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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 43 Recap

Luo Dong and Yu Jie talked about their honeymoon, and the two were in trouble, and the expression on Yu Jie’s face still seemed very happy. After Xiao Mo went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said that this was a sequelae from a car accident. This was only a temporary deafness. The blood clot left by the last car accident caused pressure on his auditory system and auditory nerve. The doctor said that the blood clot could be removed by an operation, but Xiao Mo would not be able to fly anymore, so the doctor said that now he can only wait for the blood clot in Xiao Mo’s head to clear up on its own. Xiao Mo sent a message to President Lin, saying that he was going to take a long vacation. This was when the company was eager to hire people, and it was surprising that he asked for leave.

Xia Yu went to Xiao Mo to ask clearly, only then did he know that Xiao Mo was deaf, and he planned to return to the aviation school to stay for a while. Luo Dong tells everyone that Yu Jie is about to marry himself, and the two will go to get the certificate tomorrow. Everyone clapped their hands and blessed. Hua Hin called Xiao Mo, but he didn’t answer it for several days. Later Xiao Mo sent a text message to ask her what she was looking for. He recently went home to accompany his mother on vacation. Hua Hin was a little suspicious, and called his aunt, only to learn that Xiao Mo had not returned to his hometown. He was lying. In aviation school, Xia Yu occasionally went to see Xiao Mo. Because Xiao Mo couldn’t hear him, Xia Yu could only communicate with him through writing.

Later, Xia Yu went to Xiao Mo’s house to help him get some books, but was accidentally bumped into by Hua Hin. Under her questioning, Xia Yu had to tell the truth. Hua Hin went to the aviation school to see Xiao Mo, and saw that he did not answer the phone, and instead used texting instead, Hua Hin knew what Xia Yu said was true. Hua Hin was sad and sad, Xiao Mo comforted her that it was only temporary. Knowing that Wu Di was going to send the documents to Han Liwei at the aviation school, Xia Yu was worried that Wu Di would meet Xiao Mo at the aviation school, so she offered to help her get the documents to Han Liwei. In the evening, Xia Yu sent a message to Xiao Mo, suggesting that he go abroad for treatment. Xiao Mo also knew that hiding in the aviation school was not a long-term solution.

The foreign captain Jack flew three times and almost all made heavy landings. Ren Yuan reminded him to take care of the passengers’ feelings, but Jack didn’t care. After the plane landed, the measured result was a heavy landing, and Jack walked out of the cockpit angrily. Du Taotao went to the aviation school to find Han Liwei to get the information about Aifeimeng. He accidentally learned that Xiao Mo had sequelae after the car accident, and now his ears can’t hear him. Du Taotao returned to the company and told Tong Yuan of the unfortunate news. Wu Di was also nearby. She immediately got up and went to the dormitory of the aviation school to find Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo wanted to find a reason to let her go back, but Wu Di, who was stubborn, said he would wait at the door of the dormitory until he came back.

Xiao Mo had to open the door, and he said that he did it to let her not worry. Luo Dong and Yu Jie started their short honeymoon trip, and the flight attendant sent them specially customized steaks. This plane was carried by Jack. He walked out of the cockpit to molested the flight attendant during work, but Luo Dong stopped him and rolled back into the cockpit sullenly. Some passengers complained about the company’s midsummer cheap flights. Xia Yu and the Civil Aviation Administration said that they would definitely give an explanation on this matter. After asking Mr. Lin, they learned that the complained flight was made by Jack and Ren Yuan together.

Wu Di cared about Xiao Mo very much. Looking up information on the treatment of deafness on the Internet, Du Wei reminded her that Xia Yu was also upset recently, but Wu Di was obviously more concerned about Xiao Mo. Wu Di went to the aviation school to see Xiao Mo and helped him communicate with the aircraft maintenance parts, and then the two sat down to chat. Wu Di wrote down and comforted him that it would be okay, and God would not deprive him of his ability to listen so cruelly. Although Xiao Mo couldn’t hear him, as long as Wu Di spoke slowly, he could guess what Wu Di said through the shape of his lips.

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