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The Lie Detective 谎言真探 Episode 12 Recap

Mo Xiaojie found a large amount of directional data from the sixth brother’s computer, plus Zhang Xiaojuan’s confession, it is completely certain that Liu Yihui came to Bincheng many years ago and deliberately concealed his personal information as the sixth brother, because the social relationship is extremely simple, so Use this to kill people and burn cars, create the illusion of spontaneous combustion of cars, thereby defrauding high insurance premiums.

At first, Zhang Xiaojuan did not know that Liu Yihui had other identities, including being tricked into buying an accident insurance during the relationship, and the beneficiary filled in her name. Later, the police came to understand the situation, Zhang Xiaojuan was indeed sad for a long time, until the sixth brother suddenly came home last night, not only asked her to immediately apply for payment transfer from the insurance company, but even threatened her not to call the police, otherwise the end would be the same as a blind old man.

The police carried out control at the port and even the airport, and carried out a carpet search throughout the city. So far, nothing has been gained. Ling Ran believed that Brother Six had anti-reconnaissance capabilities, and it was impossible for him to scurry around in the street, especially when he drove away in Zhang Xiaojuan’s car, so the place where he could appear at risk was the only way to leave the city.

According to the train of thought provided by Ling Ran, Director Huo ordered everyone to find the whereabouts of Brother Six along the coastline. The focus was on chartering records, and even the nearby waters had to be sealed off. Considering Mo Xiaojie’s childhood shadow and fear of the sea, Director Huo asked him to stand by in the bureau, ready to be dispatched at any time.

Under the Gaoliqiao Cave, the little monkey clasped the stick in his hand and asked again if death was terrible. Mo Xiaojie was very puzzled when he heard these words, but when the little monkey said in a flustered tone that he was threatened by the sixth brother, he was scared to wake up immediately. It was because of the nightmare that Mo Xiaojie finally understood the question raised by the little monkey at the time, but at that moment, he had not yet reacted, and only now did he understand how confused and helpless the little monkey was.

Mo Xiaojie took the initiative to apply for the task, and as he rushed to the dock, he kept remembering that he had promised to protect the little monkey. Facing the endless sea, Mo Xiaojie plucked up his courage, but found the corpse of the little monkey among the seafood shells. Before the child died, he was desperately grabbing the pistol and chaining it, convinced that he could wait until Mo Xiaojie appeared. .

Everyone at the scene was saddened by this. Chen Hu ordered to search the entire sea area, and it was bound to be arrested and brought to justice. Mo Xiaojie was so dazzled by anger that he didn’t care about the police’s basic rules, and wished to avenge his blood by cutting his sixth brother a thousand swords. At the very moment, Chen Hu grabbed the pistol in time to stop Mo Xiaojie’s impulse.

Ling Ran conducted a polygraph test for his sixth brother, but using various methods, he failed to get the other party to confess. Since the chain of evidence did not form a closed loop, it meant that the sixth brother could not be convicted. When everyone was downcast, Mo Xiaojie, who had recovered his sanity, asked him to interrogate the sixth brother.

In the interrogation room, Mo Xiaojie gradually questioned the sixth brother, digging into the topic a little bit, and poking at the other side’s weakness quickly and accurately. At the same time, he took out a video showing that the local police had paid for his eldest brother’s surgery. The sixth brother was still trying to calm down and put on a look like a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, but after seeing the video of his brother, he couldn’t hold back his emotions anymore, and finally chose to surrender for atonement.

Six brothers took the initiative to confess the truth, claiming that the reason for choosing to kill the blind old man was entirely based on his age and height, so he took him away that night, but he did not expect the little monkey to hide in the car secretly and witnessed him killing and burning the car. The whole process. In order to prevent leakage, the sixth brother decided to attack the little monkey, that is, not long after Mo Xiaojie left, he drove his body to the beach. Listening to the sixth brother’s understatement of murder, Mo Xiaojie tried his best to suppress anger and grief. He would not handle this crime, but he would hand it over to the law for trial.

Since then, the Jiao corpse case has come to an end for the time being, the city has gradually recovered its tranquility, and Mo Xiaojie’s mood has gradually calmed down. Now that Mo Xiaojie is no longer afraid of the sea, Chen Hu answers his questions based on his own experience. The two men stood side by side on the beach, bathed in the sunset, and reached an unprecedented understanding.

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