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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 11 Recap

Du Xiao and Su Xing rushed to open the house that Shao Zhenrong had bought during his lifetime, and remembered Shao Zhenrong’s every design of the room, and felt that Shao Zhenrong was by his side.

When Du Xiaosu received a birthday gift from Teacher Sun and the children on the island to Shao Zhenrong, he remembered that Shao Zhenrong wanted to take her to that island. There were Teacher Sun and the lovely children before. Du Xiaosu regretted that he paid it back. Without a trip, Shao Zhenrong left forever.

Du Xiaosu met Lei Yuzheng and brought him to the unique noodle restaurant, where Du Xiaosu and Shao Zhenrong met for the first time. Du Xiaosu took out all his savings and wrote an IOU, promising a monthly mortgage. To repay, to return the house’s money to Lei Yuzheng in installments. Lei Yuzheng laughed and said that this was a contract of sale, and Du Xiaosu was willing. The proprietress recognized Du Xiaosu and casually asked about Shao Zhenrong’s current situation. Du Xiaosu lied that he was working overtime in the hospital.

Du Xiaosu ordered the noodles that she and Shao Zhenrong both loved. She was so emotional that she couldn’t help but burst into tears. After the meal, Du Xiaosu thanked Lei Yuzheng for her generosity, and took the initiative to give her the house. Du Xiaosu took out a ferry ticket and asked Lei Yuzheng to go to the small island to see the children supported by Shao Zhenrong. Lei Yuzheng excused something, Du Xiaosu After pleading hard, Lei Yuzheng promised to donate to the children. Du Xiaosu did not buy it at all and insisted on giving face-to-face care to the children.

Du Xiaosu prepared books and daily necessities for the children, and she went out carrying a large suitcase. Lei Yuzheng had been absent-minded during the meeting, and he resolutely turned off all his entertainment and rushed to the dock. Du Xiaosu kept looking back, hoping that Lei Yuzheng would change his mind and go to the island with her. The result was disappointed. Unexpectedly, Lei Yuzheng would chase afterwards, and the two of them held the boat hand in hand.

Lin Xiangyuan came to sign a contract with Lei Yuzheng, there was no one in the office, and He Qunfei didn’t know the whereabouts of Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan didn’t believe it at all, but there was nothing he could do about it. Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng came to the island by boat. Teacher Sun brought the children to the dock to greet them early. They also mistaken Lei Yuzheng for Shao Zhenrong, and Lei Yuzheng did not explain.

Teacher Sun took Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng to visit the school, and the children chatted and laughed around Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Fanlu couldn’t get in touch with Lei Yuzheng. She went home and complained to Jiang Jin. Jiang Jin kindly persuaded her to persuade her to understand Lei Yuzheng. That night, Teacher Sun arranged Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng in his dormitory. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to live in the same room with Lei Yuzheng, but Lei Yuzheng thought it was a good place. He took the initiative to lay the ground floor.

In the middle of the night, Lei Yuzheng dreamed that his mother had left him cruelly on the day when thunder and lightning hit him. He was frightened and awakened. He heard the thunder and thunder outside and the heavy rain. He quickly got up and closed the window. He turned to see Du Xiaosu sitting on the ground shivering. Just afraid of thunder, Lei Yuzheng picked her up and put a blanket on her to keep warm. Du Xiaosu asked about his nightmare and wanted to chat with him. Lei Yuzheng recounted the painful past.

Teacher Sun brought Shanwa to Lei Yuzheng for help early in the morning. Shanwa’s father suffered a heart attack. Lei Yuzheng was taken to the health center on the island without saying a word. Due to limited medical conditions, the doctor suggested sending the patient to a major hospital in the city. , Lei Yuzheng took out a bank card and gave it to Teacher Sun, asking him to pay the hospitalization fee to Shanwa’s father. Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu accompanied Shanwa to the city. Lei Yuzheng learned that Shanwa was abandoned by his mother and that he and his father depended on each other. Lei Yuzheng felt the same way and understood the suffering in Shanwa’s heart.

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