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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 1 Recap

He Fenfang, a community volunteer who is also a people’s mediator, known as Sister He, provided clues as a volunteer to help the police, which caused the police to remove a litter of illegal gangs hiding in the community.

He Fenfang wanted to help Grandma Li, who didn’t know how to shop online, so he stopped by Ocean Supermarket, and Secretary He went with him. On the way to get the courier, the two met Bai Jing, who was very tightly wrapped, and was walking sneakily in the community. The two felt that they were a fish slipping through the net, so they followed behind him secretly. He Fenfang saw Bai Jing go upstairs. , He immediately asked Secretary He to call Officer Luo, and he followed. Bai Jing paced back and forth in the corridor, acting suspiciously, He Fangfang quickly took out the phone to record the video, and forcibly twisted Bai Jing to the police station.

Bai Jing refused to cooperate with the police’s interrogation. After a while, Officer Luo told He Fangfang that Bai Jing and the group of criminals who had been dropped before were indeed not together. The person Bai Jing was looking for indeed lived in the one he had just dropped. Next door to that nest, Bai Jing really went wrong. When He Fangfang heard this, she felt that she had really blamed Bai Jing, and she was immediately annoyed that she had missed her eyes.

Officer Luo told He Fangfang that something happened to Bai Jing and showed He Fenfang a video, saying that Bai Jing’s company leaked user information. Bai Jing apologized at the press conference and was forced to resign. The door was still splashed. Red paint, so the state is really different from normal people, like a frightened bird.

After the incident, He Fangfang sincerely apologized to Bai Jing and planned to send her home, but Bai Jing didn’t want to pay attention to her at all. Bai Jing accused He Fangfang of sending herself to the police station indiscriminately. Bai Jing was even more angry, and accused He Fenfang of investigating herself. The two were at war. Bai Jing’s good friend Wen Jing came. After Bai Jing warned He Fenfang not to pester herself, otherwise she would call the police and follow suit. Wen Jing left the police station together.

On the way home, Wen Jing apologized to Bai Jing, saying that she happened to be delayed, and told Bai Jing that He Fenfang was a good person. In the car, Bai Jing suddenly felt nauseous and wanted to vomit. Wen Jing immediately asked why. Bai Jing immediately said that it was probably because of her nervousness recently and her body was not adapting to it. After Wen Jing took Bai Jing home and saw her son Chengcheng sleeping on the sofa, she felt guilty and went back to the house with her son on his back. Bai Jinghuan looked at the environment in the house, looked at the toys scattered on the floor, and started to help tidy up.

After the settlement was complete, Wen Jing went to the living room. Bai Jing explained to Wen Jing that the situation was urgent, so she came to Wen Jing. Wen Jing told Bai Jing not to see outsiders, and stayed here steadily until Bai Jing’s husband Lin came in to pick her up. When Bai Jing heard her husband’s name, she suddenly became lonely. Bai Jing did not tell Lin Jin about such a big event, but took it all by herself. Bai Jing didn’t sleep well, and she dreamed of being painted in her house. She learned that Yu Haiyang, who was downstairs, was dissatisfied and became a piano, deliberately making noise in response to revenge. Bai Jing ran off without saying a word.

He Fenfang came to work happily and greeted people in the community. Bai Jing came downstairs and knocked on Yu Haiyang’s door, but Yu Haiyang didn’t want to talk to her at all. He Fenfang, who learned of the dispute, immediately rushed to Yu Haiyang’s door to continue mediation. Bai Jing saw He Fangfang’s mediation method and immediately called the police. Soon, Police Officer Luo came to Yu Haiyang’s door, but Yu Haiyang just didn’t open the door.

He Fenfang immediately stated that he would help them deal with it, and talk about Yu Haiyang. Police Officer Luo also stated that he was OK. He Fangfang would be troubled with this matter first. He also told Bai Jing that He Fenfang was a community volunteer, and she was able to mediate the small conflicts of the neighborhood leader. Bai Jing was still reluctant, hoping that Police Officer Luo would not indulge the rogue, and also asked He Fenfang how to adjust. He Fenfang painstakingly persuaded Yu Haiyang to open the door and come out to apologize, but Yu Haiyang stayed in the room and kept silent.

At the same time, Aunt Xu called He Fenfang and told her that He Miaoyun had broken their square dance speakers. Bai Jing asked He Fenfang how to mediate disputes if he is not going out in the ocean. He Fenfang continued to pat the door, but the result was the same. Bai Jing left unhappy when she saw it. Officer Luo stopped her and apologized to her. The aunt and others had a fierce tongue-and-mouth dispute with He Miaoyun and others. Seeing He Fenfang coming, He Miaoyun immediately left.

Bai Jing’s husband saw Bai Jing’s resource on the Internet and rushed back from Guizhou. The couple were talking at the table, Wenjing served the freshly fried poached egg, and Bai Jing felt nauseous when she smelled it. Wen Jing saw that Bai Jing had also vomited several times, and immediately asked when Lin Jin came back last time.

She suspected that Bai Jing was pregnant, and asked Bai Jing to go to the bathroom for a test. It turned out that there were two bars on the test paper, and Bai Jing was really pregnant. Lin Jin was happy that she was going to be a father soon, but Bai Jing said to let herself slow down first.

He Fenfang asked He Miaoyun to give the Aunt Xu the venue for the square dance. He Miaoyun was reluctant to say that they should also give it to themselves. He Fenfang asked He Miaoyun why Huabai owed so much, and He Miaoyun told him that he had bought sneakers. He Miaoyun couldn’t stand the broken mouth He Fenfang, and planned to move out, but He Fenfang disagreed. After the incident, He Fenfang lowered the rent and planned to rent out the house as soon as possible to prevent He Miaoyun from moving out.

Lin Jinduan came to wash Bai Jing’s feet with footwashing water. Lin Jin told Bai Jing that he had seen a house nearby. The house before was splashed with paint. It was not easy to live in, so he simply found a place in this community. Get closer to Wen Jing, so that there will be people taking care of it and lively. In addition, before the storm passes, Bai Jing wants to find a new job. It will probably be difficult for a while. Bai Jing was a little unhappy, thinking that Lin Jin didn’t ask her own opinions at all, and complained that Lin Jin didn’t discuss with her. Bai Jing felt that now was not the best time to have a baby. Lin Jin comforted her to go straight to the bridge. The best time is when the baby is here.

Bai Jing was playing news about protecting consumer privacy on TV, and her mood was very complicated. It happened that when Lin called in to talk to her about the house, Bai Jing asked him to pay for going to the hospital. While sitting in the hospital lobby waiting for Lin Jin, Bai Jing saw interview reports about He Fenfang on TV. He Fenfang’s remarks were very positive. Bai Jing came to the hospital to visit the victim and sincerely apologized to her.

The victim told Bai Jing that she had watched the video of the press conference. The sentence of sorry was very important to her. The victim made it clear that she would not hurt herself again after being discharged from the hospital. Believe that Bai Jing is a good person. After coming out of the ward, Bai Jing took off her mask and decided to go to see the house with Lin Jin. They were very satisfied with the house. At this time, the landlord came, and unexpectedly found that the landlord was Sister He.

Bai Jing and Lin went in to buy some daily necessities. On the way, Bai Jing said some comforting words to prevent her mother from worrying about herself. On the way, Bai Jing kept looking at the house, mainly because she felt unable to get along with a landlord like Sister He for a long time. Lin Jin accidentally ran into Yu Haiyang’s fruit stand when driving because of the narrow road.

Yu Haiyang saw that Bai Jing was also quite troubled, and he refused to give up, lying directly on the hood to play a rogue. Bai Jing asked Lin Jin to call the police quickly, while Lin Jin planned to turn the big things into nothing. Fortunately, He Fenfang came to mediate. He Fenfang accused Yu Haiyang of occupying the road to set up a stall. Yu Haiyang said that there was a reason for the incident, and it was not because the parking space was occupied. If he did not show it, where would the business come from?

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