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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 15 Recap

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi tried various methods at home, but they couldn’t get back. When they meditated, Yu Shengsheng couldn’t sit still, opened his eyes and was spotted by Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng suggested taking a bath and then going for a walk together. The two walked side by side, Jiang Yi stretched out his hand and held Yu Shengsheng’s hand. Yu Shengsheng looked at Jiang Yi and felt that it would be better to have more contact if you change back.

Suddenly Li Zhen called Jiang Yi. She said that she would leave for China to participate in a project seminar. She would stay in China for a period of time. The next night she wanted to go to see Jiang Yi and asked him if it was convenient. Jiang Yi agreed. . Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi what to do if they couldn’t change back in these two days. Jiang Yi said that she would just go see her, but she didn’t need to talk much for routine business. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi to talk to her if he was in a bad mood.

Yu Shengsheng asked his parents if they had divorced since childhood and gave him to his grandfather to take care of them. Jiang Yi shook his head and said frankly that he was just bored. When he was a child, Jiang Yi’s father threw Jiang Yi into the houses of various aunts, and he was used to seeing people’s warmth and warmth. Sometimes when it rains, other people’s children are picked up by their parents, and Jiang Yi can only go home in the rain. After that, Yu Shengsheng suggested sleeping together at night, maybe when they wake up, the two will be able to switch back.

Xu Shuyi came to Jiashu and asked him what he had planned for the past two days, wanted to invite him to have a meal with him in the evening and asked Jiang Yi if he was free. Jia Shu said Jiang Yi had more time to spare recently, and Xu Shuyi said that Jiang Yi seemed to have changed since she met reporter Yu. Jia Shu also felt that Jiang Yi was inexplicable recently, so Xu Shuyi had time to remind Jiang Yi. Jiashu refused Xu Shuyi’s invitation tonight. He was married to a high school classmate, so he had to congratulate him.

Yu Shengsheng woke up and found that they were disappointed that their bodies had not changed back. The two planned to find other ways. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi were eating breakfast with their own worries. Xu Shuyi sent a message to Jiang Yi to help forward the Weibo propaganda web drama. Yu Shengsheng gave Jiang Yi his mobile phone and told him to forward Weibo and asked him to take a snack. Yu Shengsheng craned his neck curiously to see what Jiang Yi was sending.

Yu Shengsheng feels that Jiang Yi is now in a critical period of career transformation and should focus on career. Jiang Yi told Zhang Zhizhi a few days ago to inquire about his gossip. There was a rumor that Jiang Yi was in love, but he didn’t know it. Yu Shengsheng told Jiang Yi that Xu Shuyi was really not suitable for him. Jiang Yi also gave her a piece of advice and asked her to sort out her mood and put away her idol drama brain and find a suitable boyfriend.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi tried other gestures, but they couldn’t change their bodies. Yu Sheng closed the curtains and put on the horror movie, and the two watched together. Yu Shengsheng was frightened, but Jiang Yi calmly knew that routines were not scared at all. The two were watching a horror movie, and suddenly Tong Wei came back. The two sat on the sofa casually and greeted Tong Wei. Tongyu introduced himself to Jiang Yi and shook hands, and then called Yu Shengsheng back to the room to talk. After returning to his room, Tong Wei was very excited, worried that he would not perform well in front of Jiang Yi.

Tong Wei changed his clothes and went out. The lingering sound in Jiang Yi’s body sent Tong Wei welfare, gave her an autograph, took a photo with her, and recorded her wake-up ringtone. Tong Wei was very happy. Jiang Yi’s father sent Jiang Mo to Jiang Yi again, and Jiang Mo was very happy to hold her when he saw the sound of Yu Sheng. The colleague asked Shen Boqing for help. It turned out that the director had a surgical assistant doctor who asked him to replace him.

Shen Boqing agreed. Shen Boqing saw the gift box in his colleague’s hand and asked that he also liked this combination. He explained that he was going to give it to his niece, but he was scratched in exchange for it. Last time Jiang Yi elevator accident was hospitalized in their hospital. I scratched him, this is compensation from the agent. Shen Boqing felt that it was an intermittent nervous disorder after the fright, and then he suddenly seemed to think of something.

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