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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 33 Recap

Liang Muze helped Xia Chu solve the problem of the building materials of the factory building. He found the drawings of the factory building among the piles of materials. He asked Military Attache Chen to give the drawings to the Isaya police and urged the Isaya police to carry out activities as soon as possible. This evening, When Xia Guangyuan was about to be transferred by T4, the Isaiah police arrived in the factory to rescue Xia Guangyuan.

The people of T4 were about to kill Xia Guangyuan. Tang Lin rushed out and blocked the gun for Xia Guangyuan. Francis, the lawyer who picked up Xia Guangyuan, called the master to inform him. This matter. After Xia Chu learned that his father was saved, he gratefully called Liang Muze to express his gratitude, saying that he would go back after dealing with Tang Lin’s affairs. Xia Guangyuan is under investigation by the police and will be able to see Xia Guangyuan by herself tomorrow.

The next day, Mahathir sent Xia Guangyuan to Xia Chu. Xia Guangyuan expressed his gratitude to Mahathir, but Mahathir said he would like to thank Liang Muze. He praised Liang Muze in front of Xia Guangyuan. Xia Guangyuan looked towards Xia Chu, and Xia Chu said what he said. Did not say. Liang Muze gave Dong Zhigang a love report, but Dong Zhigang said that the information leakage of Xia Guangyuan had not been investigated. Liang Muze only learned about Xia Guangyuan’s investigation. Seeing that he felt a little uncomfortable, Dong Zhigang gave Liang Muze a holiday and asked him to go. The hospital took a look at Xia Chu and asked him to submit his love report to the Political Department for approval.

Liang Muze went to the hospital and happened to see Xia Guangyuan. The two of them were a little embarrassed when they met. Xia Guangyuan said that he was going home. Liang Muze said that he would send Xia Guangyuan off. Xia Guangyuan refused. After walking a few steps, he turned around and thanked Liang Muze, but He will not change his mind because of this. Liang Muze said that one yard is one yard. It is okay to help himself, and he and Xia Chu will definitely be together.

When Xia Chu dealt with the patient, he could not find Xia Guangyuan. Liang Muze said that Xia Guangyuan had just left, and Xia Chu chased him out. He also said that Xia Guangyuan should not always be so targeted at Liang Muze. Xia Guangyuan said that when he was in love with Xia’s mother, Xia Chu’s grandfather He is also very opposed. He seems to understand the feelings of Xia Chu’s grandfather, but the world has no parents who can screw the child. Xia Chu’s grandfather can’t, and he can’t.

Xia Guangyuan’s words seem to be a tacit understanding that Xia Chu can fall in love with Liang Muze. , Early Xia was very happy. After returning, Liang Muze told Xia Chu about the love report, and Xia Chu said that he would wait for a while. At the beginning of Xia Xia went to the medical school to find Zhang Yichi and asked him if he had contacted Chen Mengzhen. He also said that Chen Mengzhen was planning to go to Beijing for development and thanked Zhang Yichi for helping him return to cardiology surgery.

Liang Shaoxue was almost recovered. Liang’s mother planned to pack her things and bring Liang Shaoxue back to the United States. Liang Shaoxue couldn’t let Tian Yong go, so she refused to leave with Liang’s mother. Liang’s mother yelled Liang Shaoxue a little bit angrily. Liang Muze comforted and said Liang Shaoxue hasn’t fully recovered yet, so it’s better to stay for a while. After Liang’s mother returned to the ward, she asked Liang Shaoxue about Tian Yong. After learning that Tian Yong was a soldier, Liang’s mother resolutely expressed opposition, but Liang Shaoxue said that Tian Yong’s tolerance for herself and all the good things to her, said she was You can be yourself with Tian Yong.

Liang’s mother said that when she married Rao Feng, she believed that they could grow old, but Rao Feng chose the latter between his wife and daughter and police uniform. Liang Shaoxue said that she and they would divorce. She wanted to look forward. She didn’t want to stay in the year of the accident, nor did she want to see Liang’s mother pretending to be happy every day, talking about Liang’s mother crying, Liang Shaoxue asked her whether she still loved Rao Feng.

Seeing that Liang Shaoxue had decided to stay and wait for Tian Yong, Liang Muze asked her to live in the army. Someone would follow her until the alarm contacted her. After all, she was the person who was thrown into the sea by Tian Yong. She was already a dead person. , May destroy Tian Yong’s mission, Liang Shaoxue had to agree. Liang Shaoxue stayed in the army alone, using the hourglass Tian Yong gave him, copying three hundred Tang poems, one by one.

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