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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 18 Recap

Yu Shengsheng came to the apartment to look for Jiang Yi. She asked Jiang Yi what her psychology was for choosing clothes when she was her. Jiang Yi said how comfortable and how to wear it at the beginning, and how it looks good and how to wear it. Yu Shengsheng didn’t guess she was wearing it. Jiang Yi likes a skirt that Jiang Yi wore before.

In order to date Jiang Yi, Yu Shengsheng did a lot of homework, and how did she fall in love with a big star not to be discovered. Jiang Yi also prepared a gift for Yu Shengsheng and went upstairs to get the gift. Tong Tong called and asked Yu Shengsheng to borrow the computer. Le Yi heard Yu Sheng lied about going shopping and said she was a liar or a habitual liar. Yesterday she even vowed to tell him that she was not with Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng was about to explain, but he didn’t expect Le Yi to be performing, Yu Shengsheng immediately let out a sigh of relief.

Jiang Yi gave Yu Shengsheng a group photo of the first stage of the small universe and a stage compilation of their university performances. There was also a digital video camera with Jiang Yi and Jiashu’s dance practice before their debut. Yu Shengsheng thinks Jiashu must think she is a fake fan. When she came to her aunt last time, Jiashu told him that she came to the house with various excuses because she wanted to put a long line to catch big fish. Now they are together, Jiashu I must have thought she was successful in fishing. Jiang Yi said that he had a way to make Yu Shengsheng’s idol never misunderstand her, Yu Shengsheng asked him what way, Jiang Yi said that he would be her idol.

Yu Shengsheng was hungry, Jiang Yi asked her to watch the video and he would cook for her, but Yu Shengsheng stared at Jiang Yi’s figure intently. Yu Shengsheng wondered why Jiang Yi could cook. Jiang Yi frankly said that when he used his relatives’ family as a child, he always learned to do housework for fear that his relatives would dislike him. After finishing work with Yu Shengsheng’s computer, Tongwei wanted to watch gossip and relax but saw Yu Shengsheng’s post.

Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng said that they should observe each other’s lives and communicate more and understand each other more. Yu Shengsheng looked at him and nodded thoughtfully. Jiang Yi explained that he meant that they would have to talk to each other in case of exchange. ready. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi if he wanted to open the gift in the cloakroom. Jiang Yi did not hesitate to say that he did not want to, but he was reluctant to lose it. Yu Shengsheng said that the gift is actually from the giver’s heart, how much does this person value you and how much you spend Mind understood everything at the moment it opened the gift.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi took out the presents from the cloakroom. Jiang Yi’s mother gave 16-year-old 175 Jiang Yi a 165 sweater, and 17-year-old Jiang Yi gave the football she liked in junior high school. Yu Shengsheng said that regardless of whether Jiang Yi liked the gifts her aunt gave, she took it all with her heart.

Jiang Yi said that he had needed these things before, but when they were delivered, he no longer needed them, just like summer sweaters in winter. Her cold drinks and late maternal love were so out of place, and he just saw her and wanted to make him feel at ease. Yu Shengsheng comforted Jiang Yi people to always move forward, and to take down these gifts is to let go of the past, and let Jiang Yi not be bored with things and can tell her.

Tongwei thought that Yu Shengsheng liked Pei Jiashu, so she consulted with Shen Boqing, fearing that Yu Shengsheng would be deceived, both of them were very angry. Shen Boqing asked Tong Wei Yu Shengsheng if there was anything different after the elevator accident. Tong Wei said that it was okay except for hiding something from her. On the other side, Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng made an appointment for an outing.

Jiang Yi told Yu Shengsheng of his work plan and frankly said that he would stabilize the work as soon as possible without affecting the relationship between the two. At this time Xu Shuyi called Jiang Yi to have dinner, but Jiang Yi refused in the presence of Yu Shengsheng. Yu Shengsheng was very happy, and frankly admitted that the love for Pei Jiashu is just the fan’s love for idols. The two showed their hearts, trusting and liking each other more.

Tongyu asked Xiaomei for Pei Jiashu’s mobile phone number. She called Pei Jiashu when she went back and made an appointment. Pei Jiashu asked Tongyu to come to the apartment to meet. It turned out that Jia Shu transferred to Tong Wei’s class and became her deskmate in her senior year of high school. She saw Pei Jiashu, who had no common sense.

She could not tie her shoelaces or even drink a drink. She stepped on Tong Wei accurately at every point. Minefields. Many girls in the class were jealous of Tongyu and Pei Jiashu at the same table and said that Tongyu liked him, and a good friend asked Tongyu to hand over love letters. Pei Jiashu happened to see Tongyu putting a love letter on his desk, and there was no signature on the love letter. No matter how Tongyu explained Pei Jiashu, he thought it was written by Tongyu.

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