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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 31 Recap

Liang Shaoxue arrived in the army, but was turned away by the sentry at the door, saying that he had refused visitors to visit these days. Liang Muze came out with a parrot and said that Tian Yong had left the army. Liang Shaoxue asked where Tian Yong had gone, but Liang Muze said that he did not know. Liang Shaoxue was asked to take the parrot back, but Liang Shaoxue refused, saying that when Tian Yong came back, she came to her by herself, and then left.

Tian Yong is waiting for Long Yi’s reply, but Rao Feng said that it will not be so fast. They must also ask the boss behind the scenes. Rao Feng and Tian Yong talked a few words, and Long Yi called and said that he wanted to trade with Tian Yong. The transaction location was set at the cruise nightclub. After learning the location, Rao Feng arranged plain clothes on the cruise ship.

Coincidentally, Liang Shaoxue saw Rao Feng and Tian Yong’s car going to the cruise ship on the way back. Liang Shaoxue hurriedly asked the driver to follow them, and she gave Tian Yong called Tian Yong but did not answer, Liang Shaoxue followed and got on the yacht. Tian Yong and Rao Feng were about to go to see the boss behind the scenes with Long Yi Zhuoran. Liang Shaoxue found Tian Yong.

Tian Yong pretended not to know Liang Shaoxue, but Liang Shaoxue recognized that Long Yi was the one who had hurt him. Liang Shaoxue rushed to catch him. Staying at Long Yi and knocking out Long Yi’s gun, the headquarters quickly asked Tian Yong to take Liang Shaoxue away. Tian Yong pushed Liang Shaoxue aside, reached out and confirmed that Liang Shaoxue was wearing the bulletproof vest that she gave her, and whispered. One sentence might hurt a little, so he stepped back and shot Liang Shaoxue.

Liang Shaoxue fell into the sea, and soon a police rescued Liang Shaoxue and sent Liang Shaoxue to the hospital for rescue. On the other hand, Rao Feng was very dissatisfied with the gun deal in Long Yi and said that he would cancel the deal. Long Yi quickly persuaded them. They pretended to stay reluctantly and waited for a while in the private room. Zoran answered the call from the master and said that the master would not come. Now, tell them that if there is no problem with the deal, they can see the master.

Rao Feng went to the hospital to visit Liang Shaoxue early the next morning. Fortunately, Liang Shaoxue was not in danger, but was still in a coma. Early Xia found Liang Muze and asked if Liang Shaoxue had been shot. Liang Muze denied it and told Xia Chu not to mention it again. Xia Chu held Liang Muze and asked Liang Muze to agree to herself and not to give her a chance to rescue Liang Muze. Liang Muze agreed to Xia. At the beginning, Xia Chu knew that Liang Muze was about to move defense, so he asked him how many times they could see them, but Liang Muze didn’t know.

Early Xia finally returned to the Department of Cardiac Surgery from the emergency department. As soon as she came back, Dr. Zhang stopped her and said that the two children left by the bleeding pregnant woman had found an adoptive family. The two adopters insisted on coming to thank Xia. At the beginning, Xia Chu asked about the conditions of the two twins, and Dr. Zhang said that the two twins’ personalities were quite different.

At the beginning of Xia, when she returned to her familiar office and was still tidying up her things, she remembered what Dr. Zhang said. She had a terrible idea in her heart. Thinking back to the various incidents after Zhuo Ran came back, she was a little suspicious that this Zhuo Ran was not her own acquaintance at all. That, she called Migu, wanting to see the video tape, only then did Migu find that the video on the video tape was gone.

Rao Feng called Liang Shaoxue’s mother, hoping that she could return to China to take care of Liang Shaoxue. Liang’s mother agreed, but she did not want to talk to Rao Feng. Rao Feng could only call Liang Muze and ask him to help arrange Liang’s mother. Rao Feng took the bulletproof vest and gave it to Tian Yong. Tian Yong finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the bullet did not penetrate the body armor.

Only then did Rao Feng know that Tian Yong had met Liang Shaoxue before. Although Tian Yong had no problem with his strain, Rao Feng Still couldn’t help but punch Tian Yong to discourage. Rao Feng asked Zhuo Ran to ask the master why he missed the appointment. Zhuo Ran said that the master was very suspicious, and urged Rao Feng to save his mother.

When Mi Gu went to the village, he ran into the lunatic woman again. The lunatic woman fought with Mi Gu. The village chief and they hurried to rescue Mi Gu when they heard the movement. The village chief explained that the mad woman was also a poor person. The whole family was because of eight years ago. That time the military and police died in a joint anti-drug operation, and Pei Yongyan, who ran the drug manufacturing factory, was the culprit.

Migu seemed to have thought of something. He took out a photo of Zhuoran and asked the village head if he knew him or not. The village head said he looked a lot like Pei Yu, but It was also said that Pei Yu and Pei Yongyan died together, and the female lunatic saw Zhuo Ran’s picture and went crazy again, saying that Zhuo Ran was the god of plague. Migu wanted to tell Xia Chu about this, but after hesitating, he didn’t say anything. Xia Chu didn’t follow up and told Migu that he had confirmed the relationship with Liang Muze.

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