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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 16 Recap

Shen Boqing looked at the information bag in his hand. He remembered the abnormal behavior of waking up after the elevator accident. And Tongwei also guessed what happened before. Yu Shengsheng was able to get an interview with Leyi because of Jiang Yi. Last time he didn’t meet Jiang Dachuan at the camping site but Yu Shengsheng was with Jiang Yi. For more than two days, I asked for hypothesis to take care of my friend’s sister. That friend was Jiang Yi, and this time she asked for leave because of Jiang Yi.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi quietly touched their bodies in front of Jiang Mo to see if they had a chance to change their bodies, but all kinds of attempts were useless. Jiang Yi thought of another way, and the two soaked their feet together. Yu Shengsheng said that now Jiang Dachuan and Tong Tong both know that they are friends. When they never contact them again, do they find a good excuse to terminate the relationship in advance.

Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng whether she meant to be a netizen, or that she didn’t want to be his friend. Yu Shengsheng felt that even though he said that, goodbye is often never seen again, and their never seeing each other should slowly disappear into each other’s life and become one of the countless passers-by. Jiang Yi thought for a while and said that he would contact him often.

Jiang Mo told Jiang Yi who was in Yu Shengsheng’s body that his brother had become so strange today. He actually laughed at her, helped her pick vegetables and played with her. She always felt that her brother hated herself. Jiang Mo felt that it was because there was a voice that his brother treated her so nicely. She likes such a brother. Jiang Mo suggested that her sister and brother should stay together in the future.

Jiang Yi’s mother came back to China to find Jiang Yi, and Yu Shengsheng took him home in place of Jiang Yi. At this time, Jiang Dachuan came to Jiang Yi and told Yu Shengsheng that Jiang Yi’s favorite director, Director Steven, had a schedule tomorrow in Beijing. He saw Jiang Yi’s play and felt that Jiang Yi fits well with the characters in his newly prepared play and wanted to talk to Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng said to consider, Jiang Dachuan reached out and probed her forehead to suspect that she was sick.

Jiang Yi’s father brought Momo’s toys over. Jiang Yi’s father and mother didn’t know what to say when they met. Momo came out and saw his father run over excitedly. Jiang Yi’s mother asked Jiang Yi’s father why his daughter was here, and the two quarreled because of their attitude towards Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi saw his parents’ quarrel again, interrupted their quarrel and went out. After Yu Sheng went downstairs, he learned that Jiang Yi had left and followed him out to find him.

Yu Shengsheng found Jiang Yi who was drunk based on the positioning system in his phone. Jiang Yi remembered the scene when his parents quarreled with each other when he was a child, so he could only drink to numb him. Yu Shengsheng had to help him back. Jiang Yi suddenly squatted on the side of the road and looked ahead, letting the rest of the voice see the thousands of lights in front of him, but none of them belonged to him. They didn’t want him anymore. Yu Shengsheng coaxed Jiang Yi home, saying that he was fine, she wanted him, and then said that every time she walked through a street lamp, she would tell one of his advantages.

Yu Shengsheng told Jiang Yi that none of these 10,000 lights was lit for him. There are many people in this world who care about him. The lights on the stage and the glow sticks waving in the hands of fans, they all lit for him. bright. Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng how he was so good and how she liked Pei Jiashu, and Yu Shengsheng explained that she and Pei Jiashu did not like that. Jiang Yi walked to the road faintly, a car drove over, and the sound of the sound hurriedly pulled back Jiang Yi who had gone out. The two hugged each other, and the two unexpectedly changed back.

Yu Shengsheng said that liking stars like Jiashu is like looking at the stars in the sky too far away. His light is shining on her, and she can just watch him glow and shine from a distance. But Yu Shengsheng was different to Jiang Yi. Although he was also one of the stars in the sky, she couldn’t just look at him from a distance. She wanted to walk towards him, touch him, and hug him. She is full of selfishness towards him.

Yu Shengsheng confessed to Jiang Yi that she thought she was going to fail and wanted to leave, but Jiang Yi grabbed her, and the two hugged each other. Jiang Yi always laughed when he said he was Yu Shengsheng. He seriously thought that he was happy. Not because of hiding in her body, but because of being happy with her. Then Yu Shengsheng fell asleep drunk, Jiang Yi received a call from Jiang Dachuan, asking him to send his parents away, and then arranged for someone to pick him up and Yu Shengsheng home.

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