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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 44 Recap

Hua Hin knew that Xia Yu was under pressure recently, and chatted with him a few words, and talked about the recent grounding of Ren Yuan. After Xia Yu explained, Hua Hin can also express understanding, but still hope that the company’s leadership can think about it again. Hua Hin returned home, thinking that Ren Yuan would be sad because of the grounding, but to her surprise, Ren Yuan was not only okay, but also very happy. He said that he would have time to take care of Xiao Feifei and do it for Hua Hin. It’s dinner. Xia Yu, who was under work pressure, called Wu Di, but she didn’t answer it. Xia Yu went to the aviation school to find her, and Wu Di explained that the phone was muted just now.

Wu Di is now helping Xiao Mo because he helped himself at the beginning, and I hope Xia Yu won’t think too much. Xia Yu said that he understood, but he was still a little uncomfortable after all, but he did not show it. Luo Dong returned from his honeymoon and brought some gifts to Du Taotao and Tong Yuan, but he heard two bad news. One is that Xiao Mo is temporarily deaf, and the other is that Ren Yuan has been grounded. After learning the reason, Luo Dong and Du Taotao had the same thoughts. They all felt that Ren Yuan was grounded very wrongly. As the Xia Yu brothers, Luo Dong planned to talk to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu told Luo Dong that this was the company’s decision after weighing. Luo Dong thinks that his approach is wrong, and Xia Yu only thinks that their current thinking positions are different, so they deal with this matter differently. Luo Dong said nothing, and left Xia Yu’s office. Now even Luo Dong doesn’t understand him, and Xia Yu is depressed, so he has to confide in Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo suggested that he seek help from someone, and that is Lei Chen. Xia Yu was a little worried. Before he and Xiao Mo had joined forces to make Lei Chen such a big runaway, it was not certain whether he would help himself. Xiao Mo replied that he would not know if he didn’t try.

Soon, Xia Yu made a special trip to ask Lei Chen for help. Lei Chen did have a solution, but he said he had to think about it. After Xia Yu left, President Li suggested that he could just use this opportunity to suppress Xia Yu. Lei Chen changed his mind at this time, and he felt that it was meaningless to do so. Xiao’s mother went to Ren Yuan’s house and asked Xiao Mo if something had happened. Ren Yuan couldn’t hide it, so he could only tell her about Xiao Mo’s stay at the aviation school and send her to the aviation school to see Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo returned to the dormitory from the hangar and saw Ren Yuan downstairs. After asking, he knew that he had told his mother all about himself.

Xiao’s mother learned that her son was deaf, so sad that she hugged him and cried. She wants to take her son away and take care of everything by herself. Xiao Mo couldn’t hear her mother speaking, and saw her busy tidying up, and he looked very helpless. Han Liwei had a nosebleed suddenly, and Duo Duo was very worried. He said it was caused by the dry weather. Finally, Duo Duo diverted his attention. Han Liwei looked at the blood-stained tissue and felt a little worried. Three external captains actually planned to come to the company, and Xia Yu thanked Lei Chen for that. Lei Chen also figured it out at this time, now it’s the world of young people, and he should live in seclusion behind the scenes.

Xiao’s mother decided to stay here to take care of Xiao Mo, but everyone did not object. The next day, Hua Hin and Ren Yuan went to adopt Xiao Feifei, but they received a call saying that Xiao Feifei was adopted away. They learned that the adopter was Xiao Feifei’s uncle. Although they regretted, they could only accept this fact. . Xia Yu specially cooked for her at Wu Di’s house, waiting eagerly for her to return from get off work. But at this time, Wu Di saw that Tao Shan lacked a co-pilot, so he volunteered to help, without time to tell Xia Yu. Hua Hin was a little sad for failing to adopt Xiao Feifei. Ren Yuan comforted her. Hua Hin said that she felt bad for Xiao Feifei because she herself was an orphan. She knew this secret a long time ago, but the aunts always thought she didn’t know. .

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