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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 10 Recap

Jiang Fanlu then came out to find Du Xiaosu. She saw Lei Yuzheng there and hurried over to say hello. Lei Yuzheng learned that she was taking Du Xiaosu to accompany the client to drink and reminded her not to drink too much, but her eyes looked at Du Xiaosu.

At the end of the dinner, Du Xiaosu walked alone on the street. Lei Yuzheng drove past her to remind her to be careful of being robbed. Then he put it into a sack and threw it into the Huangpu River. Du Xiaosu was frightened and hurried into the car by his intimidation. Along the way, Du Xiaosu ridiculed Lei Yuzheng by Jiu Jin, making fun of him as a cold stone with no pain points, preferring to shut himself in a shell and not daring to be who he is. Lei Yuzheng did not defend himself, and let her ridicule him casually. Ironically, in the end, Du Xiaosu said that he was tired, so he leaned on his seat and fell asleep.

Zou Siqi waited until late, and did not see Du Xiaosu coming home from get off work. She called He Qunfei to inquire and learned that Du Xiaosu was still working overtime. Lei Yuzheng sent Du Xiaosu downstairs and couldn’t bear to wake her up, so he silently guarded her. After Du Xiaosu woke up, he hurriedly said goodbye to Lei Yuzheng. Before leaving, Du Xiaosu also reminded Lei Yuzheng to let go of the burden in his heart so that he could move forward easily. .

Du Xiaosu came to work early in the morning and ran into Lin Xiangyuan, Jiang Fanlu and Lei Yuzheng. She deliberately hid behind and didn’t want to take the same elevator with the three of them. Lei Yuzheng called Du Xiaosu up, and Jiang Fanlu showed great hospitality to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng deliberately revealed that he sent Du Xiaosu home last night. Jiang Fanlu was very annoyed and spoke harshly at Du Xiaosu. There was a sudden power outage in the elevator, and Du Xiaosu instinctively caught Lei Yuzheng, which made Jiang Fanlu more angry and gave her a severe lesson.

Lin Xiangyuan tried his best to recommend an investment company to Lei Yuzheng to join the entertainment city project. Lei Yuzheng never let go. Lin Xiangyuan complained to Jiang Jin. Jiang Jin personally came to Lei Ting and asked him to persuade Lei Yuzheng to accept Lin Xiangyuan’s suggestion. Lei Ting promised to do it properly. deal with. Du Xiaosu worked hard every day, and after get off work, she was busy going to the bar to do part-time jobs. When she got home, she was tired and fell asleep, but she was far from the down payment.

Lei Ting urges Lei Yuzheng to marry Jiang Fanlu as soon as possible. Lei Yuzheng has always regarded Jiang Fanlu as his sister, and has never thought about getting married. Lei Ting casually asked about the progress of the entertainment city project, but Lei Yuzheng was not optimistic. He has been watching If you want to fully understand the company’s financial statements, Lei Ting knew that the reason for his fear of marriage was because he was abandoned by his mother when he was a child. Lei Yuzheng did not want to mention this sad past.

Today is Shao Zhenrong’s birthday. Du Xiaosu bought a birthday cake early, and she went to see Shao Zhenrong at the cemetery. Lei Yuzheng pushed away all the entertainment to see Shao Zhenrong. From a distance, I saw Du Xiaosu talking to Shao Zhenrong about his thoughts, regretting abandoning their feelings for the grievances of the previous generation. The more Du Xiaosu said, the more sad he was, lying on the tombstone. Howling and crying, Lei Yuzheng felt very uncomfortable.

Du Xiaosu considered repeatedly deciding to give up the gambling agreement with Lei Yuzheng. She voluntarily surrendered and came directly to Lei Yuzheng to resign. Lei Yuzheng promised. Du Xiaosu bids farewell to He Qunfei and Zou Siqi, and wants to go to another city to start a new life. He Qunfei firmly believes that Lei Yuzheng wants to file her aggressiveness, and persuades her to persuade Lei Yuzheng. At this moment, Lei Yuzheng asked the courier to send the key to the house, and also invited Du Xiaosu back to Boyuan.

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