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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 19 Recap

Mei Shiqing, wearing a night spirit man mask, sat in front of Xiao Maruko, deliberately pretending to be distressed about where to catch the bad guy, and asked Xiao Maruko as an assistant to advise herself, but Xiao Maruko still didn’t care and even walked away. , There is no way for Mei Shiqing.

Xiaowanzi heard that in the first year of the first year, the casino people will definitely send money to Qinglongzhai, so the three people came to the only way and waited. Seeing the carriage coming, Qiaoyun pretended to have a pain in his feet and blocked the way for everyone. It was really delayed for a while, and then Qiuhua came out to rescue Qiaoyun, Xiaowanzi hid under the carriage the whole time, and came to Qinglong Village.

Xiaowanzi found Lu Yingyao in Qinglongzhai. Lu Yingyao was very moved when she learned that Xiaowanzi remembered to save herself, so Lu Yingyao told Xiaowanzi about his escape plan. At present, she can’t act rashly. Lu Yingyao must rescue He Yizhi and escape together. Out. Xiaowanzi had to leave temporarily obediently.

The three came to Mei Mansion, but the impatient Mei Shiqing had sent a large number of people to look for the small balls. Misfortune could not be avoided, Xiao Wanzi had to find Mei Shiqing obediently, and when she heard that Xiao Wanzi had encountered it today, Mei Shiqing was very angry, thinking that Xiaowanzi was messing around, and Mei Shiqing promised to help Xiaowanzi rescue the princess. But Xiao Maruko’s tone made Mei Shiqing very puzzled. Xiao Maruko believed that it was the princess who appeared in Mei Mansion. Mei Shiqing confessed his thoughts to Xiao Maruko and learned that Mei Shiqing was willing to rescue the princess himself. Xiao Wanzi relaxed a little, and lay on Mei Shiqing’s shoulders. In addition, Xiao Maruko told Mei Shiqing about seeing the pawnshop owner in Qinglongzhai, and he confirmed the intelligence of Qinglongzhai at the time. As a reward, Mei Shiqing gave the bracelet and token to Xiaowanzi again, and she won. Xiao Wanzi smiled.

The next day, Mei Shiqing and Xiaowanzi were in harmony, but Situ Lin brought some interesting gadgets to Xiaowanzi. When he touched the telescope he had never seen before, Xiaowanzi was very excited and even asked to be with Situ. Rin learns to do business together. Mei Shiqing had no choice but to follow Xiaowanzi to Situ Lin’s shop. Xiao Wanzi followed Situ Lin’s very happy appearance all the way to make Mei Shiqing jealous. As soon as Situ Lin walked away, Mei Shiqing asked Xiaowanzi hard about her opinion of herself, whether she really liked herself, and half-pushed it. Next, Xiaowanzi left with Mei Shiqing. When he walked out of the shop, Xiao Maruko suddenly remembered that the jigsaw puzzle in her hand had fallen on the floor, and just wanted to go back to pick it up. Who knew that she saw the suspect selling illegal salt, and felt that there must be a misunderstanding, so Xiao Maruko decided to investigate it by herself. , And then report it to Mei Shiqing.

The next day, Situ Lin said he was taking Xiaowanzi to the craftsman’s place to learn crafts to make a fortune. Mei Shiqing just wanted to go together, but his father summoned him, so Si Heng had to follow them. Xiao Maruko and Situ Lin strolled around a lot of novelties. When they sat down to carve, Xiao Maruko told Situ Lin about seeing a private salt dealer in the shop. After hearing Situ Lin’s question, Xiao Maruko told Mei Shiqing again. Situ Lin was told about the investigation of private salt. After hearing this, Situ Lin felt that he must have been framed, so he asked Xiao Maruko for the portrait of Mei Shiqing’s investigation. Xiao Wanzi looked at Situ Lin’s appearance, and felt that Situ Lin must be unaware…

Nanxiang got the tonic prescription given by Lu Yingyao, and was about to make Xiaobao a tonic. At this time, Wu Ye came and told Nan Xiang that Xiaobao and Nan Batian had made a gambling agreement to capture Ye Lingxia. After hearing Wu Ye’s complaint, Nan Xiang quickly went to find Lu Yingyao to settle the account, but happened to hear Lu Yingyao and He Yizhi at the door of the cell trying to escape and sneak into Nan Batian’s room, so impulsive Nan Xiang rushed into the cell. Catch two people…

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