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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 32 Recap

During the lunch break at the beginning of Xia, Mother Xia called and said some greetings, but Xia Mu anxiously said that Xia Guangyuan had gone to Isaiah. There was no news in these two days, and she could not contact anyone at all. Xia Chu asked about the flight.

No. He checked into the hotel, but the phone number of the hotel staying in could not be reached at all, and the information of this hotel could not be found online. Xia Chu panicked and quickly called the Isaya Embassy. Only then did he learn that Xia Guangyuan had been arrested. Xia Chu decided to go to Isaya to bring Xia Guangyuan back safely.

In Isaya, a lawyer came to pick up Xia Guangyuan and asked Xia Guangyuan to sign the document. Xia Guangyuan was so scared that he signed the word without much doubt. The lawyer picked up Xia Guangyuan and got on the car. What Xia Guangyuan said, the lawyer said nothing. When Xia Guangyuan finally realized that something was wrong, he had already fainted because of drinking the medicated water.

Liang Shaoxue woke up from a coma. Liang’s mother had already arrived at the hospital. She was relieved to see Liang Shaoxue waking up, but Liang Shaoxue cried. When she fell into the sea, she realized that Tian Yong was on a mission, and she had no contact with Tian Yong. For herself, she thought it was Tian Yong who was angry, and cried and said that she didn’t want to harm him. Liang’s mother didn’t understand what Liang Shaoxue was talking about, Liang Muze told Liang’s mother to stop asking.

Zoran called Migu with a voice changer and said that he had a piece of news to break the news that Xia Guangyuan had been kidnapped in Isaiah, and T4 announced that he was responsible for it. Before going to Isaya in the beginning of Xia, Migu told Xia Chu about the news, and asked Xia Chu to tell Liang Muze about the incident, but Xia Chu said that Liang Muze could not go abroad to help herself. She didn’t want Liang Muze to be embarrassed, so she let Migu. Keeping it a secret for himself, but Migu worried about the beginning of Xia, so he told Liang Muze about it.

Here, Zhuo Ran asked Long Yi to take Tian Yong to Isaiah to see the master, saying that Xia Guangyuan had arrived in Isaiah and they must open the Chinese market through Tian Yong as soon as possible. Before Tian Yong left, he asked Rao Feng if the person who harmed Liang Shaoxue was Long Yi. Rao Feng did not deny and told Tian Yong that he had two tasks to go to Isaia this time. One was to find the location of T4’s headquarters, and the other was to find out. Who is the master, it is best to take a picture of the master and cooperate with the local police to find out the true identity of the master.

After learning of this, Liang Muze impulsively asked Dong Zhigang to ask for leave to help Xia Chu in Isaya. Dong Zhigang did not agree, but he still helped Liang Muze dial the number of Isaya Chen’s military attache and asked Chen to help Xia Chu. Liang Muze could not go abroad, but he still went to the airport to find Xia Chu, and asked him to contact a person named Mahathir after arriving in Isaya, who could help Xia Chu. As soon as Xia Chu arrived at the airport, Mahathir received her and told Xia Chu all the existing clues.

He said that Tang Lin had no response to seeing Xia Guangyuan being arrested. He left through another gate and there is no Tang now. Lin’s departure record. After a period of investigation, they have been able to determine that Tang Lin is related to T4. Xia Guangyuan is likely to be locked up in an abandoned factory, but the local police could not find more information about the factory’s construction. After telling Liang Muze, Liang Muze found that the factory was a bit familiar.

Migu’s WeChat official account suddenly released the news about Xia Guangyuan’s kidnapping, and had a reading volume of 100,000+. Early Xia was very worried about Xia Guangyuan’s accident. Migu remembered that she had given her official account permission to Zhuo Ran. Suspicions grew. She called Zoran, but couldn’t get through to Zoran. Migu had to go to Zhuoran’s company to look for him, but found Zhuoran’s secret room in Zhuoran’s office. Migu guessed the code and checked everywhere in the secret room. Migu saw the pistol before, she tried to pull the trigger, but found The gun was real, Migu was taken aback, and hurried away.

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