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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 30 Recap

Xia Chu was sad about Zhang Yichi’s affairs. Xia Guangyuan called to ask Liang Muze’s address at this time, saying that he would go to Liang Muze’s house and wait for her to return. I accompanied Xia Chu to work every day and called Xia Chu’s leadership. Xia Chu was upset and asked him to give himself a little more time. Liang Muze heard him when he called at the beginning of Xia.

After Liang Muze sent Xia Chu home, Xia Chu said that she wanted to return to Dong’an. Liang Muze asked her if she thought about it. Xia Chu said that she was too tired, not only physically tired, but also mentally tired. Zhang Yichi will never be able to do it anymore. She was on the operating table, which made her sad, her beliefs were a little shaken, Liang Muze was silent for a moment, and said that if Xia Chu really thinks so, just do it. After early Xia returned home, she began to pack her bags and said she was moving. Liang Shaoxue hurriedly sent a message to inform Liang Muze.

Liang Muze ran up to stop Xia Chu, saying that Xia Chu didn’t want to give up her career as a doctor. She wanted to change career and leave because of Xia Guangyuan’s phone call. Forced, when the two quarreled endlessly, Liang Shaoxue couldn’t stand it anymore, and jumped out to say that the two obviously love each other, why can’t they open their hearts to show their hearts, Liang Muze was silent, and asked if Xia Chu Xia Guangyuan was still in Ningjiang, she pulled At the beginning of Xia, I went to talk to Xia Guangyuan.

Liang Muze bluntly said that Xia Guangyuan put a lot of pressure on Xia Chu, saying that Xia Chu loves the profession of a doctor. She was shining when she treated illnesses and saved people. It is not impossible to change careers, but now is not the best time. She won’t be happy. Liang Muze helped Xia Chu say what she was thinking and left. Xia Guangyuan was very angry and said that Liang Muze was here to teach herself, but Xia Chu said that Liang Muze had to say what she wanted despite being hated by Xia Guangyuan.

This made her Very touched. Xia Chu chased him out to thank Liang Muze, and said that he wanted to return to the army with Liang Muze, but Liang Muze refused, saying that Xia Chu just lost her way because of Zhang Yichi’s departure. She now needs a rest. Liang Muze’s comfort moved Xia Chu very much. , Xia Chu hugged Liang Muze and proposed that the two be officially together. Liang Muze said that they would always be together. This scene was seen by Zhuo Ran, who was observing secretly, and Zhuo Ran’s heart was full of jealousy.

Tonight, Tian Yong went to meet Long Yi. In order to make Long Yi believe in his underworld status, he also took Long Yi to meet the so-called “Ninth Brother”. The Ninth Brother was played by Rao Feng and Long Yi. For a few days, I mingled with Tian Yong and Rao Feng, and didn’t have any doubts about them. Tian Yong offered to trade with the people behind Long Yi. Zhuo Ran and Long Yi reported the matter to the master, and the master urged Zhuo Ran to arrest Xia Guangyuan. Zhuo Ran went to Tang Lin again and threatened Tang Lin to deceive Xia Guangyuan to go to Isaiah’s foreign laboratory. Tang Lin was unwilling, but Zhuo Ran had his handle.

Xia Guangyuan was investigated by the school committee. The school asked Xia Guangyuan to hand over all project materials and audit the project funds. Xia Guangyuan was furious. Tang Lin came to the door and asked if Xia Guangyuan would like to go abroad for development. Xia Guangyuan refused. Saying that he did not want to go abroad, Xia Guangyuan assured Tang Lin that he would not be affected.

Tang Lin was a little guilty, but due to the threat of Zhuo Ran, he took out an invitation to invite Xia Guangyuan to participate in the meeting between himself and his girlfriend in Isaiah. Xia Guangyuan was a little surprised at the wedding, but he still agreed. Xia Guangyuan and Xia Mu talked about Liang Muze. Xia Mu didn’t know why Xia Guangyuan was so dissatisfied with Liang Muze.

Tang Lin and Xia Guangyuan arrived at the Isaiah Airport. Tang Lin sent a message to inform Zhuo Ran, and soon someone had tampered with Xia Guangyuan’s suitcase. The customs police dug out a packet of drugs in Xia Guangyuan’s suitcase and caught Xia Guangyuan on the spot. Up. At this time Liang Muze’s troops were preparing to move defenses, and early Xia sent a message to Liang Muze, saying that Liang Shaoxue might have gone to the troops to find Liang Muze.

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