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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 30 Recap

Yang Chenguang took Mengxixi to a rough house. He once promised to give Mengxixi a home. This is their new home in the future. Yang Chenguang took Mengxixi and looked at the house, then took out his ring and knelt down to propose to Mengxixi. Meng Xixi recalled the bit by bit of the two when they were in school, and was very moved for a while, and agreed to Yang Chenguang’s marriage proposal. Seeing that Meng Xixi had agreed, Yang Chenguang went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate with Meng Xixi. After Meng Xixi and Yang Chenguang got married, they were going to move out of the studio. Before leaving, she told Zheng Gan and the others, and Mo Xiaobao was also very sad because of being broken in love.

The talk show between Chu Yunfei and Zheng Gan was invested by the Cheng Group. When asked about the show, Cheng Jianye didn’t believe in Zheng Gan’s ability very much. Although Chu Yunfei and Zheng Gan were emotional opponents, he still helped Zheng Gan said something nice and told Cheng Jianye that he felt that Zheng Gan’s work ability was still acceptable. Chu Yunfei told Cheng Jianye that he planned to pursue Cheng Xin. Cheng Jianye was very happy and encouraged Chu Yunfei.

Cheng Xin was still having a temper with Zheng Gan, and Zheng Gan refused to apologize. Cheng Xin called Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao, asking them to do everything possible to get Zheng Gan to coax themselves. They were forced by Cheng Xin’s majesty. , Can only help Cheng Xin to find Zheng Gan, but Zheng Gan was busy writing a plan and drove Mo Xiaobao away.

Seeing that Mo Xiaobao hadn’t completed the task, Cheng Xin fought against Mo Xiaobao. Kong Hao was there. Looking at the side with a fright, he said that he would go to Zheng Qian and promise to complete the task. After a while, Zheng Gan went to Cheng Xin. He didn’t apologize, but instead told Cheng Xin to stop making trouble. Don’t disturb everyone because of this little incident.

Cheng Jianye had a heart attack when he was dealing with official duties at home. He called Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was crying because Zheng Qian just became angry with him. He didn’t receive Cheng Jianye’s call and Cheng Jianye lost consciousness. Fortunately, Yao Jiaren called Cheng Jianye back after get off work. The nanny heard the phone ring and went upstairs to check, only to find that something was wrong with Cheng Jianye. He quickly called an ambulance and took Cheng Jianye to the hospital.

In the morning, Chu Yun flew over to take Cheng Xin to the hospital to visit Cheng Jianye. Zheng Gan was upstairs when he saw Cheng Xin in Chu Yunfei’s car. Yao Jiaren was visiting Cheng Jianye at the hospital. Cheng Xin was worried about Cheng Jianye, but as soon as she entered the ward, she saw Yao Jiaren here. Cheng Xin was a little angry and asked why Yao Jiaren came faster than herself.

Chu Yunfei hurriedly explained that it was Yao Jiaren’s phone call yesterday. After Cheng Jianye, Cheng Xin still didn’t want to see Yao Jiaren, and left the ward ignoring everyone. Chu Yunfei took Cheng Xin to relax. Cheng Xin said that she was still arguing with Zheng Gan. Chu Yunfei said that Zheng Gan and Cheng Xin were not good matches, but Cheng Xin felt that two people were going to run into each other when they were together.

After everyone left, Cheng Jianye said that he was too bored in the hospital and asked Yao Jiaren to help him escape from the hospital. Yao Jiaren pretended to be a nurse and took Cheng Jianye away, and took Cheng Jianye to the hot pot. Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren ate very happily. . After Cheng Jianye was discharged from the hospital, he told Uncle Liang that he gave Yao Jiaren the job opportunity as the host of the talk show. Yao Jiaren was very happy to hear the news and quickly sent a message to Cheng Jianye to express his gratitude.

After the host was finalized, Chu Yunfei had a meeting to inform Zheng Qian and Kong Hao. Kong Hao expressed his opposition on the spot, saying that if Yao Jiaren became the host, he would withdraw himself. Zheng Gan also raised his objection. Yu Gong and Yao Jiaren have no experience in hosting. , And the talk show needs a strong on-the-spot adaptability. Yu Si, Yao Jiaren and Kong Haocheng have conflicts, and he is afraid that the next work will not be carried out. However, Chu Yunfei said that Yao Jiaren has the passion of newcomers, which is what they value, and the contradictions in their studio can not determine whether Yao Jiaren can be the host. Zheng Gan still refuses to give in, and Chu Yunfei has no choice but to terminate the cooperation. .

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