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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 36 Recap

After Liang Muze woke up and talked sweetly to Xia Chu, Xiao Xiao said that Xia Guangyuan was looking for Xia Chu at the door, and Xia Chu hurriedly went, and instructed Xiao Xiao to give Liang Muze his personal temperature. Xia Guangyuan was too worried about Xia Chu, and asked Grandpa Xia Chu to come to the army to visit Xia Chu. Although he was worried about Xia Chu, Xia Chu had already decided on the way she was going. She decided to follow Liang Muze to their station, and Xia Guangyuan also I couldn’t object, but I told Xia Chu to be well. Seeing that Xia Guangyuan didn’t object to Xia Chu, he was very happy.

Dong Zhigang went to visit Liang Muze after he recovered, and said that the captured foreigner mentioned Tian Yong and confessed that Zhuo Ran was the commander, and Zhuo Ran’s true identity was the most valuable mercenary in the world, and he had been using Pei. The name Yu is active, and now they are also searching for Pei Yu in all directions. Pei Yu was hit by a bullet.

In desperation, he could only ask Migu for help. Migu was suspicious of him because of the secret room, but he went to Pei Yu softly. Pei Yu asked her to pick up the bullet for herself, and Migu couldn’t stand the blood. At the scene, Pei Yu had to gritted her teeth and did her own hands. Pei Yu called her mother when she slept in a daze. She also asked why her mother only took away his younger brother and didn’t want to be herself. Mi Gu looked very distressed and hugged Pei Yu. I won’t leave him behind.

Liang Muze suddenly developed a high fever. Initially suspected that the wound was infected. Liang Muze had to be sent to the hospital for further treatment. Liang Muze’s condition was very bad. The hospital formulated a treatment plan for Liang Muze, but it will take some time to know whether the treatment plan is. It worked.

Liang Muze’s parents rushed to the hospital to visit Liang Muze. In early Xia, he blamed herself because she sewed Liang Muze’s wounds. She was worried that Liang Muze’s wounds were infected because she hadn’t done a good job of cleaning them. Xia Chu was thinking about this. Suddenly someone asked Xia Chu to go to the conference room for a meeting.

Last week, the vice-president said that there had been two cases of infection in the hospital recently, both of which were caused by Acinetobacter baumannii. The first case was Liu. Of course, the second case was Liang Muze. The director asked Xia Chu to talk about how to treat Liang Muze’s wound infection. Xia Chu said that he had no problem with Liang Muze’s wound treatment. At this time, Xiao Xiao also came, and Vice President Zhou asked Xiao Xiao what he had. Evaluation, Xiao Xiao told the truth, saying that Xia Chu was very serious, but not calm enough.

After the meeting, Xia Chu was a little angry at Xiao Xiao’s words, but Xiao Xiao said that it was because he regarded Xia Chu as a friend that he could express his most intuitive feelings. When facing Liang Muze, Xia Chu had already overridden personal emotions.

In terms of professional attributes, Xia Chu couldn’t help but say something angry, thinking that Xiao Xiao said those words for personal gain, and Xiao Xiao was hurt by Xia Chu’s words. Helpless Xia Chu called Zhang Yichi for help, and tried every means to check the information, and found Professor Ye Jun for help, and got a new treatment plan, using bacteriophages to eliminate the bacteria in Liang Muze, but everyone felt that.

The phage treatment program is too risky, and there is only one successful case, and approval is required to implement it. Xia Chu went to the ward and talked to Liang Muze who was still in a coma, and asked Liang Muze if he wanted to try again, give her some instructions. Liang Muze held Xia Chu’s hand slightly, Xia Chu said that he understood, and now he is treated. The plan is in place, and the treatment can be done only after the approval is issued.

The approval has not come down, but Liang Muze’s situation is already very bad. At the beginning of Xia he desperately rushed into the ward with the cultivated phage and injected Liang Muze. Fortunately, the phage treatment was effective in the end, and Liang Muze had already begun to reduce his fever. , Xia Chu’s hanging heart finally let go.

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