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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 5 Recap

I was speechless all night, and the nursery rhyme when I woke up took my parents downstairs, and the scene in front of me immediately stunned the nursery rhyme. In the morning, the living room was not as empty as before. Everyone was well groomed and busy with their own affairs. No, when he saw his uncle and aunt come down, Xiao Pang greeted the two elders enthusiastically, briefly introduced the full table in the morning, and left with a smile.

The passing old K also changed the dullness of the past and greeted enthusiastically. On the other side, the old cat took a dumbbell and pretended to be an unprecedented one, still muttering words and reading English. Lu Sicheng and Myoshin discussed the strategy of the game. They walked in from the door while chatting, and when they saw the two elders who were waking up, they stopped and said hello.

After breakfast, the nursery rhyme sent her parents away. When Didi was waiting for Didi, the mother gave a few nursery rhymes and began to inquire about the situation of Lu Sicheng’s home, deliberately or unconsciously. After sending his parents away, the nursery rhyme who turned around to go back to the base suddenly found that Lu Sicheng was behind him. Perhaps he had heard the content of the dialogue. Lu Sicheng smiled triumphantly and notified the nursery rhyme to come in for a regular meeting.

At the regular meeting, the team manager Xiao Rui discussed the tactics of four guarantees and one with everyone. As he was talking, the old cat interrupted the regular meeting, got up and went downstairs to get the courier. Soon, the old Mao, carrying a large bag and a small bag, walked up. The pair were all gifts from fans of nursery rhymes. Xiaopang and Old Cat flipped through the gifts of nursery rhymes and suddenly found a courier from Jian Yang. The old cat was reading Jian Yang’s ambiguous envelope in public. The nursery rhymes were angry and embarrassing. When everyone was talking and laughing, the manager Xiao Rui came in and told everyone that the training would start at 9 o’clock in the future. The group complained and mourned.

The next day, the group was called by Xiao Rui to do morning exercises early. The clansmen who were forced to get up looked distracted and yawned, but they could only obey Xiao Rui’s arrangements. Under the leadership of the old cat, everyone started a day of morning exercises. .

After returning to the base, Lu Sicheng was already busy playing the live broadcast. Unknowing nursery rhymes stepped forward to chat with Lu Sicheng, and everyone in the live broadcast room suddenly exploded and began to booze. At this time, Xiao Rui also took the opportunity to discuss the live broadcast with the nursery rhymes. In the end, the nursery rhymes reluctantly agreed to Xiao Rui’s request.

Here, Chen Jinyang, who received the emergency news from the nursery rhyme, watched the sports car come to the gate of the base, with a loose T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts, simple but capable. The old cat who opened the door to Chen Jinyang was suddenly fascinated by the beauty, and showed off to himself.

It turns out that the so-called preparation in nursery rhymes is makeup, and the two of them chat while doing makeup. After finishing the makeup, the two went downstairs and saw Lu Sicheng, who was putting on nursery rhymes, was suddenly squinted.

On the other side of the picture, Ai Jia, who was in a daze, heard the sound of the engine and immediately knew that his girlfriend was coming. She ran and shouted excitedly, but Chen Jinyang didn’t notice Ai Jia. He met only Ai Jia who failed. Looking at the taillights, he sighed deeply.

At ZGDX club, the nursery rhymes finally began to broadcast. Lu Sicheng on the side had nothing to do and started making trouble. He was reading the barrage while taunting nursery rhymes. The much-influenced nursery rhymes could not be played well. Soon, the first game. The live broadcast ended in failure. The frustrated nursery rhyme could not say that Lu Sicheng had to leave his seat.

In the evening, Xiao Rui and Lu Sicheng talked about the training game and took away the lollipops that Lu Sicheng had privately kept. On the other side, Atai of the TAT team is being interviewed, and the arrogant Atai bluntly mocks ZGDX as a tortoise. This remark suddenly aroused hot comments from Chinese netizens.

The boss of the ZGDX team directly gave Xiao Rui a death order to challenge. There is no way for Xiao Rui to discuss this matter with Lu Sicheng, but Lu Sicheng strongly opposes it because he fears that his confidence in nursery rhymes will be overwhelmed. This caused Xiao Rui to become unhappy, and increased the decibel dispute with Lu Sicheng.

Faced with Xiao Rui’s questioning, Lu Sicheng also said why he had been opposed to it. Through Lu Sicheng’s description, everyone also knew that Atai’s strength should not be underestimated. Xiao Rui was finally persuaded by Lu Sicheng. The two who had finished talking were about to return to the room, and found four who were eavesdropping outside. Lu Sicheng frowned slightly, because he was smashed into the conversation, Xiao Rui also made the matter clear. The arrogant nursery rhyme immediately showed his attitude.

In the evening, the training game started. Before the start, Lu Sicheng once again reminded the nursery rhymes to pay attention to Ah Tai. However, due to the crush of strength, the nursery rhyme was quickly killed, and everyone hurriedly comforted. However, the strength gap cannot be controlled, and the mentality of nursery rhymes has also been blown up. Staring at this black and white screen, the heart of the nursery rhyme is extremely complicated.

At the end of the game, the teammates comforted the lost nursery rhymes. The strong nursery rhymes pretended to be strong and held on. It was late at night, and the teammates went back to their rooms to sleep. The nursery rhyme that had just been lost continued to play, but the impact was too deep, and this one lost without exception. The mood of nursery rhymes became more complicated.

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