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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 39 Recap

Zhuo Meiqin’s heart disease is already very serious, and now the heart transplant is her last chance. Liang Muze, as Tian Yong’s relative, signed the hospital’s condition notice, promising to let the hospital give up the treatment of Tian Yong. Tian Yong signed the organ before his death. For the donation letter, the hospital considered transplanting Tian Yong’s heart to Zhuomeiqin.

Taking into account the relationship between Zhuomeiqin and Pei Yu, the hospital deliberately held a show of hands to vote. Most people at the meeting raised their hands to agree to the transplant. Only Xia Chu hesitated looking at Tian Yong’s photo, but in the end, she raised her hand and agreed to the transplant.

Before Tian Yong was pushed into the operating room, the Thunder Team and Rao Feng stood in two rows in the corridor and saluted Tian Yong. The doctors who took Tian Yong’s heart also bowed to Tian Yong. Zhang Yichi also came to the hospital to be outside. Aid, because of the non-disclosure agreement for organ donation, no one except the doctor knew that Tian Yong’s heart was transplanted to Zhuomeiqin. The doctor who performed the operation on Tian Yong also found that Tian Yong had a USB flash drive in his body.

That was the information Tian Yong had obtained in his master’s study. The doctor gave the USB flash drive to Rao Feng. Eight hours later, the transplant operation was successfully completed. After the operation, Liang Muze asked Xia Chu to whom Tian Yong’s heart had been donated. Xia Chu did not answer, but Liang Muze had already guessed that Tian Yong’s heart was transplanted to Zhuo Meiqin. Xia Chu couldn’t help feeling emotional and said that he was the first one. This time because of the success of an operation, Liang Muze hugged Xia Chu comfortably.

When Zhang Yichi was about to leave, he ran into Chen Mengzhen and Luo Xiaojun at the elevator entrance. Chen Mengzhen said that he was here to send Tian Yong. The two greeted him. Zhang Yichi wanted to leave, but turned around and asked if Luo Xiaojun was hungry and asked them to eat. Luo Xiaojun looked at Zhang Yichi and Chen Mengzhen, said he was hungry, and asked Zhang Yichi to take him to dinner. Zhang Yichi asked Chen Mengzhen if he planned to go to Beijing for development.

Chen Mengzhen said that her first draft of the script had been passed and her classmates were about to sign her. Zhang Yichi and Chen Mengzhen were chatting. A doctor next to him was chatting about Zhang Yichi and Chen Mengzhen’s gossip. Zhang Yichi listened. I couldn’t help it anymore, stepped forward and taught them a lesson, saying that Chen Mengzhen’s father was a martyr.

Compared with a martyr, he was nothing. These gossiping people were nothing more. Luo Xiaojun is gone. Before leaving, Chen Mengzhen asked Zhang Yichi why he was not with Li Juan in the end. Zhang Yichi said that both of them were too smart, thinking too much, and afraid that there would be no results, so there was really no result. Chen Mengzhen suddenly moved forward. He kissed Zhang Yichi and said that his plane was on Friday afternoon. Zhang Yichi was silent for a while, wishing Chen Mengzhen a safe journey, and Luo Xiaojun let Zhang Yichi seize the opportunity.

Rao Feng checked the USB flash drive left by Tian Yong and got a lot of evidence of his crime. Rao Feng arraigned Pei Yu again and asked Pei Yu to confess truthfully. Pei Yu asked Zhuo Meiqin about Zhuo Meiqin’s situation and confessed that he was a terrorist pirate. The City of Desire was created because of loneliness and the desire to let more people fall into the darkness together.

Rao Feng asked him, if Zhuo Meiqin knew what Pei Yu had done over the years, how would he feel, Pei Yu finally showed fragility The expression asked Rao Feng not to irritate Zhuo Meiqin. Rao Feng asked him to explain the whereabouts of the master. Pei Yu cooperated with the police and took them to the master’s secret stronghold in the country.

Pei Yu went to see the master. He first asked if his mother was okay. For Pei Yu to continue to do things for himself, the master naturally lied and said that Zhuo Meiqin was fine. After a few words between Pei Yu and the master, he said that the master was already In the encirclement of the Chinese military and police, the master’s men raised a gun to kill Pei Yu.

Pei Yu took the shot and killed the master’s subordinate, then shot and broke the master’s leg, and asked about Pei Yongyan’s death. The master said that he had done it. The opportunity for Pei Yongyan was actually to admit that he killed Pei Yongyan. The master repeatedly begged for mercy and let Pei Yu let him go, so that everything in the future could be given to Pei Yu.

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