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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 38 Recap

After Migu personally sent Pei Yu to the police station, she was very sad. Although she knew that she was doing the right thing, she was still very sad in her heart. She suddenly envied Xia Chu and met the eighteen-year-old Zoran. Not the current Pei Yu, Xia Chu comforted Mi Gu. Mi Gu fell asleep deeply.

After Mi Gu fell asleep, Xia Chu came to the living room alone and couldn’t help crying. The young man Zhuo Ran who left without saying goodbye was so early. He has already passed away. When Xia Chu was sad, he received a message from Liang Muze. Xia Chu was surprised and hurried to the hospital to visit Liang Muze.

Pei Yu was locked in the interrogation room and kept asking about the time. Rao Feng guessed that he should have agreed with the master. When they arrested Pei Yu, Pei Yugang posted a message on the City of Desire, “The goods have arrived,” Wait for the wind to come”, but there has been news from Dong’an that it is impossible for Pei Yu to get the project information. After seeing the news, the master asked the dragon to send the video of Tian Yong’s drug addiction to Pei Yu, so as to tell him. He asked him to hurry up. The police intercepted this video.

Dong Zhigang watched this video and his heart was full of anger. Now the most important thing is Pei Yu’s confession. Once the evidence is obtained, the Vilick police can be used to arrest the master. Liang Muze also saw it. In that video, he resented that he couldn’t do anything here. Early Xia comforted him. Liang Muze suddenly found that Tian Yong seemed to be typing the Morse code in the video, remembering that the two had agreed to pass the Morse code if they were captured. The news, Liang Muze quickly told Rao Feng the situation, and finally deciphered that Tian Yong’s message was three hundred Tang poems.

Liang Muze hurriedly returned to the army to find Liang Shaoxue and took three hundred Tang poems, and found clues left by Tian Yong in the book, and obtained the evidence collected by Tian Yong. As soon as the evidence was obtained, the military and police immediately launched an action to arrest the master, but the inner ghost of the Willik police notified the master in advance and asked the master to leave as soon as possible. The Willik police found the master’s manor. The master has left. They only rescued Tian Yong and Pei Yu’s mother.

After returning to China, the military and the police sent Tian Yong and Pei Yu’s mother Zhuo Meiqin to the hospital for rescue. Zhuo Meiqin and Tian Yong were in very bad condition. Zhuo Meiqin wanted to see her son. After seeing Zhuo Meiqin’s situation in early Xia, I found Rao Feng and talked about Zhuomeiqin’s request, and now it’s best to perform a heart transplant for Zhuomeiqin. On the other hand, the doctor who rescued Tian Yong told Liang Muze that Tian Yong had been in shock for too long and had brain death.

It didn’t make much sense to go down. The doctor asked Liang Muze to make a decision as soon as possible. Liang Muze asked Dong Zhigang for instructions, and Dong Zhigang took Liang Shaoxue to the hospital. Liang Shaoxue watched Tian Yong who was lying on the hospital bed collapsed, and she kept calling his name, saying that she had completed 300 Tang poems, and asked Tian Yong to get up and listen to her poems.

Rao Feng returned to the police station and took Pei Yu to the hospital to see Zhuo Meiqin. As soon as Rao Feng arrived, Liang Shaoxue threw herself into Rao Feng’s arms and burst into tears. Liang Muze looked at Pei Yu with hatred in her eyes, but she couldn’t be right because of her identity. He did it. Early Xia saw Liang Muze’s emotions in his eyes, and accompanied him by Liang Muze. Pei Yu came out of the ward and met Liang Muze on a narrow road.

Pei Yu also deliberately provoked Liang Muze. Liang Muze couldn’t help but beat Pei Yu. The policemen Pulling away Liang Muze quickly, Xia Chu stepped forward and gave Pei Yu a slap, saying that if Zhuo Meiqin was to survive, he would not provoke his own man. After the police took Pei Yu away, Xia Chu taught Liang Muze a meal, saying that Pei Yu was deliberately stimulating Liang Muze, and that Liang Muze killed him and he was relieved.

On the way back to the army, Liang Shaoxue kept thinking about her and Tian Yong’s bit by bit, thinking that Tian Yong might never wake up again, Liang Shaoxue was very sad. After returning to the room, Liang Shaoxue found that there was still Tian Yong’s message on her mobile phone. Liang Shaoxue received a call from Rao Feng, and she told Rao Feng about it.

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