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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 20 Recap

Nan Xiang learned that the two had always wanted to escape, so she felt that she was being played with, and rushed into the room to blame the two. When her tone was extremely impulsive, Xiao Bao walked in and grabbed Nan Xiang’s hand. Xiaobao completely believed in Lu Yingyao’s appearance not only angered Nan Xiang, but also made Lu Yingyao feel guilty. Nan Xiang left with resentment. Xiaobao gently asked whether Lu Yingyao was injured…

Xiaobao personally asked Lu Yingyao why he took away Nanbatian’s crutches. Lu Yingyao finally took it all out, but in fact there were no crutches at all. The only way to escape was to crack the formation outside the cottage. After recognizing the facts, Lu Yingyao felt Give birth to some helplessness. Xiao Bao’s affection made Lu Yingyao both heartbroken and speechless. How much Lu Yingyao hopes to rescue Xiao Bao from Nan Batian’s control and let the kind-hearted Little Bao embark on the right path. I hope that the two can meet in another time and space, in another way…

Mei Shiqing found an extremely ugly sculpture on her table. After Si Heng reminded him that it was Xiaowanzi who had carved it, Mei Shiqing, who had originally disliked it, suddenly felt that the wooden statue was pleasing to the eye. On the other side, Xiaowanzi sneaked to the shop, came to Situ Lin’s study, and stole everything on the table that looked like a ledger, but when Xiaowanzi left, a pair of staring eyes appeared behind her…

Xiaowanzi stole all the books and learned that Xiaowanzi was actually suspicious of Situ Lin. Mei Shiqing felt some pride in her heart. Who knew Xiaowanzi insisted that Situ Lin must be innocent, and Mei Shiqing couldn’t say anything, so she started to watch. Open the account book. After reading a few books, Mei Shiqing asked Si Heng to call Ah Rou to discuss matters under the pretext of appreciating paintings. Qiaoyun and Qiuhua saw A Rou appearing in the Mei Mansion, and the alarm rang in their hearts. They hurried to call Xiao Wanzi to check. Xiao Wanzi said that they didn’t care, but they still secretly ran to the study to send supper. It turned out that Mei Shiqing and A Rou were really busy with Yanbang. Xiaowanzi seemed a little at a loss, so she volunteered to help read the account book together, but fell asleep before reading two pages.

Xiao Wanzi woke up and found that he was asleep again. Mei Shiqing sat alone and called A Rou back. Mei Shiqing found that Situ Lin’s ledger was really problematic, and Xiao Maruko felt a little confused. The next day, Xiao Wanzi wanted to return the account book. Mei Shiqing took a peek from the side. The two exchanged codes. After Xiao Wanzi placed the account book, Situ Lin happened to come in and mentioned to Xiao Wanzi that he was being forced by Wang Biao. Selling illegal salt, but he tried his best to resist and still participated in it.

After Xiao Wanzi heard this, he began to think about it. Situ Lin mentioned the Night Spirit Man again. Who knows Xiao Wanzi said something good for the Night Spirit Man. After Xiao Wanzi left, Wang Biao recognized Xiao Wanzi once and the Night Spirit Man together. After hearing this, Situ Lin couldn’t help but wonder. Xiao Maruko told Mei Shiqing all what Situ Lin had told him, and Mei Shiqing instructed Xiao Maruko to not meet Situ Lin until the matter was over, Xiao Maruko agreed and looked at Mei. Shi Qing’s jealous appearance was a little secretive in his heart.

Lu Yingyao and Xiao Bao were about to go back to the room, but Xiao Bao caught a glimpse of Nan Xiang leaving surreptitiously. Lu Yingyao disagrees, but when Xiaobao accidentally poured out the tea and drank it, he spouted a mouthful of blood. It turned out that Nanxiang dropped the poison in the tea. Now that he is sick, Xiaobao is bedridden. Lu Yingyao finds Nanxiang and asks for an antidote. Nan Xiang, who was extremely anxious, wanted to land Yingyao even when Xiao Bao was poisoned, and angrily demanded that Xiao Bao must agree to marry herself before handing over the antidote. However, Xiao Bao would rather die than surrender, and was angry with Nan Xiang. Lu Yingyao shed tears in distress, and tightly grasped Xiaobao’s hand, hoping that Xiaobao could recover.

Xiao Wanzi watched Ah Nongruong Mei Shiqing discussing Ruyilou’s affairs, feeling bored in her heart. When Xiao Wanzi walked away, the two began to discuss the background of Qi Situ Lin. Xiao Maruko walked to the market and met Situ Lin. Situ Lin wanted to invite Xiao Maruko to see the new stuff that the craftsman walked, but Xiao Maruko refused. When Situ left, Xiao Maruko saw Wang Biao appear and followed Situ. , Xiao Maruko felt that the innocent Situ Lin must have been followed by Wang Biao, so she ran to remind Situ. Situ seemed to be kindly grateful for Xiao Maruko’s reminder, but looked up but showed a fierce look…

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