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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 45 Recap

When Du Wei came back from get off work, he accidentally saw Xia Yu asleep at the dinner table. She reminded Xia Yu that Wu Di chose the former between flying and dating, which is already obvious. Xia Yu refused to accept, and quarreled a few words with Du Wei. Du Wei knew that he was too serious, and reluctantly returned to the room. Xia Yu waited downstairs at Wu Di’s house all night, and Wu Di returned with his suitcase. She explained that she had gone to become Taoshan’s co-pilot. At this moment, she felt very guilty for Xia Yu. What made her sad was that Xia Yu didn’t care about it. He was very tolerant and said that he could understand her.

Xia Yu said that he liked her very much. When Wu Di said he would be his girlfriend, he was very happy, but now if Wu Di can be happy, he is willing to withdraw from their relationship. Wu Di couldn’t help crying after hearing this. Luo Dong and Yu Jie married, and they returned to work after a short honeymoon. The two watched the schedule together in the dispatch room. Yu Jie suddenly felt sick and ran to the toilet to throw up. Luo Dong suspected that she was pregnant, and took her to the hospital for an examination. The result of the examination was as he expected, and Yu Jie was really pregnant. Luo Dong told her to stop flying, but Yu Jie firmly stated that she had to fly.

Yu Jie didn’t want this child, even though Luo Dong repeatedly said that she could continue flying after giving birth, but Yu Jie refused very firmly. Xia Yu was drunk in the bar, and Luo Dong was also in the bar. The two of them had their own troubles, so they simply got together to drink. Xiao Mo woke up in the morning when he heard the sound of breaking. Both he and his mother found that his hearing had recovered. After going to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said that the blood clots in his head had basically disappeared. The excited Xiao Mo turned on the music to the loudest in the car, feeling the long-lost sound. Later Xiao Mo told Xia Yu about this, and Xia Yu was also happy for him.

Xia Yu told Xiao Mo two things, one was that Lei Chen was willing to help him, and the second was that he broke up with Wu Di. Xia Yu knew Wu Di could not let Xiao Mo go, so he encouraged Xiao Mo to chase Wu Di back. After Luo Dong thought it through, he apologized to Yu Jie. He respected Yu Jie’s choice. Yu Jie was no longer as firm as before. She said that she would consider whether or not to keep the child. Luo Dong was very happy with her words. Xiao’s mother wanted to invite Wu Di to eat at home as a thank you for her meticulous care of Xiao Mo before, but Xiao Mo was unwilling, and Xiao’s mother’s persuasion was useless.

Xiao Mo sent messages to Wu Di and asked her to meet on the rooftop. He showed Wu Di the doctor’s examination results. Wu Di smiled happily and was happy for him from the bottom of his heart. Xiao Mo was about to talk about her and Xia Yu. Wu Di received a call and went to the hospital with Xiao Mo. Han Liwei’s situation is not optimistic. He had a history of brain tumors before, and now he has several tumors in his brain, which are worsening and spreading. Yu Jie and Luo Dong were very moved. At the beginning, Han Liwei was the best student in the class. He should have been unwilling to fly a lot.

After Xia Yu had a meeting with the company’s directors to discuss the handling of the foreign captains, he announced the good news to everyone that Zhongxia LCC officially passed the review of the Civil Aviation Administration. Duoduo was sad and crying over Han Liwei’s condition. Han Liwei woke up. He himself knew that there would be no cure after the illness relapsed, so he didn’t dare to tell Duoduo for fear that she would be sad. Xia Yu went to the hospital to see Han Liwei. Han Liwei told him about his regrets. Xia Yu hoped that he would actively treat him and persevere with everyone’s hopes. Du Wei reminded Wu Di not to hurt Xia Yu because of Xiao Mo, but Wu Di told her that he broke up with Xia Yu.

Tomorrow Ren Yuan is about to fly around, and he feels a little excited. I heard that Xiao Mo will have an exam tomorrow. Ren Yuan wondered if he wanted to call him a few tricks. Hua Hin said no. She believed that her brother could pass the exam.

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