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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 34 Recap

After Liang Muze’s troops moved, they started a joint military exercise, and Xia Chu and Xiao Xiao also participated in the military exercise. Their red team was Liang Muze’s opponent. Liang Muze’s thunder team concealed in the grass and followed Xia’s motorcade all the way. When they got out of the cart at the beginning of Xia, they spotted Liang Muze all at once, and quietly asked Liang Muze to be careful next time and not to be found again.

In the evening, Liang Muze led the Thunder Squad to assault the Red Reconnaissance Battalion, obtained the combat map, and began to attack the red side. The red side was beaten steadily and retreated.

After a long wait, Long Yi finally took Tian Yong to see the master. Tian Yong turned on the button camera on his body and passed the master’s picture to Rao Feng. The master looked at Tian Yong up and down, and he called out Tian Yong’s His real name, and he also knew that Tian Yong was a special soldier. Tian Yong said that he used to be a special soldier. He committed something and went to jail. Now he came out to start again.

The master asked why he was looking for himself. Tian Yong said that it was Long Yi. Opportunity, Long Yi wanted to explain. The master interrupted him and asked Tian Yong what qualifications to cooperate with him. Tian Yong said that he has channels and contacts. He has a market for all the business the master does. The master was very suspicious of Tian Yong, and asked who sent him Tian Yong. Seeing Tian Yong refused to say it, he was sent to imprison Tian Yong.

Rao Feng and the others had lost news of Tian Yong and wanted to contact Zhuo Ran, but Zhuo Ran also lost his whereabouts. At this time, Zhuo Ran was watching Tian Yong being lifted into the well by the master in Isaiah. Long Yi rushed to Zhuo Ran’s room and asked why he knew Tian Yong was a special soldier and an undercover agent for the police and asked him to bring Tian Yong to the master, Zhuo Ran.

Said that he found that Tian Yong filled out the organ donation form, Tian Yong’s heart and his mother can match, Tian Yong is the one who can save his mother, Long Yi said that the master would not let Zhuo Ran go, and Zhuo Ran stared at Long Yi’s eyes. , Said that the master would not let him go. Zhuo Ran told Long Yi to remember to rescue Tian Yong when the police arrested the master, but Long Yi asked himself why he wanted to listen to Zhuo Ran. Zhuo Ran said that taking Tian Yong to escape is an extra insurance. Long Yi only needs to be responsible for rescuing Tian Yong. , Leave everything else to him.

The director showed Xia Guangyuan’s investigation records to Rao Feng, and they realized that Zhuoran had been traveling back and forth between Ningjiang and Dong’an for Xia Guangyuan’s research. Rao Feng wanted to request international cooperation to form a joint military-police team to rescue Tian Yong, but the director Said that there is no conclusive evidence pointing to the master, it is not suitable to start the operation, and can only continue to track Tian Yong’s whereabouts.

Liang Muze took down a tank of the red side, and people disguised as the red side drove the tank to the red side special operations brigade, and got into the red side special operations brigade under the pretext of refueling the tanks. After entering the red side special operations brigade , Liang Muze confirmed the location of the brigade and fired a cannon directly at that side. This action angered the chief of the red side and ordered Liang Muze to be captured alive.

Seeing that the police rushed into the T4 headquarters, Zhuo Ran picked up his mother and prepared to leave, but all this was the master’s play. The master had colluded with the police a long time ago, and Long Yi also told the master everything and played this. The play is to find out the inner ghost of Zoran.

The master gave Zhuo Ran another opportunity, saying that he wanted Zhuo Ran to exchange Xia Guangyuan’s research for his mother, and he could give Tian Yong to Zhuo Ran. After Zhuo Ran left, the master continued to interrogate Tian Yong, but Tian Yong still refused to say anything. Seeing Tian Yong’s stiff mouth, the master continued to torment Tian Yong.

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