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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 35 Recap

Zhuo Ran took the people given by the master to prepare to sneak into the exercise field of Liang Muze’s troops, but there was a minefield near the border of the exercise field. When Zhuo Ran and others crossed the minefield, someone accidentally stepped on the mine and caused an explosion. Early Xia was delivering medicine to Liang Muze’s troops and discovered that Dong Zhigang had a sudden illness. Xia Chu hurried forward to check and found that Dong Zhigang was allergic.

Under questioning, he guessed that Dong Zhigang had suffered from anaphylactic shock after being bitten by a mosquito. After the military learned that there was an explosion at the border, they ordered Liang Muze to lead a team to check and put them in live ammunition, while Dong Zhigang was sent to the county hospital for further treatment.

There were red troops beside the minefield. The red troops heard the sound and thought that a wild animal detonated the mines. They planned to go around the border and hit the blue side by surprise. Zoran saw the blue troops and let the team The people injured by landmines called for help from the blue troops, while the others concealed aside.

After the army helicopter came to pick up the wounded, Zhuo Ran took them away and prepared to follow the helicopter to find a doctor. The headquarters ordered that the injured be taken away. The foreigner was sent directly to the county hospital for treatment. He happened to be in the same ward with Dong Zhigang. When he saw Xia Chu, he sent a photo to Zhuoran, saying that Xia Chu was ready to return to the exercise site. After Zhuo Ran learned the news, he commanded his subordinates to hit the army medical vehicle and hijacked Xia Chu.

When the head of the red party learned of the accident, he asked Liang Muze to lead the team to the scene to find the perpetrators and vehicles. After Liang Muze arrived at the scene, Xiao Xiao said that Xia Chu was hijacked by a group of people. Liang Muze took the locator and found that they were heading to the beach. , He asked his superiors to mobilize a helicopter to chase after him. The red leader agreed to Liang Muze’s request and asked him to rescue early Xia before the robbers fled to the open sea.

When Xia Chu found out that it was Zhuo Ran who hijacked him, he was very surprised. He asked who Zhuo Ran was and said that the real Zhuo Ran would never treat her like this. However, Zhuo Ran said that Xia Chu chose Liang Muze. These were all the price Xia Chu had to pay, Zhuo Ran’s subordinates. Let Zhuo Ran not delay any more time, the master is still waiting for him, Zhuo Ran and others drove to a deserted island in a speedboat, Liang Muze also asked to land on the island. After landing on the island, the Thunder team and Zhuo Ran started a gun battle. Zhuo Ran asked his subordinates to go to the top of the building to wait for him and cover them by himself.

After they got up, Zhuo Ran went through the woods and drove away in the fishing boat he had prepared. Liang Muze successfully rescued Xia Chu. After he was safe, Xia Chu was so scared that he hugged Liang Muze and cried, saying that she was going to go with Liang Muze, and she would follow Liang Muze wherever she went. Liang Muze comforted Xia Chu and fell into a coma because of injuries Past. When the military was watching the on-site surveillance, the foreign military representative Liang Muze knew recognized Zhuo Ran’s true identity, Pei Yu.

Tian Yong was tortured by the master so unnaturally. In a daze, he seemed to see Liang Shaoxue thinking about him. Tian Yong held on with a single breath. After a while, Long Yi came to check Tian Yong’s situation, and Tian Yong let Long Yi Get closer and say something, the cunning rabbit is dead, the running dog is cooking, and then he turned out the small needle hidden in the ring to stab Long Yi, Tian Yong subdued Long Yi, and ran out secretly.

After Long Yi was sober, he quickly reported to the master. His subordinates checked the surveillance and found that Tian Yong had not left the villa. The master went straight to the study and found that Tian Yong was lying on the ground, begging the master bitterly with the appearance of a drug addiction. Give him a little more, and the master laughed when he saw it, saying that Tian Yong was a useless person.

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