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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 37 Recap

After Pei Yu woke up, Mi Gu asked Pei Yu why he was shot. Pei Yu said that he was kidnapped. He did not call the police because he was afraid of being retaliated. He also said that he was going to use the computer to deal with work matters. Mi Gu told Pei Yu not to mess up anymore. He ran off and went home and took his computer to Pei Yu, but as soon as he went downstairs, he was stopped by Rao Feng.

Liang Muze’s condition improved and he was transferred out of the intensive care unit. Director Chen found Xia Chu to talk. Xia Chu said that he would be responsible for her actions, even if she ended her medical career. Director Chen asked her if the patient was not Liang Muze, Xia Chu would still Wouldn’t make such a firm choice, Xia Chu said that it is a pity that Liu Ran is no longer there, otherwise she would like to use actions to prove her determination.

Director Chen gave two notices. First, the hospital decided to give Xia Chu a big mistake, and the whole hospital notified him of criticism, but Dong Zhigang named Xia Chu, and the department decided to make Xia Chu the new round of inpatient directors. ,

But Director Chen still urged Xia Chu to abide by the hospital’s rules and regulations. She is a doctor, not a hero. Xia Chu said that she understood. In the end, Xia Chu still withdrew from the competition for hospitalization. Xiao Xiao asked Xia Chu if it was because of herself. Xia Chu said that she had a new career plan. She thanked Xiao Xiao and admitted that she did not do well in the treatment of Liang Muze before.

Rao Feng took Migu to the police station for interrogation. Early Xia rushed to the police station to pick up Migu. Rao Feng knew about Liang Muze’s wound infection and said that they had detected a large amount of Acinetobacter baumannii on the dagger that stabbed Liang Muze. Liang Muze’s infection was not an accident.

Early Xia was a little surprised, saying that he knew about it, and took Migu away. Migu said that the police had been inquiring about her relationship with Pei Yu, so she told the truth, but she felt that she had harmed Pei Yu. Xia Chu was a little angry, saying that Pei Yu hijacked herself and used a bacterial weapon to injure Liang Muze and Pei. Yu not only wanted to kill people, but also took life abuse for pleasure, and Pei Yu had been using Migu from the beginning to the end.

He asked Migu to come out to get a computer, in fact, to confirm the police’s actions. If Migu can’t go back today, Pei Yu will Run away immediately, regardless of Mi Gu’s life or death, and even if Mi Gu goes back, Pei Yu must be concerned about the news from outside. Migu really couldn’t listen anymore, so I asked Xia Chu to stop talking about it. I had thought about everything that Xia Chu said, but I was always too stupid.

Mi Gu returned home in a daze. Pei Yu really asked Mi Gu if she had met anyone. Mi Gu denied it and took a bowl of porridge to Pei Yu. Seeing that there was only one bowl of porridge, Pei Yu asked casually. Migu said that the takeaway brother took his own wrong, and he will go downstairs to take it later. After Migu stabilized Pei Yu, he went to get the porridge and left. After Migu left, Rao Feng took the special police to guard at the door.

Pei Yu used Migu’s computer to log in to the City of Desire. When the news was about to be released, the drug in the porridge broke out, and Pei Yu’s consciousness gradually became blurred. Only then did he realize that Migu had deceived herself. Rao Feng took Pei Yu back to the police station for interrogation. Pei Yu knew that he could not run this time. He had been pretending to be crazy about Rao Feng’s questioning and refused to disclose the master’s information, but Rao Feng asked Pei Yu to think about who in the end. The one who has been controlling Pei Yu.

Before the joint military and police operation destroyed Pei Yongyan’s drug manufacturing plant, the master was asking Pei Yongyan about the whereabouts of a batch of goods and killing the real Zoran. Seeing Liang Muze and the others rushed in, the master took Pei Yongyan and Pei Yongyan broke away from the master. Controlled, the master took the opportunity to lead people to retreat. During the battle, a mercenary’s grenade fell and killed Pei Yongyan.

Everyone continued to chase the master, and Luo Liang died because of protecting Liang Muze. Rao Feng told these things to Pei Yu, saying that he had been doing things for his enemies, and Pei Yu had difficulty accepting the truth for a while and was very emotional.

Liang Muze saw Luo Liang in his dream. Luo Liang said that he should go. He persuaded Liang Muze to let go of his stubbornness. Luo Liang told Liang Muze to find his own direction and not let those who love him down. After saying this, Luo Liang finally paid a military salute to Liang Muze and left. After Luo Liang left, Liang Muze also woke up from a coma. Seeing that Liang Muze finally woke up, Mu Min was very happy and wept with joy. Liang Muze’s father relayed Dong Zhigang’s words, saying that Xia Guangyuan’s investigation results have come out, and the leak has nothing to do with Xia Guangyuan, and Liang Muze’s love report has been approved.

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