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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 29 Recap

After Cheng Xin returned, Kong Hao fainted directly after learning about Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye. Cheng Xin got into Chu Yunfei’s car. She was very broken, saying that she had lost two homes in one day, and she had no home, Chu Yun Fei comforted Cheng Xin and sent Cheng Xin back to Zheng Gan’s house. When she got home, Cheng Xin shut herself in the room.

Jiang Jie quickly called Zheng Gan, but Cheng Xin disappeared after Zheng Gan arrived. Jiang Jie and Zheng’s father asked about the reasons, Zheng’s father was very angry, and Jiang Jie also knew about Lin Man’s existence. Jiang Jie returned the money Lin Man gave to Father Zheng, and said that he did not want to owe Lin Man the favor, and told Lin Man not to pester Zheng Gan and stay away from Zheng Gan.

Lin Man said that the matter at the reception was a misunderstanding. Jiang Jie remained unmoved and insisted on keeping Lin Man away from Zheng Gan. Jiang Jie wanted to leave after saying this. Lin Man stopped her and said that the stock had been transferred, and now it was impossible to change her name to her, and that the matters between her and Zheng Gan should be decided by herself, Jiang Jieyi Hearing it, I saw that Lin Man did have an idea for Zheng Gan.

In the morning, Father Zheng made the porridge and wanted to send it to Cheng Xin, but found that Cheng Xin secretly ran away. Cheng Xin ran out to ride a motorcycle to relax. Meng Xixi stayed by her side and waited for Cheng Xin to finish riding the motorcycle. She called Zheng Qian back, but Cheng Xin didn’t reply. Meng Xixi patiently persuaded Cheng Xin, saying that what happened last night should have been a misunderstanding, and that she had been cheated by Yang Chenguang. She knew what the derailed man was like, definitely not like Zheng Qian, but Cheng Xin was still angry with Zheng Gan.

Accepting Linman’s help and not accepting his own help, Meng Xixi said that it was because Zheng Gan regarded Linman as a partner, and Cheng Xin as his own talent was not polite to Cheng Xin. After being persuaded by Xie, Cheng Xin felt much calmer, and decided to consider forgiving Zheng Qian, but she decided that Zheng Gan could not pass the test so easily, and Zheng Qian had to suffer a bit too. After Cheng Xin returned home, Zheng Gan quickly apologized to Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin still ignored Zheng Ganai.

Cheng Jianye ran into Yao Jiaren on the road. Yao Jiaren said that she liked chatting with Cheng Jianye very much, but she never had the idea of ​​climbing Cheng Jianye. Cheng Xin is her best friend. She can’t be sorry for Cheng Xin. She asked Cheng Jianye to go back and comfort Cheng Xin. , She and Cheng Jianye should not contact them during this time.

Kong Hao cleared up his mood, cheered up again, and took Mo Xiaobao to go to the bar to indulge. Kong Hao desperately drank and got drunk, Kong Hao drank uncomfortably, suddenly felt homesick, Mo Xiaobao sent Kong Hao back Home. After Kong Hao returned home, he told his parents about his breakup with Yao Jiaren.

Father Zheng and Jie Jiang thought that Cheng Xin locked themselves in a room without eating or drinking. Father Zheng was a little worried, so they planned to turn in from the window to see Cheng Xin’s condition. As a result, Father Zheng slipped and almost slipped. Falling from the window sill, Zheng Qian and Jiang Jie hurriedly rushed to Cheng Xin’s room to help Zheng father in. Zheng Qian was scared enough to see Cheng Xin still stealing snacks in the room. Zheng Qian was very angry and made Cheng Xin. Stop making trouble.

Zheng Gan and Chu Yunfei plan to collaborate on a talk show. Chu Yunfei asked if Zheng Gan had contact with Lin Man recently, and wanted Lin Man to join the group, bringing them more resources and contacts, Chu Yun Fei also persuaded Zheng Gan to separate work and life and not to confuse the two.

Yang Chenguang found Mengxue again, and Yang Chenguang pulled Mengxie with a sullen expression, and said that he would take her to a place to see.

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