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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 40 End Recap

Pei Yu was unmoved by the master’s words, and threw the steak in front of the master on the ground for the master to eat. This was the master’s trick to humiliate Pei Yu. Now Pei Yu also gave it back to the master, and the master took the opportunity to sit on the ground. Wanting to take out the gun hidden under the table, Pei Yu didn’t give the master a chance, and shot the master directly. When Liang Muze arrived at the scene, Pei Yu had already run away.

After Liang Muze reported the situation, he found a secret road on the side. He chased up from the secret road. Liang Muze fought with Pei Yu, and Pei Yu fell into a disadvantage. He didn’t forget to use Xia Chu to stimulate Liang Muze. He wanted Liang Muze to kill himself. Liang Muze was very calm. He said that Xia Chu liked only Zhuo Ran, and Pei Yu was just a shadow of Zhuo Ran. Forget it, talking about Liang Muze’s support arrived, everyone arrested Pei Yu and brought him to justice.

On the other side, when Rao Feng learned the news of Long Yi’s escape, he drove a speedboat to chase Long Yi. Rao Feng jumped into Long Yi’s boat and fought with Long Yi. Rao Feng was almost knocked off the boat. Fortunately, he Climbing up again, in the fight with Long Yi, he picked up the gun and knocked Long Yi down into the sea. Long Yi took the opportunity to swim away, Rao Feng jumped down desperately, and took out the handcuffs under the water to bring Long Yi together. He was handcuffed together, dragged him aboard and took him back.

Mi Gu went to the detention center to visit Pei Yu and told Pei Yu Zhuo Meiqin was doing well, and there were many volunteers taking turns to take care of her. Pei Yu said Mi Gu was too stupid, and she was not like a woman in her thirties. Mi Gu said that no woman is. Really stupid, unless she is willing, Mi Gu started crying as she talked, and asked Pei Yu if he had been sincere to herself, even if it was only for a moment, Pei Yu said no. He always only used Mi Gu as a piece. Very handy tool.

Zhang Yichi received a call from Li Juan after class. Li Juan said that she was on the way to the airport and it would not be easy to see him in the future. Zhang Yichi should take good care of her body. She always felt that Zhang Yichi is a good doctor, and Zhang Yichi will also be a good teacher in the future. of. Zhang Yichi hung up the phone and checked the time. He remembered that today was also the day when Chen Mengzhen went to Beijing. Zhang Yichi made up his mind to rush to the airport, leaving Chen Mengzhen and Luo Xiaojun behind.

Liang Shaoxue took care of Zhuomeiqin as a volunteer. Zhuomeiqin said that every time she saw Liang Shaoxue’s heartbeat, she would have a faster heartbeat. She always had a familiar feeling with Liang Shaoxue. When the early summer came, she checked Zhuomeiqin and said that Zhuomeiqin was fine. , Maybe this heart knew Liang Shaoxue. After early Xia left, Zhuo Meiqin told Liang Shaoxue that this heart belonged to a young soldier. Liang Shaoxue seemed to have thought of something. She asked Zhuo Meiqin to hear her heartbeat. Liang Shaoxue listened to it. With the beating sound of that heart, I thought that I had heard Tian Yong’s heartbeat once lying on his chest.

Zhuo Meiqin asked Liang Shaoxue to help herself write a letter to Pei Yu. In the letter, Zhuo Meiqin asked Pei Yu not to live as Zhuo Ran. She knew that Pei Yu had been taking Zhuo away but was sad, but she had no choice but to do it. Yes, if she could do it again, she would rather have her mother and son be beaten to death by the master at the time, rather than let Pei Yu beg for so many years for her own complacency. After reading the letter, Pei Yu lost control of his emotions and kept saying “I am Pei Yu” in the cell. Three months later, Pei Yu was executed.

Liang Shaoxue recovered from his illness and sent the parrot back to the institution so that the parrot could accompany other patients. She always felt that Tian Yong had not left, and Tian Yong could see everything she did. Rao Feng used Tian Yong to use the parrot.

The WeChat messages sent by Jun’s WeChat account were all deciphered, and he put all the deciphered messages in the three hundred Tang poems, and asked Liang Shaoxue to read it whenever he wanted to. Liang Shaoxue and Rao Feng also reconciled. Liang Shaoxue is going to stay in China to take the graduate student in the Chinese Department. Liang’s mother will also return to China to accompany Liang Shaoxue to prepare for the exam.

Liang Muze and early Xia rarely had time to rest, so they reunited with Liang Muze’s parents to have a meal. During the meal, Mu Min mentioned that he wanted to renovate the house. Early Xia secretly stepped on Liang Muze and asked Liang Muze to refuse. Mu Min saw that Liang Muze refused because of Xia Chu, so he asked him what Liang Muze would do if he disagrees with Xia Chu in the future.

When he said that, Mu Min winked Xia Chu, and Xia Chu knew it, and began to help Mu Min question Liang Muze. , Liang Muze was speechless for a while, and quickly changed the subject. Mu Min thanked Xia Chu and said that in the future, Liang Muze’s net worth and life would be entrusted to Xia Chu.

Liang Muze made a conscription propaganda video for the army. Soldiers represented by him walked into the military academy at the age of eighteen and put on military uniforms. Here they fought the scorching sun, faded from their immaturity, grew up in the army, and faded from their youth. , To water their youth with passion, and to cast the Great Wall of Steel with responsibility, they are the Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers!

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