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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 17 Recap

Jiang Yi returned to the apartment with the remaining sound on his back, and Jiang Yi asked Jiang Dachuan to book tickets and he was going to see the director. It was very late, Jiang Dachuan hadn’t returned yet, so he was happy to see him ask. Jiang Dachuan brought Jiang Yi’s parents here. Jiang Yi was in a normal mood, and it was the lingering sound of going out by stealing the door and drinking to dissolve his sorrows. Both felt strange. Based on his many years of experience, Le Yi has three possibilities. The first kind of lingering sympathy is overwhelming.

He knows those things about Jiang Yi’s childhood, and he sees Jiang Yi’s parents arguing and his heart is blocked; the second kind of lingering is not drunk at all , She has been lurking next to Jiang Yi these days because of this opportunity that she may have a camera installed on her body to make big news; the third type of relationship between them is not simple, and Jiang Dachuan and Le Yi have not discussed why.

In the morning, when I heard my voice, I found that Le Yi was alone, and Jiang Yi and Jiang Dachuan were on a business trip to see the director. Leyi asked if Yu Shengsheng was in a relationship with Jiang Yi, Yu Shengsheng immediately denied it. Thinking about it, Leyi is also in a critical period of transformation, even if she really likes Yu Shengsheng, it’s impossible, Yu Sheng Hearing Le Yi’s words, he felt depressed. After Yu Shengsheng went back, she didn’t have any thoughts to work, so she asked for help on the Internet and was kissed by the male god.

Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei went out for afternoon tea. The two talked about whether idols can fall in love. Yu Shengsheng asked about Jiang Yi. Tong Yu immediately said no and gave Yu Shengsheng an analysis that Jiang Yi is capable. A high-quality idol, but the agency must maximize the commercial value of the star. Although most of the fans are sensible, there are still a small number of irrational fans. Jiang Yi will be attacked and stepped back to affect development.

As soon as Jiang Yi came back, he invited Yu Shengsheng and his team to eat hot pot. Yu Shengsheng separated from Tong Wei and came to Jiang Yi’s house on the excuse of something. When Jiang Dachuan came back and saw Yu Shengsheng was still there, he asked Jiang Yi in a low voice, and Jiang Yi asked him what was shameful.

Jiang Yi went upstairs to change clothes. The other people started cooking first. He said it was a pity that he didn’t feel that the rest of the sound brought food to him at the dinner table. The rest of the sound immediately said that it would be brought to him next time, Jia Shu Kicked Le Yi with Jiang Dachuan at the same time.

Jiang Yi came down and asked about this. Le Yi repeated it again and was kicked by Jia Shu and Jiang Dachuan. He warned that he would chop off their feet by accident. Jiang Yi pinched meat to Yu Sheng, and several people looked at him in surprise. Leyi asked about Jiang Yi’s meeting with the director. Jiang Yi decided to decide if he couldn’t say anything unexpected.

Leyi congratulated him happily, but Jia Shu said that if you had such a good luck, please eat hot pot. Jiang Yi said that luck is also part of his strength. , Let Jia Shu also cheer, and said that hot pot calories are quite high, if you lose weight, you can skip it. Seeing everyone guarding Yu Shengsheng, Jiang Yi took Yu Shengsheng’s hand and announced the news of their relationship with Jiang Dachuan. Several people were surprised, and Jiang Dachuan slapped himself unbelievably.

Yu Shengsheng was also surprised that Jiang Yi confessed in public and pulled Jiang Yi back to the room. Jiang Yi specially prepared the starry sky for Yu Shengsheng. He pulled her watch white. He said that he thought for a long time that perhaps their exchange was not accidental but destined to allow him to temporarily leave his orbit to meet her. It allows them to walk into each other’s life, allows him nowhere to hide himself to see his heart, and also allows him to see her true heart. He said he likes her. Yu Shengsheng was very surprised to hear Jiang Yi’s confession, and the two couldn’t help but kiss each other. Then Jiang Yi sent Yu Shengsheng home, and the two said goodbye sweetly.

Yu Shengsheng was very happy after returning home. Tongwei heard the movement and asked her why she came back and asked her why she was so happy. Yu Shengsheng happily said that a miracle had happened, and Tong Wei asked her what miracle was, but she said that she would talk about it later, that she was happy alone.

Jiang Yi returned home and saw that Jiang Dachuan was still waiting for him. Dachuan persuaded Jiang Yi why he was in love without waiting for his career to stabilize. Jiang Yi frankly said that he wanted to understand now, so he chose to make it public. For many years of friends, Dachuan saw that Jiang Yi can find a lover who can trust him wholeheartedly and can take away his bad emotions. He also feels happy for him and understands his choice.

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