn’t say clearly. Hua Hin showed Ren Yuan his pregnancy checklist, and Ren Yuan was very surprised. Xiao Mo flew with Lu Qiwen for the first time after becoming a captain. He smiled and reminded Xiao Mo that Wu Di had been waiting for Xiao Mo, and Paris was also a romantic place. Xiao Mo couldn’t help laughing after hearing this. Xiao Mo learned that Hua Hin was pregnant and asked if they had told Xiao’s mother that Hua Hin told him not to tell his aunt, so that he would definitely not be able to fly.

Hua Hin happened to fly with Xiao Mo, and Ren Yuan asked him to take good care of Hua Hin. The plane was about to take off, and Xia Yu took Du Wei in first class. Du Wei has been serving others for so long, and now being served by others still feels really extraordinary. When they arrived in Paris, Xia Yu finally fulfilled Du Wei’s wish and took her to boating. The sun is shining here, and although the weather is relatively cold, it is permeated with the beauty of a foreign country. Du Wei also has another wish to travel the world, but she said she travels around the world, but in fact she wants to settle down. Xia Yu knew what she meant, and he said he would do his best to satisfy her.

Xiao Mo went to the store and recalled the memories he and Du Wei had met for the first time here. It was so beautiful at that time and Wu Di was so cute, but now how did the two of them get to where they are now. As soon as Xiao Mo left, Wu Di came here. She also remembered the past with Xiao Mo and was deeply moved. When Du Wei and Xia Yu got off the boat, they ran into their ex-boyfriend again. This time the ex-boyfriend still ridiculed her. Xia Yu defended Du Wei and gave Du Wei a lot of face. Du Wei was deeply moved. On the return flight back to China, the flight attendant Fangyuan was guilty of appendicitis. Du Wei took the initiative to help. Hua Hin was very grateful.

There was a pregnant mother with a little girl on the plane. Hua Hin took the initiative to guide them to their seats with concern, and smiled so much that they would call themselves whenever there is something. The little girl was a little nervous and unwilling to eat for the first time on a plane. Hua Hin said that she would bring her some fruit, and the little girl said okay. Later, when the plane encountered unstable air currents, a passenger wanted to take a book. Lu Qiwen went to check it, but he accidentally hit his head with the suitcase. One wave after another, there was an emergency in the cabin, smoke was smoking on the left side of the plane, and slight sparks were seen visually. Xiao Mo gave instructions, and Wu Di completed the instructions.

The flight attendants repeatedly reminded passengers to fasten their seat belts in the cabin. Now the engine of the plane is single-engine, Xiao Mo and Wu Di decided to make an emergency landing at Tashkent Airport in Uzbekistan. Soon, Ren Yuan, Tong Yuan and others on the ground learned about the accident on Xiao Mo and Wu Di’s plane, and Xia Yu, who was in a meeting, also learned the news. The leak happened in the evening rain. When the aircraft was landing at Tashkent Airport in Uzbekistan, the plane hit a bird and the situation was critical. Xiaotong told the people in the dispatch room that the aircraft ran out of fuel and the two engines failed. After they listened, their faces were serious and their hearts hung in their throats.

Under Xiao Mo’s control, the plane began to descend, and Wu Di lowered the landing gear. She said that she had always believed in him. Fortunately, the landing was fine, Xiao Mo was not ashamed to be the youngest captain of Midsummer Airlines. Nine months later, Ren Yuan and Luo Dong waited anxiously in the corridor of the hospital. Yu Jie and Hua Hin gave birth at the same time. The mother and child were safe, and the two were finally relieved. Tong Yuan and Du Taotao became the senior brothers of the trainees of Midsummer Aviation Aviation School and set their due role models. Wu Di has also become a female captain, exuding infinite charm, and flying with Xia Yu and others, she can now be alone.

At the end of the story, many people have a good ending. As for the relationship between Xiao Mo and Wu Di, perhaps they have already reconciled. The story begins in the sky, but never ends in the sky.


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