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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 46 Recap

Duoduo pushed Han Liwei to the airport not far away to see the planes landing. Han Liwei said she was her biggest regret. Duo Duo comforted him not to think too much, she was still waiting for him to marry herself. Han Liwei knew that his condition was serious, and he hoped that Duoduo could forget about himself as soon as possible. It is better for one person to be happy than two people who are unhappy. Xiao Mo passed the simulator test successfully. He Jun saw that his theory test was also good, and congratulated him from the bottom of his heart. After the take-off and flight test, Xiao Mo became the official captain. If nothing else, Xiao Mo will soon become the youngest captain of Midsummer Airlines.

Duoduo called Xiao Mo. After Xiao Mo finished listening, the smile on his face disappeared. Duo Duo was in the corridor of the hospital. It was empty here, just as Duo Duo’s heart was empty. The strength before Han Liwei disappeared. She was really afraid of losing Han Liwei. Xiao Mo didn’t know how to comfort Duo Duo, so he could only hold the crying her and pat her back gently, hoping that she would be relieved. Yu Jie proposed to Mr. Lin to resign. Mr. Lin said that after she had given birth to her child, the door of Midsummer Airlines was always open for her. When Luo Dong heard about this, he ran to the rooftop and hugged her in surprise. As a result, the relationship between the two of them deepened.

Duoduo sold the store, and next she wanted to visit Han Liwei’s hometown. Because of Han Liwei’s incident, Duo Duo sighed a lot. She knew Xiao Mo could not let go of Wu Di. Taking this opportunity, Duo Duo hoped that he would not miss Wu Di, so as not to leave regrets in the future. Later, Xiao Mo took the initiative to ask Wu Di out and asked if they could start again. Wu Di thought for a while and said that they are still suitable to be friends. Du Wei saw Xia Yu staying alone and was very lonely, and took the initiative to invite him to drink with him in the evening. Du Wei would send him the time and place in the evening, and Xia Yu readily agreed.

Xiao’s mother learned from Ren Yuan that Xiao Mo and Wu Di were going out on a date today. When Xiao Mo came back, she happily leaned forward to ask how the date turned out. Xiao Mo tried his best to act indifferent and said that there was no result. Xiao’s mother was a little bit disappointed and was about to comfort him, but Xiao Mo was very open to it. Du Wei bravely confessed to Xia Yu while drinking with Xia Yu that night. Xia Yu was stunned, as if he had heard something incredible, he never expected Du Wei to like him. For a while, Xia Yu and Du Wei did not speak any more, and the atmosphere between the two was a bit embarrassing.

Du Wei told Wu Di about this. Wu Di also had an expression of shock and surprise. Du Wei was worried that Xia Yu would reject him. Wu Di comforted her and said that based on his understanding of Xia Yu, he did not reject her right away, which means there is hope. Xia Yu called out Luo Dong in the middle of the night and talked about Du Wei’s confession to him. Luo Dong thought that since he let go of Wu Di, he should make more friends. Xia Yu didn’t say anything, and asked Luo Dong to help send herself home. The next day, Hua Hin flew with the staff. Her expression was not very good. Ren Yuan knew that she was worried about Xiao Mo, so he comforted her that Xiao Mo would definitely pass the exam.

On the second day, Xiao Mo successfully passed the exam and became the youngest captain of Midsummer Airlines. Xia Yu was also happy for Xiao Mo and asked Gao Kai to contact several aviation magazines to give Xiao Mo an exclusive interview. Xiao Mo and Xiao’s mother went to wait for the elevator and saw Wu Di there, Xiao’s mother took the initiative to find an excuse to leave, leaving them alone time. Du Wei anxiously waited for Xia Yu’s call. Wu Di encouraged her to take the initiative to contact Xia Yu, but at this moment Xia Yu sent her a message, asking her to go boating in France a few days later. Excited Du Wei immediately prepared clothes.

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