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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan has been unable to contact Lei Yuzheng. He came to see Lei Ting in person, and gave him a limited edition golf club to his liking. Lei Ting couldn’t put it down. Lin Xiangyuan complained to Lei Ting. He had already raised the entertainment city. The agreement was handed over to Lei Yuzheng, but he did not reply for a long time.

Due to limited conditions on the island, only generators can be used for lighting at night. Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng accompanied the children to paint. Suddenly the generator failed and the power was cut off. Lei Yuzheng offered to repair it. Du Xiaosu illuminates him with a flashlight. The old-fashioned generator was repaired with great effort, and Du Xiaosu couldn’t help but look at him with admiration.

Shanwa was worried about his father who was treating in the hospital. Lei Yuzheng told him his true identity, admitted that he was not Shao Zhenrong, and agreed to find the best doctor to see his father. He Qunfei invited Zou Siqi to dinner, specially prepared her favorite diamond ring and wanted to propose to her. Zou Siqi borrowed one hundred thousand yuan from him for investment without waiting for him to speak. He Qunfei worried that she would be deceived and asked hard about the use of the money. , Zou Siqi didn’t allow him to ask more, He Qunfei took out his empty wallet, Zou Siqi slammed the door and left with anger.

He Qunfei walked boringly on the street, Lin Xiangyuan took the initiative to come to him and asked him to sign a contract with the investment company in place of Lei Yuzheng, promising to give him a generous reward after the event was completed. Since Lei Yuzheng came to the island, Shanwa has changed like a different person. Du Xiaosu is very grateful to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng and Shanwa have been in sympathy with each other. They were abandoned by their mother since they were young. He opened up to Du Xiaosu, and Du Xiaosu persuaded Lei Yuzhen to find him. Own mother, maybe she has unspeakable concealment.

Through these few days’ trip to the island, Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu have gradually resolved their misunderstandings. They will leave the island tomorrow. That night, Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng took the children to light a bonfire at the beach. They fished and barbecued together and had fun. Talking and laughing. Jiang Fanlu couldn’t get in touch with Lei Yuzheng, so he had to look for it at home. The housekeeper only knew that Lei Yuzheng had gone on vacation, and the exact location was unclear. Jiang Fanlu had to leave in grief.

Du Xiaosu came back from the small island and wanted to go to work after just eating two bites of rice. Zou Siqi learned that she and Lei Yuzheng were going to the small island together, and curiously asked about the details. Du Xiaosu repeatedly praised Lei Yuzheng. Zou Siqi thought she liked Lei Yuzheng, but Du Xiaosu didn’t allow it. She said nonsense that it was impossible for the two of them. Lei Yuzheng was called home by Lei Ting when he came back from the island, urging him to advance the entertainment city project as soon as possible, and forcing him to marry Jiang Fanlu, Lei Yuzheng did not want to make him angry, so he had to find all kinds of excuses.

During the lunch break, Lei Yuzheng came to Boyuan’s cafeteria for dinner, and even sat across from Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu saw the jealous and hateful eyes of her female colleagues. She just wanted to leave. Lei Yuzheng revealed that he had ordered an imported generator for the island. Du Xiaosu happily closed her mouth together, Lei Yuzheng forced her to sit down and have a meal together, Jiang Fanlu rushed over and asked about Lei Yuzheng’s whereabouts, Du Xiaosu took the opportunity to escape, Jiang Fanlu asked Lei Yuzheng to eat together tonight, Lei Yuzheng An excuse to refuse.

Lei Yuzheng came under the big banyan tree and remembered Shao Zhenrong again. Then, Lei Yuzheng came to see Shao Kaixuan. Shao Kaixuan was very happy. He held Lei Yuzheng’s hand and made his favorite steamed fish. When Du Xiaosu came to Shao Zhenrong’s house, she hesitated repeatedly not to knock on the door, and quietly put a bunch of carnations at the door and left.

Lei Yuzheng left after eating and saw the bunch of flowers at the door. He learned from the nanny that someone had delivered a bunch of carnations every three to five. Lei Yuzheng guessed that it was from Du Xiaosu. He hurriedly chased it out. Sure enough, he saw Du Xiaosu, Du Xiaosu often Come to Shao Zhenrong’s door to be in a daze, and I want to see Shao Kaixuan’s current situation, Lei Yuzheng

The landlord Brother Li and his wife faked a divorce and wanted to sell the house to buy a new one. The two of them came to inform Zou Siqi to move out as soon as possible. Zou Siqi hurriedly called Du Xiaosu back.

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