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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 28 Recap

Cheng Jianye sent Yao Jiaren back. Kong Hao was waiting for Yao Jiaren in the community. Seeing Yao Jiaren got off the luxury car, Kong Hao wondered if Yao Jiaren had left him because of sugar daddy. Yao Jiaren was very angry with Kong Hao’s suspicion and said he was He wasn’t that kind of person, and he broke up with Kong Hao. What he said had nothing to do with Kong Hao.

Cheng Xin went home to pick up the clothes. Cheng Jianye pulled Cheng Xin to sit down and chat, saying that he was worried that Cheng Xin and Zheng Qian would suffer together, and that he was also worried that Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin would be coveted by Cheng Group. Cheng Xin said Zheng Qian is not that kind of person. He said a lot of good things for Zheng Qian.

Cheng Jianye was a little helpless. He said that he would take a good look at Zheng Qian during this period. Cheng Xin was relieved to see Cheng Jianye and was very happy, and his attitude towards Cheng Jianye was not good. Shao, after eating dinner with Cheng Jianye, he returned to the studio to tell Zheng Gan the good news. Zheng Qian didn’t believe it before, but seeing Cheng Xin so sure, Zheng Gan couldn’t help but become happy.

When the day came to continue shooting the commercial, something went wrong on Kong Hao’s side. The crew was ready, but Kong Hao hadn’t come. How could Mo Xiaobao persuade him, Kong Hao couldn’t get in, so Mo Xiaobao had to go by himself After the shooting scene, he took the place of Kong Hao. This is the end of the matter. Zheng Gan could only let Mo Xiaobao get on. When Mo Xiaobao was debugging the equipment, Qiao Siwen suddenly came and made a mockery of Zheng Qian. The second time, because Cheng Xin pleaded with Chu Yunfei, Chu Yunfei let Zheng Gan go.

Zheng Gan was in a bad mood after hearing Qiao Siwen’s words. After returning, he lost his temper with Cheng Xin and told her not to intervene in everything. He didn’t need Cheng Xin to find Chu Yun and fly away from the back door. Cheng Xin was very puzzled. She felt Mingyi. This is a very simple matter. Zheng Gan always misinterpreted her meaning, and asked if Linman was the only one who could help him, but he could not help him. Cheng Xin still suspected that Lin Man would be interesting to Zheng Gan for helping Zheng Gan in this way. Very big head, I think Cheng Xin is really unreasonable.

Cheng Xin was so angry that he went to see Chu Yunfei for dinner. Chu Yunfei invited Cheng Xin to the cocktail party he mentioned last time. Cheng Xin begged Chu Yunfei to give herself another invitation letter, saying that Zheng Gan would definitely be interested in this cocktail party, Chu. Yun Fei couldn’t help Cheng Xin’s pleading, so he gave her another invitation letter. Cheng Xin happily returned to the studio and gave the invitation letter to Zheng Qian, but Zheng Gan explained that he had an important event to prepare for, so that Cheng Xin would stop making trouble, and Cheng Xin was very angry. Cheng Jianye also invited Yao Jiaren and himself to participate in the business reception, which could allow Yao Jiaren to expand his contacts, and Yao Jiaren happily agreed.

Cheng Xin and Meng Xixi went to Yao Jiaren’s new house. Cheng Xin and the two of them complained about Zheng Gan. Yao Jiaren asked Cheng Xin to stimulate Zheng Gan, which caused Zheng Gan’s sense of crisis. Yao Jiaren was talking. Cheng Jianye bought Yao Jiaren. The dress for the reception arrived, Cheng Xin was very gossip, Yao Jiaren was a little guilty, and quickly said that she bought it on Taobao. When Cheng Jianye went to pick up Yao Jiaren, Yao Jiaren didn’t wear a dress and said that she didn’t know how to dress up. Cheng Jianye even took her to make a styling.

What Cheng Xin didn’t know was that Zheng Qian and Lin Man also participated in the same reception. Lin Man introduced the new financial circle Fu Kai to Zheng Qian. Fu Kai misunderstood the relationship between Lin Man and Zheng Qian and said that he would agree very readily. Take care of Zheng Qian. Cheng Xingang and Chu Yunfei entered the reception and they saw Cheng Jianye. Cheng Xin quickly took Chu Yun and flew away.

As soon as Cheng Xin left, Lin Man, Zheng Gan and Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren met. Lin Man also misunderstood the relationship between Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye also misunderstood Zheng Qian and Lin Man because of Fu Kai’s words. Cheng Xin bumped into Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye together, and saw Lin Man and Zheng Gan pulling and pulling, Cheng Xin was hit repeatedly, and went back to the studio to pack up and want to leave.

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