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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 13 Recap

Lei Yuzheng took Du Xiaosu over the wall and entered the elementary school. He couldn’t wait to take her to the big banyan tree and dig out the baby he and Shao Zhenrong buried in the ground when they were young. The box was full of memories, Lei Yu said. Du Xiaosu refused to miss a detail. The two of them cherished the memory of Shao Zhenrong. Finally, Du Xiaosu buried the baby box in place.

Lin Xiangyuan accompanied Jiang Fanlu to the mall to buy clothes. Jiang Fanlu wanted to beat the group at the company’s annual meeting. She went around the mall three times and couldn’t pick the evening gown to please Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan was exhausted. But I dared not speak. Jiang Fanlu kept trying on clothes, Lin Xiangyuan could only wait patiently, and finally started to doze off. Jiang Fanlu finally chose a white gauze skirt of more than 20,000 yuan and asked Lin Xiangyuan to pay the bill. Lin Xiangyuan asked the waiter to issue an invoice for office supplies. Jiang Fanlu was immediately angry and became angry.

Zou Siqi and He Qunfei went to great lengths to rent a house. They hurried back to pack their luggage. The landlord suddenly changed his mind and stopped renting. Zou Siqi was caught off guard. Du Xiaosu rushed home. She was at a loss. He Qunfei wanted to buy a house and marry Zou Siqi as soon as possible. , He summoned the courage to explain the situation to Lei Yuzheng and wanted to buy Yutian’s house at the employee’s price, but Lei Yuzheng reminded her not to condone material women.

Lin Xiangyuan saw that He Qunfei had something on his mind, so he humbled and asked him. He Qunfei told about the trouble Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu had in renting an apartment. Lin Xiangyuan promised to cede the apartment the company gave him to Du Xiaosu and Zou Siqi. Zou Siqi had no choice but to buy gifts to ask Brother Li and his wife to persuade them not to divorce for the house, so as not to backfire. Brother Li found it reasonable and was scolded by his wife. Zou Siqi had to call He Qunfei.

Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu had been around for a whole day, but they didn’t find a more suitable rental house than their current house. They were on the street complacent. He Qunfei suddenly called Zou Siqi and asked her to go to the house alone. Zou Siqi immediately took a taxi. Unexpectedly, Lin Xiangyuan came here afterwards. He wanted to take Zou Siqi to inspect the house. He repeatedly explained that this was a friend’s house and let Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu live for free.

Zou Siqi suspected that he had ulterior motives. Lin Xiangyuan promised to make sure. Zou Siqi followed him in to see the house. When the house was large and the decoration was luxurious, although Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly promised that his friend would let him see the house, Zou Siqi was still not at ease. Lin Xiangyuan had to admit that he wanted to help Du Xiaosu, but worried that Du Xiaosu would not accept it, so Zou Siqi reluctantly accepted the key to the house. .

Zou Siqi came home very late, and saw that Sister Li was arguing at the door of the house, and forced them to move out as soon as possible. Du Xiaosu sent Sister Li away because of the bad news. Zou Siqi told her about finding the house, and Du Xiaosu didn’t think much about it. Early the next morning, Zou Siqi and He Qunfei took Du Xiaosu to see the house. Du Xiaosu liked it very much, but was worried that the rent would be too high. Zou Siqi lied to her relatives to leave the house left abroad. Du Xiaosu let Zou Siqi and He Qunfei live together. She didn’t want to join in the fun. Zou Siqi repeatedly assured the house that there was no problem, and He Qunfei helped out. It was not convenient for him to live with Zou Siqi, so Du Xiaosu stayed at ease.

Lei Yuzheng convened a board of directors and publicly rejected Lin Xiangyuan’s proposal to build an entertainment city. Lin Xiangyuan went to finance the reimbursement of the white skirt after the meeting, and then came to Zou Siqi personally, and asked her to give the skirt to Du Xiaosu. At the same time, Jiang Fanlu called the mall and bought the white veil that she was fancying.

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