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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 8 Recap

Du Xiaosu came to Mr. Ning to find a job that can earn money quickly. Mr. Ning recommended her to work as a construction site supervisor, worrying that she would not be able to bear the hardship. Du Xiaosu is exposed to the sun and wind on the construction site every day. She is not afraid of being tired, she just wants to make money to buy a house as soon as possible.

Du Xiaosu came to Lei Yuzheng to declare war. Lei Yuzheng persuaded her to surrender as soon as possible. Du Xiaosu was not convinced and wanted to fight him to the end. Du Xiaosu went to the bar to sell alcohol part-time. Since that day, Du Xiaosu has been busy. She went to the bar for the night shift after work. She was exhausted every day, but she still clenched her teeth.

Lei Yuzheng went to the bar to buy drunk and accidentally saw Du Xiaosu selling alcohol here. The guests forced her to drink a lot of alcohol, but did not intend to buy it. Lei Yuzheng forced Du Xiaosu out and called her a lunatic. Du Xiaosu sat on the ground angrily. Lei Yuzheng was not allowed to care about her, Lei Yuzheng did not want to live up to Shao Zhenrong’s entrustment, and did not want to see her committing himself. Du Xiaosu wanted to win the gambling game with all his heart. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to listen to her long-winded, and forcibly pushed her into the car.

Du Xiaosu was overwhelmed with alcohol, and soon became drunk and unconscious. He vomited wildly in the car. Lei Yuzheng was so angry that he gritted his teeth and bit his scalp and gave her a bottle of water. Du Xiaosu gradually became sober. She ridiculed Lei Yuzheng. They both She felt sorry for the same disease, and lost her favorite person. Lei Yuzheng asked about the address of Du Xiaosu’s house, but she was confused and unable to tell. Du Xiaosu woke up and found himself in the hotel. He suspected that Lei Yuzheng was plotting against her. Lei Yuzheng picked up the rain shower and sprayed cold water on her head desperately to calm her down.

Lei Yuzheng asked the hotel attendant to come and change his clothes, and saw that Du Xiaosu was already asleep in the bathtub. Du Xiaosu woke up early in the morning and found that she was staying in a hotel and there was a woman’s dress on the bed. She quickly changed her clothes and tried to leave. She didn’t expect Lei Yuzheng to be there. Du Xiaosu couldn’t get in the car because it was too early. Lei Yuzheng invited her to breakfast and complained that she shouldn’t drink so much, otherwise it would be troublesome when encountering bad people. Du Xiaosu boasted that she would protect herself very well.

Du Xiaosu came to the bar early in the morning, and the boss gave her a large bonus. Du Xiaosu couldn’t help but came to the noodle shop where she met Shao Zhenrong for the first time. Lin Xiangyuan asked Lei Yuzheng about the progress of the entertainment city. Lei Yuzheng asked him what he wanted to do. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to make the groundbreaking ceremony beautiful. Lei Yuzheng strongly opposed it, and even sneered at Lin Xiangyuan.

Lin Xiangyuan became more angry the more he thought about it, he called Xie Li for help, and Xie Li promised to find someone to make trouble at the construction site. Du Xiaosu was on the construction site and suddenly saw a group of people making trouble. She repeatedly claimed that the demolition fee was too low. She hurried over to stop it. Those people were reluctant and attacked Du Xiaosu. Lei Yuzheng came to subdue the leader after hearing the news and gave a severe lesson. After they had a meal, those people were clamoring for money, Du Xiaosu fought hard with them, and fainted because of overwork.

Lei Yuzheng took Du Xiaosu to the hospital. The doctor checked that she was in temporary shock due to fatigue. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue Du Xiaosu, Du Xiaosu finally came back to life. She confused Lei Yuzheng as Shao Zhenrong and tightly pulled his clothes. , Begging him not to leave, Lei Yuzheng suddenly felt soft, so he had to stay with Du Xiaosu.

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