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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 8 Recap

In order to clean up Lu Yue, Ai Jia opened a live broadcast and restored to the netizens the reason why Lu Yue made the move. It turned out that Brother A picked up first. Lu Yue just because he heard the original words of Brother A, Violence hurts people, and in the end things evolved like what Xiaopang said. Here, everyone who heard the real cause and effect of the matter knew that they had misunderstood Lu Yue. Old K also got up and apologized for his behavior. A group of people finally reconciled.

In the evening, Lu Sicheng also formally responded to this incident in the live broadcast room. On this side, Lu Yue took the contract to show off in front of the nursery rhymes, and the two quarreled again. In the kitchen, Xiaopang, who could not do it, was fighting fiercely with the ingredients.

Finally, the group of people ate the dinner Xiaopang carefully prepared. Everyone chatted about Xiaopang’s salary penalty this time while eating. Everyone who was eating was complaining about Xiaopang’s practice without meat, but the sharp-eyed nursery rhyme found that Xiaopang hid meat for Lu Yue, and a group of people started teasing Xiaopang again.

Xiaopang walked back to the room shyly, but soon came down to apologize, and then never showed up again. After the episode was over, Lu Yue and the nursery rhymes began to quarrel again, but Lu Sicheng was a “good brother” who had a serious color and a little brother, and directly criticized Lu Yue. The next day, the club equipped Lu Yue with a new computer. Just as it was said that the two fools would be hurt when they met, Lu Yue and the nursery rhyme began to quarrel again.

On this day, the nursery rhyme and their good sister Chen Jinyang were shopping together. The two showed that they had chosen underwear, went to massage, and then went to do hair and manicure together, but the whole nursery rhyme complained about whether they could make a starter. At the end of the day’s trip, Chen Jinyang sent nursery rhymes back. Ai Jia, who heard the sound of his wife’s car, hurriedly chased after him, but history always looked at each other astonishingly. Chen Jinyang chose to whizz by, leaving Ai Jia messy in the wind. .

The nursery rhyme returning to the base found that Lu Yue was sitting in front of his computer again, angrily approaching the theory. When the two were robbing snacks, carefully Lu Sicheng noticed the changes in nursery rhymes and shouted out the nursery rhymes to talk. As soon as the two of them walked outside, Lu Sicheng began to reprimand the nursery rhyme for manicure and eyelashes.

Suddenly, Lu Sicheng deceived him and pressed his face to the ear of the nursery rhyme. He sniffed gently, and then began to spit out straight. Let the nursery rhymes be stunned. At the same time, Lu Yue took this scene with his mobile phone. Looking at such a skinny brother, Lu Sicheng took off his shoes after a simple communication and slammed his brother on the face. Huh.

In the evening, Chen Jinyang and the nursery rhyme video. Through Chen Jinyang’s analysis, the nursery rhyme began to wonder if she liked Lu Sicheng. At this moment, the cake knocked over the vase and Lu Sicheng who heard the noise immediately pushed in. The two chatted briefly, and Lu Sicheng exited the room, but it happened to be watched by the little fat and old cat outside the door. Lu Sicheng hurriedly defended. The conversation between the three was quietly overheard by the nursery rhyme behind the door.

After daybreak, a group of ZGDX people began to do morning exercises. The various players in the gym were in various poses. Old K even put on a mask, while on the other side, the two of the team’s treasures began to bicker. When old k saw the old cat, he called the old cat to watch the play, half of the play, because old k mocked the old cat for being mentally retarded, the old cat took off his shoes and let the old k smell it, and the old k was stunned on the spot. Also fainted.

Soon, the new team uniform arrived. Everyone happily chose their new team uniform. Everyone was talking and laughing. At this time, Lu Sicheng, who was bitter, mocked that the nursery rhyme was a child, and the nursery rhyme returned to the room angrily. Before leaving, the nursery rhyme, who had packed up and was about to leave, suddenly remembered the words of her good sister, and reflexively took away the underwear that was initially disgusted with personality.

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